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The Ninja Keyblade

Prologue Short

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A blond teen was lying down of the grass when the sky turned "that is strange," he thought.

He got up and ran to his village as he got closer he saw it consumed in darkness. Black creatures with yellow eyes approached him. "What are they; are they responsible for my villages death," he thought as the creature attack.

The blond Naruto took out a kunai fought with the creatures but could beat them "how my kunais aren't working," he thought he tries ninjutsu and takes a few out but more pop up "not good," he thought as he is totally surrounded. The creature attack him as he tries to block a light appears in his hand and he is holding some sword that looks like a key. As the creature hits it he disappears in a black mist.

Naruto charges the creature and slash and hacks them with his new sword. After beating them a giant creature with part of his chest missing in a shape that looks like a heart attack him.

Naruto rushes forward and slash his at the creature. He finally takes it out with a Rasengan to his head. Naruto was breathing hard as he looks around he feel something pulling him into the black abyss under his feet.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x

In a dark town the blond was on the ground. He came to and saw he was not in the village "where am I? My village; my friends," he shouted.

So you hold the Keyblade; the heartless will keep come at you as long as you wield it," said a deep voice.

Naruto turns around "who are you?" asked the blond.

A brown haired man walks up "Names is Leon and you are?" he asked.

Namikaze Naruto Sage of the Leaf," said Naruto.

"I need to test you to see if you can use that blade," said Leon as he brings up his gunsword.

Naruto hand glows and the Keyblade appears "I would rather not fight," said Naruto as bullets are shot at Naruto.

Naruto disappears with substitution and gets behind the brown haired man and goes for a slash. Leon barely blocked it "he is fast," thought the man as he has trouble keeping up with the ninja's attacks.

Leon is kicked into a building as Naruto starts to walk away when his name is called out "wait; I underestimated you," said Leon.

"I am leaving," said the blond.

"I world need the Keyblade warrior; my friends would love to meet you," said Leon.

Naruto smiled "I will go with you but if you make one move against me; I will kill you," said the blond.

The two make it to a town house and enters it. Narut0o looks around "Leon so you brought a guest," said a voice.

A young female with ninja attire walks up "Your Namikaze Naruto," said the female eyes widen.

"Can I help you?" he asked.

"Sorry; any ninja worth their salt heard of the Legendary second toad sage of the leaf; aka you," she said

"You know who I am; can I get your name?" Naruto asked.

"I am the Great Ninja Yuffie," she said

"It a pleasure to meet a fellow ninja," said the blond.

A young brown haired girl runs in "Leon their coming," she said as a black creature appear only to be punch out the window by Naruto.

"We have to fight," said Leon as he hoists his sword on his shoulder. The two run out and sees a hundred heartless "how did they get in," said Leon

Naruto growl "don't know but they are going back," said the blond as he look at Yuffie. "Yuffie throw those kunai," said Naruto as he tosses five kunai to ninja girl.

"Understood," she said as she launches all five of them. In a yellow the whole army is wiped out as Naruto looks back "still need to master," he thought.

Yuffie looks awe shocked "That was the flying Thunder God," she said with stars in her eyes.

Leon runs up "I can't stay; I am putting this world in danger," said the blond.

"We can give a gummie ship that will take you to the next world," said the swordsman.

Naruto sigh "I accept; I will leave immediately so you guy get some peace," said Naruto.

Naruto is given the gummie ship and leaves the world on his new journey.

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This is the first chapter very short but will be longer. Naruto is holding the kingdom key right now.

I need different world for Naruto to visit.

It has to be Disney based, Pixar, DreamWorks anything from Disney. No star wars cause they just bought the franchise. It can be cartoon also from the Disney channel.

The three I am planning on doing is

Toy Story

Cars; that should be interesting

One I have not seen Robin Hood with the animals.\

Those are the three I am going to do