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The Ninja Keyblade

Meeting the Master

Reaction Command

Limit Break

Mission Prompt


Mysterious tower

Naruto appeared next to a tower and saw a door. Walking through it he gets into a small room with a stair case. He is attacked by several red nocturne heartless.

Naruto attack them without mercy until there are defeated as Continues his way up fighting heartless. He gets to a room with a giant desk and chair. On the far corner is a bookshelf and a door to a room.

"So the Keyblade wielder," said a deep voice.

Naruto looks around and sees a tall man with a blue robe and a pointy hat "who are you?" asked Naruto.

"You can call me Yen Sid Keyblade Master," said the man

"Aqua sent me a message," said Naruto. "It is time," he said.

Yen Sid stands up "follow me," said Master Sid.


They get to a dark room with light shinning as a heart. "This will take you inside her heart were you will find her trapped," said Yen Sid.

"Any advice," asked Naruto.

"Not all is what it seems," said Sid.

Naruto heads to the heart shaped portal as everything goes black.


He appears next to an ocean with a dark sky and ominous moon. He walks a few feet when several soldier heartless appear and attack.

Naruto take out his Keyblade and starts to slash the heartless as more show up. "Damn," said Naruto.


A blue haired female was at the other end of the beach "what good is there; I could not save those important," said the female as the Keyblade vibrates "what are you trying to tell me?" she asked.

Ven, Terra," she said to herself.


Naruto finished off the heartless and head to his destination. He gets to a hut and sees a blue haired female being attack whose is putting up little resistance. All she is doing is blocking causing Naruto tio furrow his brows.

Rasengan," he shouted as he destroys one of the heartless. Naruto pulls out his Keyblade and start to rush the heartless.

Taking them out his walks to the Blue haired master "how do you have a Keyblade?" asked the Master.

"My name is Naruto Namikaze. I got this blade when my world was attacked," said Naruto.

Naruto looks at the female master "what is worng; you are not the master I was told about," said Naruto.

"What do you know?" she asked. "What do you know about losing your friends because you were too weak," she said.

Naruto glares at her "hundreds," said Naruto. "That is how many off my comrades and friend died in Fourth Great Ninja World War. However none have been forgotten by me and those who survived," said Naruto.

Aqua stands up "how dare you; you know nothing," she shouted as she summoned her Keyblade.

Play 13 struggle

"Very well," said Naruto as he summons his kingdom key.

The two glare at each other

Mission: Defeat Master Aqua to show your resolve.

Aqua jumps up "let see you handle this," she said.

Naruto jumps clashing in mid area. He grabs her and throws her.

"Not bad," she said.


Naruto disappears hating her several time but his finishing blow is cancel with a Keyblade uppercut.

"Heal," said Aqua as she recover some health.

Naruto goes through hand seal "water style: Water Dragon Jutsu," he said

"Protega ," said Aqua as a barrier surround her blocking the attack.

She throws her Keyblade but it is grabbed by Naruto who charges her hitting her with both Keyblade sending her in the air.

"This boy is strong," said Aqua as the Keyblade is summoned to her hand as she lands.


Naruto reappears behind her disarming her while place his weapon on her neck "yield," said Naruto.

"Why; why do you fight so hard?" asked Aqua as she is trying to come to term with her loss.

"I believe that you become strong when you protect others," said Naruto. "you have lost that purpose; you have lost you heart," said Naruto. He hands her a three pronged kunai "when you are ready to talk throw this on the ground," said the blond.

Aqua sighs "who sent you?" she asked.

"You heart sent me an requests to free you," said Naruto.

"Tell me; how many times has a person trying to kill you just being alive?" asked Naruto.

"None till I fought the Unversed," she said

"Five hundred before my four birthdays," said Naruto. "I never let it consume me and I aspired to be recognized as me and to save people," said Naruto.

"Are you ready to do what need to be done?" asked Naruto.

Aqua smiles "yes," Aqua exclaimed as she started to glow and a heart flies into her and she disappears.

Naruto smiles and disappears in a yellow flash.


Naruto opened his eyes and saw Aqua next to opening her eyes also. "Welcome back Master Aqua," said Yen Sid.

"Master Ye n Sid; I am sorry for letting you down. I am ready to help the worlds," she said.

Naruto looks at her "Master Aqua; I would be honored if you travelled with me since the jounerny is better with more people.

"I don't know after all I have done," she said. "You will help me?" she asked.

Naruto smiled "yes with Master Yen Sid permission," said Naruto.

"That is a great idea since the Keyblade needs champion to fight Master Xehanort and his puppets," said Sid.

Aqua growl "I will bring him to justice for all the damage he has done," said Aqua.

"We will take our leave," said Naruto.

The two warrior leave the tower and head to another world.


In the World the never was a man with a eye patch and black hair was sitting on a chair "so he has found one of the fomor Keyblade warriors," he sai surf like voice.

"Braig; it is not just an warrior but the blue haired master you faced," said a old voice as Xehanort is seen.

"I always wanted a rematch against her," he said.

"You will have to wait," said a blue haired man.

"Isa," said the man.

"He shall feel the moon's fury," said Isa.

"We shall not strike yet. I want to start the wr soon before they get more allies," said Xehanort.

Why wait," said Braig.

"We must get them all together so we can finish them off at once," said Xehanort. "Dismissed" said the old master.



A/N: Naruto now has a party member.