Author's Note: I now present the 14th episode in the tale of Doctor Whooves! Enjoy!

Doctor Whooves: Episode 14

Work of Fiction

Prologue: Wrong Turn

Outside the Home of Twilight Sparkle, Ponyville, Equestria, Gaia, Autumn, 1002 C.E.

The Doctor hurried over to the main console and pulled one of the levers down. The TARDIS gave off its usual sound as it began to dematerialize.

"I recommend that you two hold on," said the Doctor. "This is going to be a really bumpy ride." Twilight and Derpy grabbed onto a part of the console as the Doctor began working the controls. The TARDIS groaned softly before going crazy. The walls shook, lights flickered, the sound of metal scraping metal rang throughout the room, and the three ponies felt as if they were going to fly up into the ceiling. The Doctor fought the opposing forces moving against his body as he worked the controls. A bead of sweat trickled down his face. It was obvious that dimensional travel was still tricky for the TARDIS. Thankfully, everything seemed to be going according to plan; that is until something smashed into the exterior of the TARDIS. "Damn!"

"What is it?!" Derpy asked.

"We're currently experiencing some dimensional resistance."

"Dimensional resistance?" Twilight asked.

"Basically, the walls of the dimensions are fighting against the TARDIS."

"We're going to be okay, right?" Derpy asked.

"Uh...most likely."

"Most likely?" asked Twilight as the TARDIS shook again. "I don't like the way you said that."

"Well-" Suddenly, the TARDIS fell onto its left side. The Doctor, Twilight, and Derpy clutched onto the console with all their strength.


"Hang on, you two!" The Doctor climbed up and continued to work the controls as best as he could. "Derpy! Could you press that orange button for me?"

Derpy looked and noticed an orange button right in front of her. She pressed it. Nothing happened aside from the sound of recorded laughter emanating throughout the room.

"What did that do?!" Derpy asked. "Did it help?"

"Sort of. It didn't help the TARDIS but it at least made me feel better," the Doctor replied.

"Oh! You are impossible!" Twilight snapped.

"You know it!" The Doctor spun an odd wheel-like lever and the TARDIS became upright again. The sound of scraping metal returned and it proceeded to grow louder and louder with every passing second. "Hold on!"

The lights in the TARDIS went out and Derpy screamed. The TARDIS flipped over again and the three ponies lost their grip on the console. The lights proceeded to flicker on and off in several consecutive cycles. Derpy tried to use her wings to get some balance in the air but found that the forces acting on her body were too strong. The interior of the TARDIS spun around the three ponies like a merry-go-round on speed. The whole experience must have lasted for only a minute or so but it felt like centuries. Then, finally, the TARDIS returned to its upright position and came to a complete stop.

Meadowlands Plaza, Secaucus, New Jersey, America, Earth, Summer, 2012 A.D.

Twilight lifted herself off the floor. Her body ached something fierce but she was thankful that nothing was broken.

"Oh!" Derpy groaned. "I hurt in places that I didn't even know I had!"

"Join the club," the Doctor replied as he stood up and leaned against the console. Twilight helped Derpy up and the two mares walked over to the console. They were both breathing heavily.

"What...the hell...was that?!" Twilight asked.

"That...was...dimensional resistance...for ya."

"Did we make it; I mean to your dimension?" Derpy asked. The Doctor looked at a screen on the console.

"Well would you look at that."

"What is it?"

"It looks like we've made a wrong turn."

"What does that mean? Did we make it or not?!" Twilight asked.

"Oh, we definitely made it...just not to my universe."

"If we're not in your universe then where are we?!" The Doctor looked at Twilight and Derpy. His expression was a mixture of confusion, awe, guilt, and childish glee.

"You're going to want to see this." The Doctor walked over to the front doors and opened them. Derpy and Twilight followed him out.

The TARDIS had parked in a medium-sized courtyard of sorts. Buildings bordered the courtyard on all sides. The courtyard consisted of simple concrete pathways, groups of bushes and flowers, lush trees, metal and concrete tables and benches, and a collection of lampposts. The sky was blue with fluffy, white clouds floating up in it. It was definitely summer wherever they were for it was incredibly warm. Twilight noticed a nearby sign that read: The Plaza. Exposition Center Straight Ahead. Twilight looked forward. A fair-sized building was situated not too far away from where they were standing.

"Where are we?" Derpy asked. The Doctor took in a deep breath of air.

"I'd say we're on Earth, in the United States of America, it's summer, and I'd say that it's in the early 2010's," the Doctor replied. He looked at the Exposition Center and nodded. "Ah. 2012 to be specific."

"You never cease to amaze me, Doctor," said Twilight. "But how can you tell that it's 2012 exactly?"

"Because that's what the banner up there says." Twilight noticed a banner hanging in front of the entrance to the building. She couldn't make out what it said, but she figured that maybe the Doctor had some form of slightly enhanced eyesight or something.

"So, where is everypony?" Derpy asked.

"And what did you want to show us?" Twilight asked. The Doctor turned towards the banner.

"Let's look at that banner, shall we?" the Doctor asked. The three ponies made their way towards the Exposition Center. They came to a stop once they could fully make out what the banner said.

"What?" asked a surprised Derpy.

"I don't get it," said Twilight. "What is this place, Doctor?!"

The Doctor looked at the banner and chuckled.

"Well," he said. "This is certainly new."

The banner was blue and consisted of pictures of Twilight, Derpy, Spike, Discord, Celestia, Luna, and almost everypony else that Twilight knew. Even the Doctor himself was located somewhere on the banner. In the center of the banner there was a series of words that read: Welcome to BronyCon 2012.