Greetings everyone. This story was written because of a challenge sent to me by VA842867. He wanted a time travel story and gave me certain guidelines to adhere to. I had to think about it for a while; I didn't know if I wanted to do a time travel story, and if I did , how would I make it believable. (Ya know I'm just OCD that way). Now I have not been idle, I have been working on an Alex and Misa story with my good friend MarshalZhukov which will come out when we feel more comfortable with it. It will take us back to FOB Onohira and tie Living with the DEAD closer with the Marshal's British Marine series.

I'm not going to promise when updates will be. I am going to post the first two chapter's today see how it goes. BTW, I have eleven chapters so far.

For right now though I hope you enjoy my latest foray into the world of the dead.

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Time Trax of the DEAD

Chapter 1

Takashi stood on a grassy hill, Saeko's sword in his hand. At his feet was her kneeling body, her severed head sat in front of her looking to the sunset in the west. Her arms had bite marks as did his. Because she was bitten first, Takashi took his lover's life before preparing to end his. She had kissed him and told him, "I will meet you in the summerlands, my love," before kneeling down.

Down the hill, Kohta sat cross-legged with Saya in his lap, her back to his chest. His arms were wrapped around her mid-section, their cheeks touching. They had finally admitted their feelings for each other just a few short days before. A bullet had torn through both their hearts at the same time ending their lives. Takashi had pulled the trigger.

Rei and her mother the same way, hugging each other as Takashi took a single shot with Rei's rifle.

Rika had taken care of Shizuka and told Takashi, "I always loved her," before eating a bullet from her pistol.

Alice had been torn away from them hours before, Zeke disappearing right after.

Takashi just stood watching the sky where he could see missile trails climbing high in the atmosphere. The world governments had decided to nuke the biggest cities to wipe out as many undead as possible. They hoped this would give the last vestiges of humanity, hiding out on ships and small islands, a chance to try to rebuild in a couple of years. Rika had brought them this news when she had finally found them, two days ago.

The group had been trying to get out of the city but every vehicle broke down and then they got overrun by undead.

Five nukes were set to go off at once in an overlapping pattern that would burn the city with hellfire, incinerating everything in its path for two hundred kilometers in diameter.

Takashi saw a brief flash, raised the sword in his hand to the sky and he screamed her name, as three firestorms washed across him at the same time.

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