Author's Note: I thought about making this a one-shot but it's getting too long. It's not going to be a long fic, though. A two-shot, heh. Also, this is inspired by the Tripleberry au Lait doujinshi. Yes, I'm looking at porn. DON'T JUDGE ME! XD

"Mmm." A long, dead white cock was being stroked by normal, flesh colored fingers. "Stop teasing, Ichi. Gimme a damned blow job already." The voice was strange and rasping, almost watery in tone. There was a soft chuckle from the third person on the bed.

"Calmly, brother. He's doing an excellent job." That voice was also strange, with an echoing quality. But the tone and diction were quite different from the first. "It feels wonderful." Ichigo glanced up from his work to look at his two companions.

They were almost physically identical. Both dead white, their eyes were so strange, black with golden irises. One had short hair, almost the exact same style as his own, but the second had hair that flowed down past his shoulders. It was caught in the back with a black ribbon, and Ichigo licked his lips as he looked at it. Of all the things he found sexy about the two, that was on the top of the list. He loved pulling out that ribbon and watching the hair spread out like a cloud of fairy dust.

Right now, the short haired one was lying on the bed in front of him, his back cushioned against his brother's chest. The long haired one had his back to the carved wooden headboard and was smiling a rather disturbing smile as he watched his brother getting a hand job. That didn't bother Ichigo a bit. He was used to their foibles by now.

"Nnnngh oh fuck!" The short haired one exclaimed as Ichigo lowered his head and began to suck. He was very, very experienced at blowjobs by now, and he knew all of their weak points. "Oh yeah, yeah." He let his head fall back onto his twins shoulder, and said twin gave him a deep, searching kiss. "Mmmf." Ichigo glanced up as much as he could. It was probably a little sick, seeing the twins do that to each other, but he couldn't help but get hard at the sight.

Of course, everything they did together was a little sick. These two were his brothers, although they hadn't met until a few months ago. Even as he kept his mouth busy with his brother's cock, Ichigo remembered how they had met…

Ichigo was leaning against the side of a building, smoking a cigarette. Just another runaway in Tokyo, wasting his life.

But there wasn't much choice. His parents were dead, along with his two sisters. Just a tragic accident, and it had left him an orphan at the age of thirteen. Far too old to be adoptable, he'd been thrust into the foster care system. After two years in foster care, he was cold and jaded. The one family that had taken him for a while had returned him after a fight at school. It hadn't been his fault, Jaegerjaques was a jerk among jerks, but they hadn't cared.

And after those two years, he'd realized he was gay. Not just a little gay, either. And he'd made the mistake of trying to kiss that insufferable asshole Grimmjow. He should have known better. The guy had given him a black eye then spread it all around the school. He'd just barely hung in for another year of school, and after a stupendous fight with Grimmjow and his posse Ichigo had been expelled. Grimmjow had, too, which was the only thing good to come of it.

Ichigo had been on the brink of aging out of the foster system anyway, so he just said fuck it and went to Tokyo. No one would find another teenage runaway there. He was no virgin, not after his time in the group home, and he knew how to beg and turn tricks. Begging took longer, but was safer. He'd had one 'client' get violent with him so far, and once was enough. He did not want to end up on the weekend news.

There were two guys heading towards him, though, and they immediately caught Ichigo's attention, making him straighten and stare. They both had dead white skin and the weirdest eyes he'd ever seen, although there were only three eyes in total. The short haired guy had a medical eye patch over his right eye.

"Identical twins." Ichigo muttered, still staring. The hairstyles and the lost eye made it easy to tell them apart, but they were identical. "…" Ichigo blinked as he realized they had both stopped right in front of him, examining him with a pair of grins. The short one had a shit-eating, troublemaking grin, but the long haired one's expression was more normal yet more disturbing. Ichigo couldn't quantify why, but that grin made him want to run for cover. He swallowed hard and just examined them right back. He had a feeling he wouldn't be able to outrun these two anyway.

The long haired one was dressed in a preppie sort of way, with a long sleeved turtleneck and a tweed vest tucked into brown dress slacks. His brother with the missing eye was wearing a white coat trimmed with black fur, over a black silk shirt and black jeans. His belt was heavy leather with a skull for a buckle, and Ichigo thought he was dressed for a rave or a nightclub.

"Ichigo Kurosaki?" Ichigo's mouth dropped as the long haired one said his name smoothly. His voice had a strange echoing quality but under that, it was very pleasant. "We have been looking for you. I am Rei Kurosaki."

"And I'm Shiro Kurosaki. We your brothers." The second grinned even more as Ichigo gaped. Then he closed his mouth and glared.

"Liar. I don't have any family. Leave me the hell alone." He spat and the short haired one laughed as the other just smiled.

"Oh, but you do." He reached into his pocket and pulled out something, handing it to the startled Ichigo. "My birth certificate. This moron lost his." He said with a small chuckle as Ichigo unfolded the paper and stared at it.

"Hoi, who keeps a fuckin' birth certificate anyway? Oh yeah, I forgot, Mr. Anal asshole does!" The short haired twin jibbed as the long haired one just smiled, watching as Ichigo looked at the names on the birth certificate. It was dated eight years before his own birth, and he could see his father's name, and his mother's. And the name of this man, Rei Kurosaki.

"Why…" Ichigo whispered, just looking at that document. "Why didn't you live with us? Where were you?" He had two older brothers? His parents had never mentioned them.

"We was put up for adoption cuz we're cursed." Shiro said with a small shrug and Ichigo's eyes snapped up to look at him. "We was born with a caul on our heads an' identical twins t' boot. We only has one soul between us."

"That's bullshit!" Ichigo exclaimed. "My father would never believe that!" His father had been a doctor. He wouldn't have believed such a silly superstition. Shiro laughed as Rei just smiled.

"Oh, but it's the truth Ichigo." Rei reached over for Shiro's hand and their fingers tangled together. "We say I and me, but the truth is, we are… we. We can see through each other's eyes. We feel what the other feels. It's a strange existence, but we've adapted to it."

"Yah, speak for yerself, I ain't adapted so well." Shiro grinned at Ichigo. "I'm t'one makin' a livin' as a DJ at the clubs. Mr. Success here is a damned lawyer. Y'can bow t' his glory anytime ya want."

"I win my cases by terrifying the opponents." Rei said, unruffled. "But our personal lives are of no moment. Ichigo, we were both hoping the foster care system would be kinder to you than it was to us. You were older, but we were too obviously different." Ichigo met those black and gold eyes, and saw an analytical coolness that was not necessarily unfriendly, just… watchful. "But then you were expelled and left your foster home. We've been searching for you ever since. Would you like to come live with us?"

"Huh?" Ichigo was surprised, but quickly got a grip on himself. "Why would you do that?" He asked suspiciously. He didn't trust in human kindness anymore. Then he blinked as Shiro cupped his cheek with one hand.

"There's a way ya can repay us." He said with a grin and Ichigo stared, wondering if he meant what he thought. Then Rei dispelled any question.

"We will feed you, pay for your medical care and enroll you in a private school in Tokyo. In return, you will give us sex." Ichigo's gaze snapped to Rei, who smiled in that odd, disturbing fashion of his. "Companionship is hard to find for us. We have too many odd behaviors. As our brother, we are hoping you will be able to understand us better."

"What sort of odd behaviors?" Ichigo asked suspiciously and Rei gripped the back of Shiro's head, pulling his twin into a deep and searching kiss. "…Oh." Twincest was pretty odd, alright. Ichigo took a deep breath and seriously considered the offer. He wanted to go back to school, and a private school… he might be able to make up for lost time and finally get some good grades. "Will you get me tutors if I need it?" He asked and Rei nodded. "Okay. I'll take it. But in case you guys aren't on the level with me, I'm warning you, I have a knife and I know how to use it."

"Ha! The kid has fangs, eh?" Shiro said with a smirk. "Don't worry, kid, we jus' like sex. We ain't gonna hurt ya, yer our kin. C'mon, we gots a car." Ichigo followed the twins, wondering what he was getting into…

That meeting flashed through his mind in the time it took for Shiro to arch and release, his pale thighs tensing and his cock pulsing with the force of his orgasm. Ichigo took his time, milking the albino for everything he had. When he glanced up, Rei was stroking his brother's sweaty hair and smiling.

"It's my turn, Ichigo." He said, disengaging from his brother, who pushed himself to the side. The bed was huge and there was plenty of room. Rei crawled down to him and Ichigo swallowed at the heat in his eyes. Rei was the calmer, more superficially sane of the two brothers, but Ichigo knew that was only an illusion. Rei rarely lost his temper, but when he did he was far more dangerous than Shiro.

Ichigo gasped as cool, pale lips found his throat. Spidery hands slipped along his skin, leaving hot, tingling sensations behind them. Those same hands slid behind him and Rei smiled as Shiro handed him a small tube of lube. Wet, slippery fingers soon returned and Rei began working on his little brother, opening him up. It didn't take a lot. They'd been doing this for quite some time, and Ichigo was not virgin tight anymore. Neither of his brothers cared a bit.

Rei smiled, clearly considering their positions and finally sat back, turning Ichigo around so he was facing away. Ichigo knew what that meant, and felt a moment of anticipation as he gripped Rei's cock and slowly lowered himself onto the large erection. He tossed back his head, moaning at the feeling of that large, throbbing length inside him. Both his brothers were huge. But when he was in this position –

"Hiya!" Ichigo gasped as Shiro knelt in front of him and took his cock in his mouth. "Nnngh!" All three of them moved together, Shiro timing his bobs to match Rei's thrusts effortlessly. Their weird telepathy had some very interesting benefits. "Ah! Nii-san!" Ichigo had no idea which of them he was calling to, and didn't care. All that mattered was the delicious, wonderful things that were happening to him. "Ah! Nya!" The suction and the penetration were making his eyes roll back his head, and Ichigo felt like he might dissolve into a puddle of goo at any moment. No matter how many times the twins did this to him, it never, ever got old. "Hn… nn…" Rei was taking his time, keeping his thrusts slow and even. Shiro's hand at his base was making sure their little brother wouldn't come too soon and ruin the fun. "Hng… agh…!" Ichigo was aware of his incoherent whimpers, the sounds of pure ecstasy he was releasing without thought. Shiro had joked before that he was a screamer.

Ichigo hadn't even known he was a screamer until he met the twins. Most of his past lovers had either coerced him or hired him, and he hadn't wanted them. He'd never expected to want Shiro and Rei so much, but it was like a fire in his blood. A fire only one thing could quench.

The twins stoked that fire carefully, building him up and taking him down. Rei's lips caressed his throat, and pure white fingers travelled up to gently pinch his nipples. Every time Ichigo got a bit too close to climax, the pace slowed and his brother began deliberately missing his prostate. It was a wonderfully sweet torture, and Ichigo gasped as Shiro's hands caressed the insides of his thighs, moving to his sac. The extra jolt of sensation was almost unbearable.

"Please Rei-nii. Please Shiro-nii…" Ichigo pleaded with the two of them, moaning softly as Rei pressed his left cheek against Ichigo's right, those odd eyes gazing at him in amusement and lust.

"Please… what…?" Rei was also out of breath, his echoing voice filled with pleasure. He dropped his hands back to Ichigo's hips, gripping tender, pale skin hard enough to bruise as he thrust in faster. Ichigo gasped as the pleasure wiped his mind clean of coherent thought.

"Please l-let me cum!" He managed to say as Shiro licked his straining erection from base to tip, then dipped his tongue in the slit. There was a soft groan behind him. "AH!" Ichigo arched as Rei pounded into him fast and hard, pulling him even closer to deepen the penetration. "REI! SHIRO!" Shiro's mouth clamped over him like a vise and Ichigo released with a cry, arching as his toes bit into the bed sheets. Behind him, Rei didn't make a single sound, but Ichigo felt those long fingers clench on his hips and heard his breath catch as he thrust in one final time. The he felt his older brother stiffen, and felt the hot cum filling his body in quick spurts.

"So good." Shiro sounded almost drugged, nuzzling Ichigo's inner thighs. "You are jus' so fuckin' good, Ichi-chan." Any other time, Ichigo would have slapped him for that nickname. Right now, he didn't care one bit.

"Excellent." Rei agreed, sounding nearly as out of it as Shiro. Ichigo fell back on his chest, unable to move, and Rei gently nuzzled his neck. "You are so beautiful, Ichigo." He whispered, a hand coming up to gently play with Ichigo's hair. They just lay that way for a long moment, minds fuzzy and relaxed. But then Shiro stirred, glancing at the clock.

"I gotta get ready for mah gig, guys. See y'all later." He pulled himself out of bed, grabbing his clothes and putting them back on. Ichigo turned his head to watch. His brothers both had flawless bodies, like the finest porcelain. Then he sighed and stirred, pulling himself out of Rei's lax grasp.

"I need to do my homework." He murmured and Rei nodded, sitting up. They always did this right when Ichigo got home from school. It was a slightly odd time, but it worked. Shiro often got back from his DJ work at the wee hours of the morning, and Rei and Ichigo both had to get up early in the morning. Waiting for Shiro wasn't really an option.

"And I need to watch Game of Thrones." Rei chuckled and Ichigo smiled before giving his brother a small peck on the cheek. He knew Rei adored that show. Shiro had quit watching after his favorite character had died, but Rei wasn't particularly attached to any one character. "Ah. We're having lamb for supper. Would that be good?" Rei asked as Shiro left the room.

"Leg of lamb? That would be awesome, I love that." Ichigo said with a smile as he got his clothes back on. Rei slid out of the bed and began to dress.

"Good, it's going to take a while though." He cautioned and Ichigo shrugged. He wasn't that hungry.

As he went to his room, Ichigo reflected on that. For the first time in years, he was never hungry. He was never cold, and he went to an excellent school where the teachers actually seemed to care if a student got beaten up. No one knew he was gay and he had no intention of letting them know. He wasn't going to repeat his mistake with Grimmjow. His life was a paradise and the only 'price' was satisfying the lusts of his two older siblings, who were incredibly hot and good in bed. He knew most people would say it was wrong and perverted, but Ichigo honestly couldn't care less.

He finally, finally had a home.

A half-year later.

Ichigo smiled as he looked over his project.

It wasn't the best and it wasn't going to win any awards, but it was his. And he thought it would get him a decent grade. Science wasn't his strongest subject, and Ichigo was pleased with his effort. He was hoping it would earn him at least a B. Rei was not a perfectionist, and he'd been promised a special reward if his project got at least a B.

Ichigo's cheeks heated as he thought about the last time he'd earned a special reward. Rei and Shiro had made him cum three times that night, and each time had been better than the last. It had involved a delicious carrot cake with cream cheese icing, too, his favorite. Ichigo could still remember sucking that icing off Shiro's…

His thoughts were cut off by Rei walking into the house. He glanced up, struck by how utterly serious his brother looked. Shiro was behind him and the other twin looked upset. That was not a good combination.

"Is something wrong?" He asked, searching his mind for anything he could have done wrong. That was a reflex from his time in foster care, when everything had been his fault. But he couldn't think of a single thing.

"Yes. Ichigo, could you move the project please?" Ichigo bit his lip and carefully transferred his work to the kitchen island. The two bedroom condo didn't have a lot of tables available. "Thank you." Rei went into the kitchen and poured himself a coffee as Shiro slumped into a chair at the vacated dining table. "Please, take a seat." Ichigo took a seat, looking at Shiro. He looked like someone had killed his dog.

"What's going on?" Ichigo asked, looking at Rei. Then he jumped a little as Shiro thumped his head down on the table. "Shiro?" He questioned, feeling his stomach clench. Something was really, really wrong. Rei was clearly stalling, stirring some cream into his coffee.

"I cain't… cain't… Rei, you gotta tell him! I just cain't!" Shiro moaned into the table and Ichigo swallowed as he heard Rei sigh. The second twin walked over to the table, coffee mug in hand, and took a seat.

"Ichigo, you know how I went to the doctor last week for some tests?" He said calmly and Ichigo nodded. Rei had started feeling unwell rather abruptly, about two weeks ago. "The results just came in, and were confirmed at the hospital today. Ichigo, I have lung cancer."

"What?" Ichigo breathed. "Are you… Rei, will you be alright?" He asked and his eyes widened as Rei shook his head, taking a sip of his coffee.

"No. It's already metastasised, and I have secondaries in my liver and kidneys. They've given me perhaps six months." Rei just gazed into his coffee. "It's not that painful yet. Just a bit of shortness of breath." He said quietly and Ichigo swallowed. That was exactly the complaint that had sent him to the doctor.

"I cain't live without you Rei." Shiro lifted his head, his eyes full of tears. "It ain't even possible, is it? We share a soul! What's gonna happen when you die? Rei, you fucker!" Shiro punched his brother in the shoulder and Rei smiled, punching him back. Then he stood, going to his brother and enfolding him in an embrace.

"Shhh Shiro. Shh." Rei said softly, gently petting white hair. "You'll have to try to get on without me. And if it turns out we can't live without each other, we'll be at peace. Don't be afraid. Death comes for everyone, it's just coming early for us." Ichigo couldn't hold back a small sob at that. They could both die? But they did share a soul. Would Shiro even want to survive his twins' death?

"I don't want to lose you both." He said, his voice wobbling. "Shiro… Rei…" Ichigo went to join them, trying to hug them both. An arm went around him and he looked up into Rei's eyes. They looked so sad.

"Thank you, Ichigo. That means a lot to us now." Rei said softly as Shiro hiccupped, leaning against him. Tears were falling freely down his cheeks. "You need to know. I have a life insurance policy, and it's part of my will. Shiro is the primary beneficiary, but if it turns out he can't survive my death, it will go to you. It should be enough to see you through school and on to university." Rei's arm on him tightened for a moment. "You will be taken care of." He assured the teen softly and Ichigo just shook his head. This was too much. It was all coming at him at once, and it was simply too much to take. He'd known his brothers for less than a year and Rei was going to die?

"I know what we should be doin'." Shiro said fiercely, standing up and grabbing his brother. He mashed his lips against Rei's, dragging his fingers through silky white hair and making the little black ribbon fall away onto the floor. "We should be makin' some memories fer ya t' carry with ya when ya go. Now let's get to it." Ichigo blinked at the thought, then nodded. Shiro was right. They only had the moment now, and they shouldn't waste it on crying and making Rei feel worse.

Ichigo went to the bedroom with them, and watched as Rei undressed himself. He was still beautiful, with no visible sign of the disease. But that would come in time.

Shaking away that thought, Ichigo began to undress. Then Shiro's hands were there, helping unbutton his pants. Ichigo smiled, leaning back against his older brother. That cool hand slipping around his cock was the most wonderful thing in the world, teasing him in all the right ways.

Pleasure was an excellent distraction, and Ichigo moaned softly as Rei moved in front of him. His brother kissed him, deeply, and soft white hair fell over his shoulders to tickle his chest and back. He could hear the sound of Shiro's zipper but ignored it, immersed in the feeling of Rei's tongue and body. It was delicious, wonderful and hot. Then Shiro was pressing against him from behind, naked and aroused, his cock pressed firmly against Ichigo's ass.

"I think we should do what we were discussing before." Rei said to Shiro and the second twin sniggered. That made Rei smile. "You've never had two at once, have you?" He said and Ichigo blinked.

"I'm not sure what you mean." He said, puzzled. It was always the three of them. But then, it had to be. Rei had an absolutely hilarious story from when they were teenagers. Shiro had been home from school sick, and he'd decided to jack off to some thoughts about his twin, not caring that Rei was in school. Rei had been forced to run to the bathroom to take care of his problem.

"He means two dicks in yer ass." Shiro specified and Ichigo blinked.

"Is that even possible?" He said, fascinated. He'd never heard of such a thing. Rei and Shiro both grinned and Rei kissed him as Shiro's hands went wandering over his chest.

"Oh yeah. Stretches ya out reeeally good. Dun ask how we know that, y'don't wanna know." There was a dark chuckle behind him. Ichigo hadn't intended to ask. He knew that Shiro and Rei had bounced from home to home, creeping everyone out along the way. They'd gotten it much worse than he had.

"No bed for this." Rei murmured, gripping his legs and lifting him up. Ichigo swallowed hard, wrapping his legs around Rei's waist. He trusted his brothers. "You prepare him, Shiro."

"Sure thing bro." There was the sound of the lube being opened, then Shiro's fingers were inside him, getting him ready for the penetration. Ichigo moaned softly, eyelids fluttering as those long, nimble fingers found good spots inside him. Rei's lips were on his throat and Ichigo tilted his head back, giving the man more access to his skin. "Shit, you so sexy Ichi." Shiro whispered in his ear and Ichigo drew a shuddering breath. "Let us know if this's too much, 'kay?"

"R-Right – ngh!" Ichigo panted as Shiro and Rei both began to thrust inside him. "Hyaa… Gyaa!" He gasped, shaking like a leaf as his body was forced open impossibly wide. It hurt, it couldn't help but hurt, but it also felt so incredibly good. "Hn…" He panted softly, and moaned as Rei dipped his head, licking a line of sweat off the pale skin of his chest.

"You okay there Ichigo?" Rei asked softly and he just nodded, eyes closed. "Look at me Ichigo." He opened his eyes, gazing into black and gold. Ichigo swallowed, touched by the real concern he saw there. "Good. Now…" Ichigo gasped again as his brothers started to move.

The thrusts were slow and careful, but perfectly harmonized. Ichigo cried out with every single one, feeling a sinful pleasure racing through his body. If he'd been standing his legs would have given out, but Rei's grip on his ass was holding him up easily. And Shiro's hands were on his thighs now, helping to hold him in place. It felt unbelievable and all he wanted was more contact, more pleasure. And the twins were more than willing to give him that.

They both began thrusting harder, taking him at a faster rhythm, and Ichigo tossed his head back, his face flushed adorably. Shiro gently bit his shoulder, nibbling the soft skin as Rei explored his throat, breathing hotly in his ear. He was sandwiched between the two of them, stuck like a fly in amber and enjoying every minute of it.

"Oh m'god Ichi-chan…" Shiro moaned behind him, his breath hot in his other ear. "This feels so damned good!"

"It really does." Rei agreed, before catching Ichigo's lips in a deep kiss. "Mmm." Ichigo let the albino push his tongue into his mouth, claiming the warm, wet cavern. One of Shiro's hand left his thighs, finding his cock and stroking the straining, quivering flesh.

"Mmm!" Ichigo cried out into Rei's mouth as his orgasm approached. He couldn't hold it back, not with two cocks in his ass and a hand stroking him to completion. The pressure on his prostate was unbelievable. "Nnn… Shiro!" He gasped out a complaint as the man behind him gripped the base of his erection, stifling his release. There was a soft chuckle and Rei smiled.

"We ain't done yet, Ichi." To his shock and surprise, they both suddenly pulled out of him. He gasped as Rei's grip was transferred to Shiro and with one smooth move, the twins switched places. Shiro was the one in front of him now, smiling at him. "I want t'see yer pretty face." Then they were back inside and Ichigo cried out at the sudden feeling of being filled again, stretched to his very limit.

"Hurts so good…" He whimpered as they began thrusting again. That brief interruption had brought him down a bit, and Shiro wasn't touching his cock now, just letting it rub against his belly. "Shiro… Rei…" Ichigo thought he might die from the pleasure. He'd never imagined there could be something this good in the world.

The dual penetration speeded up, and Ichigo moaned as Rei bowed his head, resting his chin on his shoulder. Long, lovely hair spilled over his chest and Shiro moaned, burying his face in those soft strands.

"Love your fuckin' hair bro…" Shiro panted out and Rei laughed, lifting his head and kissing Ichigo on the cheek.

"I love it… too…" Ichigo managed to say, tangling one hand in those glorious strands. The other was gripping Shiro's forearm, fingers digging into pale skin. "Ah!" He couldn't take much more of this. It was too much pleasure, overwhelming him, and his cock was weeping and begging for release. "Oh… ah!" The trusts were getting harder again, his brothers filling him in indescribable ways. "Nii-san…" Ichigo whimpered as pale fingers dug into his skin, leaving tiny crescent moons in his flesh.

"So… fucking… shit!" Shiro groaned and Rei's richer tones followed, a mutual sound of pleasure that made Ichigo's toes curl. The tension in his belly, the incredible pleasure that kept hitting his cock, was suddenly just too much. Ichigo screamed, his body convulsing as he found his release, all his muscles tightening as the pleasure overwhelmed him. He almost blacked out, and was left gasping, limp and spent between the twins.

"Ngh, Ichi!" Shiro screamed as Rei gasped, and Ichigo rocked with the force of their last thrust. Then he felt them both cum inside him, milky fluids filling him and spilling down his legs. There was too much to stay inside. "Fuck… fuck…" Shiro was gasping quietly, still holding the almost unconscious teen up, and Rei nuzzled Ichigo's ear affectionately.

"Let's get Ichigo cleaned up, then sleep together." Rei suggested softly and Shiro nodded, kissing the sleepy boy held between them. Rei stepped back, carefully pulling out and making Ichigo whimper.

"He's so fuckin' cute." Shiro said softly as he gazed into Ichigo's face before gently carrying him to the bed. Rei just smiled, fetching some Kleenex. They needed to clean Ichigo off a bit, or he would be very uncomfortable when he awoke.

He agreed with his brother, though. Ichigo was tremendously cute.