Prussia smirked at Canada, before Canada shook his out of his previous thoughts, and returning to his previous seat.

The game went on for a couple more rounds before everyone got tired, and America showed them to their rooms.

Canada lay in his bed, not being able to fall asleep. He had been to concentrated on his first kiss with the Prussian.

Suddenly he heard his door open. He sat up quickly, startling Prussia, who was standing at his door, his red eyes wide.

"O-Oh! Sorry… I couldn't sleep, so I took a walk, and when I tried to go back to mein room-"

While the Prussian continued blabbering, Canada hatched a devious plan. He crawled onto all fours, and looked at Prussia with a seductive look in his violet eyes. He motioned for the Prussian to come closer to him.

Prussia's blood eyes widened as he saw a new side to the Canadian. He did as Canada did, and approached the foot of the bed. "Canada was it?" Prussia asked, voice husky and low.

Canada nodded, leaning in slightly. Prussia caught the Canadian's drift, and met his lips to Canada's soft ones.

Prussia flicked his tongue over Canada's bottom lip, gaining access. The younger of the two moaned into his invader's mouth. Prussia liked the sound of his little uke's moans. He moved down the Canada's neck, biting, nipping, kissing, and the occasional licking, causing Canada to moan loudly. Prussia felt a tug on his shirt, pulling it over his head. This continued until both men were fully exposed.

Prussia rummaged around Canada's nightstand before finding a bottle of lotion. He entered one finger into Canada's entrance. The Canadian squirmed, as it was an uncomfortable sensation. Prussia added another finger, and began scissoring Canada.

"I-It hurts…" Canada sighed out. Prussia stopped his movements to look up at Canada. He had previously been sucking on the Canadian's pink nubs, so he appeared a bit shorter at the moment.

"Do you want me to stop…?" Prussia asked, a little worry hidden in his voice.

"…No…" Canada finally decided. Prussia nodded, before prodding Canada with a third finger and stretched him until he deemed worthy. He pulled out his fingers and lined himself with the Canadian's entrance.

The Prussian looked at the submissive. "Are you sure…?" He asked for confirmation.

"Prussia, I swear to God, if you don't pound me into this mattress-" Canada didn't get to finish his sentence, as how it was replaced with a moan. Gilbert sighed quietly.

"You're so tight Canada…" Prussia said, kissing the tears from Canada's eyes. After a few minutes, the Canadian began to squirm, giving Prussia the confirmation he needed to move. Prussia thrust slowly at first, angling in a different direction every time until he found…

"Ah! P-Prussia~"

…Found it. Prussia picked up the pace of his thrusts, hitting his lover's prostate dead on every time.

"P-Prussia, I'm going to c-cum…" Canada said, his cheeks tinted red.

"M-Me too…"

Canada soon came over his and Prussia's chests. Prussia thrust a few more times before burying himself deep inside his lover and cumming.

Prussia pulled out and fell next to Canada.

"S-Sorry I came so forward like that Prussia…"

Prussia smirked. "Gilbert."


"My name… its Gilbert."

Canada smiled.

"I'm Matthew."

Remember what I said in the last chapter? :) So basically Prussia just proposed/proclaimed his love for Canada.