Author's Note: Not going to be a two shot after all. I don't think I'm capable of short fics. Oh well… this is taking me a while due to lemons, heh.

Several weeks later.

Ichigo blinked as he entered the condo. There was the sound of a… mixer? "Rei?" He said softly, looking into the kitchen. To his surprise, there were several chocolate cakes on a cooling rack, and Rei was hard at work making some neon pink icing. "What are you doing?" Ichigo asked, fascinated, as he went up behind his brother. Rei glanced up from his work, grinning, and Ichigo couldn't help but study his face.

Rei was losing his appetite, and he'd already lost some weight. The twins were all lean muscle, hardly any body fat, so the effect was obvious. It wasn't bad yet, but even his face was a bit thinner. And he wasn't sleeping well, from the dark marks under his eyes.

At least Rei wasn't working anymore. He'd worked the first week after his diagnosis, until he started coughing and Shiro and Ichigo had yelled at him to stop. Ichigo couldn't imagine wanting to work at a time like this, but Rei enjoyed his work as a lawyer.

"I'm trying to learn how to do creative icing." Rei said, licking a finger that had caught an errant glob of pink icing. Ichigo swallowed at the sight of his dark tongue removing the sweet stuff from his digit. "I bought a kit yesterday at the craft store. My flowers look rather deformed, I'm afraid." He gestured to a row of already done flowers, waiting to be placed on the cake, and Ichigo blinked before laughing. They did look a little like cabbages.

"I'm sure they'll taste wonderful." He said with a smile, then blinked as Rei picked up a bit of icing with his finger. "Huh? Oh!" Ichigo blushed as Rei plopped that icing on his cheek, grinning. Then he blushed more as his brother slowly and sensually licked it off. "Hmm." Deciding to play the game, Ichigo smiled and grabbed a bit of the icing himself. He smeared it on Rei's lower lip, then kissed his brother, tasting the sweetness. "Mmm." Ichigo sucked Rei's lower lip, getting ever last bit of the icing. Rei slid a hand behind his head, deepening the kiss. When they finally parted, still connected with a line of saliva, Rei was panting slightly and looking at him with heat in his black gold eyes.

"Heh." The albino grinned and Ichigo blinked as he was pressed against the counter, the edge digging into his back. Rei undid the teen's pants and Ichigo wondered what he was planning. Shiro wasn't home yet and Rei was not about to give him a boner on the road. Then his eyes went wide as Rei freed him from his pants, and then spread some icing on his cock.

"Rei!" Ichigo spread his legs as Rei knelt in front of him. He closed his eyes, just enjoying the sensations as his brother began to slowly, sensually lick the icing away from his cock. "Ngh…" Ichigo gasped as Rei took him fully into his mouth, slowly sucking as thin fingers glided over the insides of his thighs. Then slightly sticky fingers slid over his balls, and Ichigo moaned, gripping Rei's hair as his mouth left his erection. But the albino was just changing his target and Ichigo gasped as long, firm swipes of his tongue caressed his sac. Then he heard the door click open, and opened his eyes.

"Hey y'all, I'm back! …What's all this then?" Shiro poked a cake, totally oblivious to what was happening in the kitchen. Ichigo grinned as he realized that from Shiro's angle, he couldn't see Rei at all. The island was blocking his view. Then Rei went back to his cock and Ichigo had to bite his hand to stifle a moan. "Looks like Rei's bin bakin'. What's with them cabbages on the wall? Hey what're you… doin'… " Shiro stepped past the island, his gaze slipping down to Ichigo's fallen pants and his twin. Rei hadn't stopped his attentions for a moment. "Rei, ya fuckin' horndog! Startin' without me!"

"Shut up, Shiro, I'm… oh…" Ichigo panted, leaning back more heavily as Rei gently fondled his sac and gave him slow, leisurely strokes of the tongue. "Getting… the best… blow job… of my life…" Ichigo moaned, his eyes closing again.

"Hmph! I kin do it better." Shiro grumbled and Ichigo opened his eyes, glancing over to see the second twin had his arms crossed and was pouting. He couldn't help but smile. Shiro really was the more juvenile of the pair. "Just you watch, this is a blow job contest t'night!" Shiro dumped his bags of groceries on the floor, but grabbed one particular bag and left the room. "Gotta put the ice cream inna freezer…" He grumbled as Ichigo smiled.

"Blow job contest…" He said dreamily. When the twins got competitive, the big winner was him. Rei just increased the suction around his cock. "Oh… ngh…!" He was starting to get close, feeling the heat building in his balls and belly. "Rei-nii…" He whispered, stroking that beautiful silvery hair. It felt so wonderful under his fingers. "I'm going to cum…" He told his brother, then gasped as his release came. "Ah!" His climax was powerful and his legs went weak as Rei swallowed, holding his waist with one arm. "Nnn." Ichigo panted softly, gripping the counter to hold himself up. Rei nuzzled his thigh for a moment before looking up, a small smile on his pale face.

"I care for you, Ichigo." He said and Ichigo swallowed, staring into those strange eyes. It was the first time either of his brothers had said something like that to him, and he wasn't sure why but it struck him so profoundly. He cupped Rei's cheek with one hand.

"I care for you too." He said softly, and Rei smiled, but there was an edge of sadness to it. The albino nuzzled him again before standing and Ichigo pulled his pants back up. "What's for supper?" He asked. With all the cake around, he was sure Rei had done something for supper. He laughed, pointing at the crock pot.

"Manhattan clam chowder with sourdough bread." Rei said with a small smile. "Shiro's favorite."

"Are you going to have any?" Ichigo said, concerned, as he gently touched his brother's hand. Rei gave him a soft, understanding smile.

"I'll try. Now… I need to put in the filling and frost my cakes." He said and Ichigo got himself a bowl of the chowder as Rei worked. The condo didn't really have a good dining area, and Rei was taking up the one table with his cooling racks, but they usually ate in the den anyway.

"Clam chowdah!" Shiro said as he came in, in his best New England accent. Which was actually really, really bad. "I want some clam chowdah! Thanks Rei, this stuff is the bestest!" He took a big bowl for himself as Rei chuckled.

"If you think that's good, wait until dessert." Rei was assembling the cakes now and Ichigo turned on the TV, trying to find something good to watch. He finally settled on Say Yes to the Dress.

"You so gay Ichi, watchin' girls pickin' out their weddin' gowns." Shiro took a seat beside him and Ichigo snorted. "I'm so gay too, I fuckin' love this show."

"At least you admit it." He said teasingly as Shiro grinned, devouring his clam chowder. They both stopped for a moment at the sound of a wet cough from the kitchen. "Rei?" Ichigo looked up, concerned, but Rei waved it away.

"It's nothing." He said softly and Ichigo glanced at Shiro, biting his lip at the despair momentarily visible in his odd, black gold eyes. Ichigo reached out to grip his arm for a moment and Shiro gave him a weak smile before turning his attention back to the TV.

"Shiro? I was wondering. How did you lose your eye?" Ichigo asked, just to take his mind off Rei. He knew the eye was missing, he'd seen Shiro tending to the empty socket before. He had an artificial eye, but he preferred to wear the medical eye patch. Ichigo was in favor of that plan, since there was nothing creepier than Shiro pulling out his glass eye and bouncing it on the palm of his hand, something he did far too often when he wasn't wearing the patch.

"Oh, that. I wondered if ya'd ever ask." Shiro sneered a little at the TV. "Thas a grandma dress, girl! Show us some titties!" There was a laugh from the kitchen and Ichigo smiled. "See, there was this guy at one of our foster homes. He punched me inna face after I lipped off. Don' think he meant t' take m'eye, but he was wearin' this big class ring. Got me right in there." Shiro shrugged. "Least we got outta that place." Ichigo winced. The foster care system really hadn't been kind to the twins.

"It was a sub optimal situation." Rei agreed, bringing out the cake and setting it on the living room table. "Isn't it nice?"

"It's a cabbage cake!" Shiro exclaimed and Rei looked a little pained. "What's the flavor? Say it ain't cabbage!"

"No, you silly idiot." Rei said affectionately as he began to cut the cake. It was frosted in that neon pink icing, with roses… well, cabbages… of bright yellow. "It's chocolate with raspberry and chocolate ganache filling." Ichigo swallowed, his mouth watering. He could already smell the chocolate. Shiro made a weird, gargling sound and he glanced over to see the albino was almost drooling. "Calm down, Shiro. That reaction is flattering but a touch creepy."

"Oi, you should talk 'bout bein' creepy!" But Shiro wiped his mouth and managed to wait for Rei to serve him a slice before digging in. "Oh mai god it's sex in mah mouth!" He said, his voice muffled but ecstatic. Ichigo smiled and tried his piece, sighing in pure bliss. Rei had used some really good chocolate to make the ganache, and it showed. The raspberry put it over the top, and the icing turned out to be a swiss meringue buttercream, flavored with raspberry liquor.

"This cake should be named Sex in My Mouth." Ichigo agreed. Rei smiled and took a very small piece for himself. Ichigo noticed he hadn't eaten any of the clam chowder, but didn't mention it. If Rei couldn't eat, there was no point in bothering him about it. He did manage to eat the cake, though, carefully savoring each bite.

"Thas a good dress! You shake that booty girl!" Shiro said, approving of a mermaid gown. Ichigo smiled and shook his head, trying to imagine Shiro in a gown. He didn't think it would work. Rei, on the other hand, could probably pull it off. Ichigo could picture him wearing a gown, with perfect grace and dignity. That thought made him pause and he had to wipe his eyes for a moment. Sometimes, unexpected things caused the pain to rise up. "Hey, we wanna watch more o' this or we ready fer that blow job contest?"

"Heh." Rei sat up in his chair, smiling his usual, disturbing smile. "Will Ichigo be the judge?" Ichigo swallowed as Shiro ran a hand up his back, grinning.

"Then he cain't enter. We got three, I say best two outta three." Shiro said, making Ichigo blush. Rei tilted his head a little, thinking about it.

"That will be a lot of blow jobs. I'd rather Ichigo be the judge of your technique compared to mine, then we have sex. More relaxed." Rei suggested and Shiro pouted a little.

"Um, I prefer Rei's idea." Ichigo said shyly. He thought giving and receiving that many blow jobs might get a little exhausting. And while oral pleasure was nice, he'd prefer to go on to other things.

"Oh, okay." Shiro gave in easily. He didn't really care too much, the sex was the important part. "You ready? Cuz I got this thing on record anywho."

"I'd say we're ready." Rei said agreeably and Ichigo nodded. There was no way he was going to say no to sex with his hot twin brothers. He stood, stretching for a moment and Ichigo had to suppress the desire to drool as muscles moved under his icing marked shirt. Shiro came to his feet, and Ichigo did drool a little as he laced his fingers behind his head and cracked his back. Shiro was wearing only a black vest and jeans, and his arms and a good bit of his chest were on display. "Come Shiro." Rei took his brother's hand, pulling the short haired man after him to the bedroom. Ichigo followed behind the two of them, wondering if he'd see some twin on twin action tonight.

Sure enough, the plan went out the window almost instantly as Rei kissed his brother, deeply. Ichigo watched as white lips and throats moved, dark tongues caressing each other in an intimate and loving dance. Shiro's vest and Rei's shirt fell away, revealing beautiful white skin. Ichigo worked on his own clothing as he watched the twins disrobe each other, and winced as he realized he was already hard. Watching those two touching each other was always an incredible turn on.

Ichigo sat down on the edge of the bed, just watching for a moment as Rei pushed Shiro down onto the blankets. He'd noticed that whenever the twins were together, Rei always took the initiative. With him, both Rei and Shiro were dominant, but between the twins Shiro was definitely the submissive one. Rei flipped Shiro onto his stomach and gently kissed his cheek. Ichigo could almost see the thoughts travelling between them as their eyes met, then Rei flicked his gaze over to him.

"Come here, Ichigo." His brother said, his voice still deep and resonant. Ichigo swallowed, his desire greater than ever as he crawled over to them. "Let Shiro demonstrate his skills on you." Rei's hands were moving over his brother's skin, finding his most sensitive spots and teasing him. Shiro shuddered, lifting his head as Ichigo moved in front of him.

"This ain't fuckin' fair Rei, I'm gonna be so distracted – ah!" Shiro moaned heavily as Rei began to prepare him, his eyes closing for a moment at the sensations. Then he opened them and looked at Ichigo's cock in front of his face. "Mmmkay." He said before taking that cock in his mouth. Ichigo moaned softly as the wet heat enfolded him, reaching down to run his fingers through his brother's short hair. It felt good, very good, and watching the twins having sex made it better. Rei met his eyes for a moment, smiling, before moving down and placing his mouth against Shiro's entrance. "Mff! Mffmffmff." Ichigo had no idea what Shiro was trying to say, his cock muffling the albino, but from Rei's laugh he knew exactly what was going through his twin's mind.

"Life isn't fair sometimes, Shiro. And the only prize for winning this contest is the one you're getting right now." Rei said, amused, before he began working on his twin with his tongue. Ichigo smiled as he watched Shiro's reactions to that pleasure, then gasped as the twin moved his mouth up and down his cock. Shiro might be a bit distracted at the moment, but he did know what he was doing.

Then Rei mounted his twin and they began to move together, and Ichigo's breath caught as he watched the slow, sensuous glide and heard the soft slap of flesh against flesh. Shiro's moans were muffled but full of intense desire and Ichigo gasped as the submissive twin took him in the back of his throat. The heat and pressure made him groan and grip the sheets, holding himself back from snapping his hips forward. He didn't want to choke Shiro, and his brother was too distracted to hold him back.

"Mmmf! MFF!" Shiro was making some kind of complaint and Rei laughed before suddenly pulling back and smacking his brother roughly on the bottom. "MFF!"

"Calm down, Shiro. I'm going to enjoy making you squirm." Rei smoothly thrust back in, taking his brother in a slow and steady rhythm. Ichigo could sympathize with Shiro, he knew how hard it was when Rei did that. He was sure the elder twin was just barely teasing Shiro's prostate with every thrust. "Ah, you feel wonderful in there. Can you feel it?" Rei said teasingly, reaching under Shiro to lightly brush his fingertips over the albino's neglected cock. From Shiro's whimpers, he could definitely feel it. "Mmm." Rei abandoned words then and focused his efforts on his brother's body, speeding his pace and giving Shiro's erection some real attention. The sucking on Ichigo's cock became rougher and he gasped, gripping Shiro's shoulders. That felt tremendously good and his orgasm was coming on quickly.

"C-Careful Shiro… ah!" Ichigo cried out softly as Shiro hummed then swallowed. The way the muscles of his throat moved, the flex of his mouth were suddenly too much. He didn't get a chance to warn his brother but that didn't seem to matter, and he swallowed everything easily, milking Ichigo for every drop. Then Shiro pulled his face away, finally freeing his mouth to complain.

"Rei… sadistic… bastard! Fuck!" He said, his voice soft and raspy as Rei chuckled. "G-Get that off! Augh!" Ichigo blinked. Get that off? Glancing under Shiro he suddenly laughed. When had Rei gotten that cock ring on Shiro? "Not f-fucking funny! Ow! Shit!"

"Hush, we both know you can be a bit premature." Rei's voice was kind and soothing, and Ichigo choked on laughter at Shiro's yelp of outrage. They were still moving together, and unlike Shiro, Rei had no problem talking even in the middle of powerful sex. "Could you have possibly have held back without it when I did this?" Ichigo couldn't see exactly what this was, but Shiro's well-muscled body went taunt and the albino uttered a high pitched yelp. "I didn't think so."

"Rei…!" Shiro's voice was breathy with need and Ichigo swallowed hard as Rei smiled, nuzzling the back of Shiro's neck and letting his long hair slide over his brother's shoulder. Ichigo gently stroked Shiro's hair, feeling the sweat beading there as Rei tortured him. It took a while, but when Shiro was whimpering almost continuously, a long white hand undid the cock ring and tossed it aside before Rei took his brother in a hard, fierce series of thrusts. Shiro screamed and came, his body arching and cock spasming, squirting spurts of cum onto the blankets. Rei came at the same moment, experiencing his brother's pleasure, and Ichigo swallowed as he watched the dual orgasm. Sometimes, he wondered what it would be like to feel everything your partner was feeling…

Unfortunately, that thought led him to Rei's illness and the new thing the twins would soon be experiencing. Ichigo shoved the thought away firmly, and gave Shiro a warm and tender kiss as Rei pulled away from his body with a soft, wet sound. Shiro returned the kiss, snaking an arm around his shoulders.

"Mmm, so what d'you think Ichi? Who won th' contest?" Shiro asked, eyes full of mischief, and Ichigo thought about it a moment before grinning.

"Well… sorry Rei, but seeing you two together was such a turn on that I'd have to go with Shiro." It wasn't fair, but as Rei had pointed out earlier, life wasn't fair. Shiro cackled as his brother just shrugged, long hair shifting smoothly over bare shoulders.

"Oh well. I had fun, I don't mind losing." He said with a smile, stretching out beside Shiro. "I think I'm going to take a nap, but the two of you don't have to stay." It was still relatively early. Ichigo nodded as Shiro stirred.

"I need to go do my homework." He'd have loved nothing better than to curl up beside the sexy twins, but his homework was not going to go away. Shiro sighed and pushed himself up.

"An' I don' wanna fuck over m' sleep patterns an' shit. You take a nap Rei." He said, tenderly brushing back a bit of Rei's hair. The elder twin gave him a soft smile before pulling the blanket over himself. Ichigo slid off the bed and quietly got dressed, following Shiro out the door.

Life went on, and he did have quite a bit of homework to do.

"Ichigo, can you come here for a moment?" Ichigo looked up from his schoolwork, surprised. Rei sounded tired and almost defeated.

Although that was no real surprise. Rei was having trouble sleeping, to the extent that Shiro had moved onto the living room couch. It was really the only practical thing to do, since Rei was waking up dozens of times in the night with bouts of coughing. Shiro still had a job that he needed to be rested for, and Rei understood that. But it was still an indication of how his illness was progressing.

"Sure. What do you need, Rei-nii?" He asked as Rei took him to the smallest room in the house. It was Rei's and Shiro's computer room. Two computers were wedged into the space, along with Rei's filing cabinet. Ichigo knew that it contained all the bills and other household chores that Rei and only Rei handled. Rei sat down at his computer and began opening files, to Ichigo's surprise. "Rei?"

"I want to show you our finances." Rei said and Ichigo blinked. "Also, I want to show you all the bills, when they need to be paid by, and all our bank accounts along with passwords. I want you to start taking over this."

"Rei… you don't need me to do this." Ichigo said, feeling shaken. "You're still fine!" Rei's gaze flicked up to him and Ichigo almost flinched at the despair and resignation in those strange eyes. "And shouldn't you be showing this to Shiro?" He asked, trying to change the subject slightly. It worked, a bit, and Rei's eyes gained a bit of amusement.

"I tried. I knew it wouldn't work, but I felt I had to do him the favor of at least attempting to treat him like a responsible adult." Rei rolled his eyes and Ichigo snickered. "He told me that he wasn't meant for such things, and to give the responsibility to you."

"He didn't say it like that." Ichigo said, entertained. Although he was sure what Shiro had actually said had contained the sentiment, along with a lot of profanities. "What did he actually say?" He asked and Rei waved the question away.

"I won't bother to repeat it. But in any case, someone needs to know this for when I'm… gone." The sadness in his voice was painful to hear, and Ichigo swallowed hard before hugging him. Rei was wearing a heavy sweater – he was feeling cold all the time, now – and he could feel how thin the twin was becoming. Rei gently patted his shoulder. "You should also know, I've changed the terms of my will." He said quietly and Ichigo blinked, looking at his brother questioningly. "The life insurance will still go to Shiro, or you if he does not survive my death. But my stock portfolios and most of the other assets will go to you directly. So if he does something foolish, at least the damage he can cause will be limited."

"Rei…" Ichigo swallowed, wishing he could tell Rei that what he was doing was foolish and unnecessary. But he couldn't. Shiro had never been good with money, and he'd dabbled with drugs in the past. Rei had always stopped him from going too far, but what would happen when Rei was gone? If Shiro managed to survive, he would be utterly devastated by the loss. He definitely could do something foolish. "Okay." Ichigo said shakily. It hurt to take over things from Rei like this. It felt almost like a betrayal, like he was trying to replace Rei. But it was what Rei wanted, and he knew what the twin was thinking. Rei would watch him and check the accounts to make sure he was handling things well, and give him pointers if anything was amiss. "How do you do this?" He took Shiro's chair and pulled it over as Rei gave him a small smile.

"This is my calendar program…" Ichigo watched intently as Rei began showing him how the bills were paid every month. It was all very neat and meticulous, just like his brother. He knew he would be able to handle it, just like he knew Shiro would make a mess of it.

It hurt to take over from Rei, but he could at least spare Shiro the pain of trying to do this.