Sound of laughter: a new friend

A/N: to everyone reading this... hi. No but anyway this is a story idea by Ahubbard676, he let me write it so that i could make a name for myself as a fanfiction writter, so i hope you enjoy it;)

She didn't want to see what was happening, why was her mother sending her away? Little Moka had tears in her eyes as she watched her home fade away in the distance. Her mother had betrayed her and sent her to live with someone else, she would never forgive her!

As her tears stream down the side of her face she had realized that she had forgotten her mothers gift! The rosary her mother had given to her was gone, she must have forgotten it at the castle.

"She wants me to leave then i will leave her!" Moka's words were filled with hate. She would later regret those words but at the moment her mind was filled with anger and hate which only a child who had been abandoned by mother could feel.

She would not go to live with some stranger who doesn't understand her like her mother did! She would run away when she got the first chance to do so!


"Ugh... work!" The unmistakable sound of Tsukune Aono's annoyed voice filled his apartment. He was laying on his memory foam bed which had black sheets laid on him and under him. To his left was a small rectangular alarm clock which was yelling for him to wake up, it sat on a mahogany stained nightstand which he had on the other side of his bed as well.

As he lazily sat up in his bed, wiping away the morning from his weary eyes, he could tell that his dad was going to be the same as it always was. He had been out of his parent house for two years now and the only excitement he actually gets is when his cousin comes for a visit.

Tsukune moved his legs out from underneath the warm protection of his covers onto the cold wooden floor which held his bed up, he shivered when he felt the cold creep up his leg. He worked at an advertisement firm, except his job included sitting in a bullpen and typing on a computer about account which needed to be managed.

It was the best job he could get being as he failed his high school entrance exam, he had taken it the second time and barely finished high school. Tsukune stretched his arms as he yawned trying to wake up, his alarm clock still was telling him to wake up.

As he shut the alarm clock off he could tell today was going to be the same as always. He slowly walked out of his bedroom to the his small yet full kitchen.

It had a stove, refrigerator, sink, kitchen table, microwave, and coffee maker. They were all packed down into one little area, the kitchen was the same size as his bathroom. His bathroom only had a bathtub a toilet, and a sink in it so thats saying something.

Tsukune had made his was to his coffee maker, it was one of the only ways he could wake up anymore. As he pressed the start button on his coffee pot he then made his way back to his room to get dressed.


Out of breath and tired, little ten year old Moka had sat down on a nearby park bench. She was wearing a white dress that looked to be smooth silk with long ends that stretched to her knees, it had gotten torn when she had ran away from her driver.

She had escaped when they were in the human world so she had no idea where she was or what she was going to do. What she did know was that she refused to ask for help from anyone! Her little hands were shaking from being so nervous, she could feel her heartbeat in the tips of her fingers.

She had felt betrayed and all she wanted to do was cry, there was so much pain in her little eyes but, she wouldn't cry over someone who betrayed her. As tears began to form on the outline of her eyes she clenched her eyes shut and wiped away the tear.

"Its stupid.. im not going to cry!" Moka said as she leaned her head on the arm of the bench she had sat on. She was all alone and she didn't know what to do...


"Hey wait!" Tsukune yelled as he ran as fast as he could to try and catch an elevator. He had left his house and made it to his work, the building was a gaint thirty floor building. Tsukune ran into the closed doors of the elevator and fell back on the floor, his floor was number 13. The most unlucky number in the world, and that was the floor in which he worked.

Tsukune held his hand to his face and sighed, he was already late for work and now he had to wait for the elevator again! Tsukune felt so... unappreciated, no one ever told him good job, or any kind of compliment. He was just that one guy in the office who never stood out and had a boring life with a boring backstory.

Tsukune watched as the elevator stopped on every floor, as the elevator began to come back down to him, it had gotten stuck! Tsukune sighed as he walked frustratingly over to the door marked 'stairs'.


Moka had been walking for a while now, she had passed many people and not one had asked her if she was lost or okay. They just stared at her and gave her weird looks, they looked at her like she was a freak or a weirdo. Moka felt tired, exhausted, and hungry, she didn't have any source of blood packets in the human world.

She could feel people stare at her with those looks, the looks of people who didn't know her judging her. She avoided starring at other people so that she wouldn't get those looks, it was getting dark and she needed to find somewhere to sleep.

She had been walking away from crowds of people, so as to not get stared at constantly and not to draw any attention to herself. She walked down alleyways and through parks trying to find somewhere she could rest, she knew she wouldn't find a plush bed and a welcome sign but maybe somewhere to just sit down.

She stopped walking and leaned against a wall, her feet were killing her, she wasn't wearing walking shoes. She was wearing a dress and heels, she was going to see her new family so her mother had to make her look nice. "Maybe... i should just go back..." Moka was feeling terrible, her mother must be worried sick and wondering where she was.

Moka looked down on the ground, she was beginning to fill the guilt of her words of hate. The day had became night and clouds had pushed there way into the city. As little rain drops fell from the sky Moka could see the marks on the ground of the rain drops.


Tsukune sighed and stretched his arms, it was time for him to go home and relax, it was around 6:30 and it was dark outside. He had finished with his work and now it was his few hours of fun before having to go to sleep. He was walking home and really happy that the work day was over, Tsukune flinched when he heard his phone begin to ring.

As he pulled out his phone a rain drop fell on the tip of his nose which he didn't pay much attention too. "Hello?" Tsukune asked as he flipped open his phone," hey, Tsuki! What are you doing?" Kyouko asked, Tsukune moved the phone away from his face in annoyance.

"I thought i told you not to call me that!" Tsukune yelled trying to protect his last shred of dignity. "Oh calm down Tsuki, its not like anyone cares, anyway i was wondering if it was okay if i came over this weekend to see how everything is going!" Kyouko said, she wasn't really asking a question because Tsukune knew even if he told her no she would still come over anyway.

Tsukune had been walking for a while now and he was close to home. "Sure.. why not." Tsukune said as he hung his head in shame, his last shred was gone. Tsukune had began to feel rain fall on him more and put his hand over his head. "Kyo, I'll call you later its raining and I've got to get home, BYE!" Tsukune yelled as he hung his phone up and began to run home.

Moka had been leaning against a wall which had a overhang that blocked most of the rain. She was cold and now, she was crying, is this what her mother wanted for her? To be alone with no one to care for her or to love her? Moka put her head on her arms and let her tears flow out of her eyes, her pain had began to go away, crying had seemed to help.

She still had a few problems though, how could she go back home? She didn't know the way she had gotten lost wondering around the human world for hours on end. All she could see was the rain falling on the ground in front of her, 'what do i do?' Mok asked herself as she mover a piece of her silver hair out of her face.

Out of nowhere she felt a warm presence of a jacket on her, Moka looked up from the ground to see a young looking guy smiling at Moka with nothing but a thin white button up shirt on. "Are you okay? Do you need help? Come on ill take you to your home" Tsukune said as he held his hand out to help Moka up.