E/O Challenge WoW: Play
Word Count: 100
Spoilers None

Disclaimer : Not mine (Category Angst)

A.N. Kinda cheated on this one and lazily adapted and expanded a scene from my story I published recently on the Buffy site. Also, bit (understatement) miffed this week to discover someone has hijacked my avatar (boo, hiss) so had to find a new one.

"Wanna play chase?"

"Here Kitty-Kitty. Come out an' play Tiddles...I'm guaranteed yummier than catnip!"
Hidden amongst the trees, the animal narrowed it's eyes, staring intently at the human who was taking his jeans belt off. Holding the strap end, Dean flicked the buckle end onto the floor before pulling it through the grass, wriggling it enticingly.
"Nice pusscat...Wanna play chase?"
With a roar that reverberated through the forest, the Chimaera furiously launched itself at the human; who grinned before turning to run.
At least...that's what Dean meant to do. Who knew your legs could tangle up in themselves like that?
"Whoops! Sammeeeee!...Heeelllppp...UFFF!"

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