A/N: Just tell me when you're sick of me. Here's another songfic-type one-shot thing. I've been writing a lot of these. It's crazy. I've written about twelve one-shots in this month alone. Crazy. Anyway, happy Born To Die Day. The Lana Del Rey album turns one year old today. Respect for the Coney Island Queen. Enjoy. Oh, and yeah - this is Bella/Edward. I don't write them too often. Now I know why I shouldn't.

Screwed Up and Brilliant

And I don't know how you get over, get over / someone as dangerous, tainted and flawed as you

Lana Del Rey, "Million Dollar Man"

I couldn't define you even if I wanted to.

How undefinable you are drives me absolutely mad.

The first sight is everything. There is nothing like that first sight. If I were to fall in love with you all over again, I would cherish that first sight of you once again. Your eyes were black… sinister, in a way. I was utterly enticed, though. How I felt when I first saw you puts a new meaning to the word seduction.

With that first look, I would follow you anywhere. I would follow you to the heaven that you belong in, or the hell that we both belong in.

And I did.

From the outside, you look perfect. Anybody would be lucky to have you. On the inside, however, when I look past your angelic features, you're anything but perfect. You are dangerous in every single kind of way. You're so flawed that it puts me to shame. You're anything but clean, too. You couldn't be any more tainted.

I just can't leave you.

It was never my job to be the hero. It's not like you need me; you have the entire world at your hands. You would be a different person if you didn't. I want to save you, though.

I would save you from anything that threatens you.

And I did.

You are so screwed up, dark, and brilliant all at the same time. You're the only thing that can break me down, or shove me to my knees and make me surrender. Nobody else can do that. Your hurt is like a boomerang; it hits everything, including me.

You are the worst nightmare and best dream I could ever have.

I couldn't leave you alone even if I tried.

And I never tried.

I love you more than I could ever love anything or anyone. You're not just a part of my world; you are my world. It wasn't that hard to fall for you. You're unbelievably tempting. Everything really does invite me in. Your voice, your face… even your smell. All of that hit me at the first sight, only it was all multiplied by one hundred.

First sights are a terrible, addicting thing.

I couldn't get over you even if I wanted to.

And I don't want to.

We're stuck together. It was obvious from that first sight. The memory is carved into my mind like any other unforgettable thing. That first sight is like the alphabet for me, only each letter is replaced by something about you.

First sights are everything. You are everything.

You are indefinably phenomenal.