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Summary: Taking place months after his mission in China, Chris Redfield return to America for the holidays, but while he is home he must struggle in confronting his personal demons as well as those that were hurt by his actions after what happened to him in Edonia.

Chapter 1:


Date: 12/3/2013

Time: 10:03 am

He knew. He knew that he should have came back after his mission China. But he couldn't because he made a promise he promised Piers that he would return to the B.S.A.A. And keep fighting against bio-terrorism in this world a world that has suffered so much in the last fifteen years since the Raccoon City incident. As he looked outside his window, all he could see was nothing nothing but little, white snowflakes falling outside of his window. That's all he could see on the plane. That's all Chris Redfield could see.

"Excuse me, Mr. Redfield?" the flight attendant had ask Chris he was still looking out of his window. Chris didn't answer her for a few seconds still paying attention to the snow. "Mr. Redfield sir," she said again this time getting Chris's attention and also breaking his train of thought. "Yes," Chris said as he looked towards the attendant as she showed him a tray of fluffy, white towels and asked, "Hot towel?" He shook his head politely and said "No, but thank you anyway."

"Of course," she said and turned to leave with a concerned look on her face and mumbling to herself under her breath.

As she was about to leave, Chris turned around and said to her, "Wait." With that the attendant turned to face Chris, who had a concerned look on his face. "When will we arrive in D.C.?" he asked.

"Give me a moment sir," she said and left Chris for a minute, and then, returning to Chris said, "Mr. Redfield?" Chris turned to face the young attendant once more and said, "Yes?" She said to Chris, "The flight will land in an hour. Is there anything else I can do for you, sir?" Chris amiably shook his head to her and said "No thank you." The attendant then left Chris to his business as he continued to look out from his window.

As he continued to look outside, he let out a small sigh and closed his eyes.


As he looked around trying to figure out where he was, a light began to shine all around him, blinding him as he raised his hand to cover his face.

As he did, he heard a gunshot. Followed was a distant scream. When Chris heard the scream he turned his head and his body towards the direction of the scream.

After a few seconds, Chris tried to call out to the person. As he tried to he heard another scream. When Chris heard this scream, his instincts kicked in and began to run towards it.

As Chris continued running towards the scream, it became louder and louder to a point where Chris wanted to cover his ears so he didn't have to hear it. He continued to follow the scream until he came to a dead stop at a door three times his size. Chris gripped the door handle and pulled it with every ounce of strength he had, but it wouldn't budge, when Chris let go of the handle, he noticed the door was chained and locked.

"Shit," Chris mumbled to himself and began to wander, trying to find something to remove the lock.

A few minutes passed by,(I really don't understand how time works while your dreaming) as Chris tried to find a way to unlock the door. When he returned to the door, Chris felt something in his hand and looked down to see what he was holding and to his realization, he saw that he was holding his old Samurai Edge Pistol from when he was a member of the .'S S. .S Unit.

As Chris continued to look down at the pistol, his mind flooded with memories of his days as a member of R.P.D.'S S.T.A.R.S Alpha team right up to the Mansion Incident.

He continued to look at the gun, Chris's concentration was interrupted by the mysterious screaming. When Chris heard the scream, his instincts kicked in and without realizing what happened he saw that he was through the gate.

Chris look around the room and saw a woman in the room on the floor. With another body.

As Chris began to walk to the woman, she herself began to get up and walk toward him. Once again, Chris's instincts kicked in and he raised his gun to the woman. He kept the gun held at the woman and realized who it was. Someone he cared about and had loved his whole life: Jill Valentine.

Horrified by what he was seeing, Chris tried to hold back his tears as he saw the bite mark on the hand of the woman he had loved for so many years. As the zombified Jill Valentine came closer to him, he said to her, "Jill, please, I don't want to have to do this." She kept moving towards him. Chris screamed at her, "GOD DAMN IT JILL!'"

Finally, Jill lunged herself towards Chris, but he evaded her attack and ran.

Chris continued to run until he stopped at the other body that Jill had been with. He knelt down to the body and saw that it had been facing the ground. Chris heard a moan from behind him and turned around to see that Jill was coming towards him again. Chris stood up and raised his gun aiming at her head. A tear began to jerk out of his eye. He looked into her sullen grey eyes and more tears came. He looked at Jill.

"I'm sorry Jill."

Jill was about to lunge towards Chris again, but before she could Chris fired his gun.

There he stood, motionless, on the verge of bawling. Chris walked to Jill's corpse and knelt again when he was there. He looked at her body for a minute before he placed his hand over eyes and closed them. Chris stood and walked to the other body that was with Jill. When he got there, he let out a cry as he rolled the body over to see who it was. I was someone he promised to protect since the day she was born. It was his little sister Claire.

Chris lifted her corpse and looked at her. He put his down and said while the tears were rolling down, "I'm I'm sorry Claire, I tried to protect you my whole life and I failed."

While Chris was crying he heard a moan coming from Claire. When he heard the moan he lifted his head to look at her. To his surprise her once beautiful blue eyes had turned light and lifeless, Chris put her body down. He got up and began to walk away from her. As he did, Claire began to get up and started to walk towards Chris.

Chris, still crying from what he just saw, began to say something when Claire lunged herself towards Chris. Chris evaded Claire's attack and took his gun out aiming it at his sister's head.

"Claire, I don't want to kill you."

Claire continued to walk on, craving to peel his flesh and eat his inards. As Claire lunged herself to her brother, Chris screamed.

"CLAIRE!" The last thing Chris heard before he woke up, was the gunshot and to the sound of his name.

Chris woke up, his heart racing, head pounding, from the hell that he had just dreamed.(The term that Chris is suffering from is called Asyndeton.) He realized he was back on the plane. The attendant was next to him, kneeling down. She asked him, "Mr. Redfield, are you alright?"

Chris looked at her for a moment. He broke the silence.

"Yea, I'm alright, when will we be arriving in D.C.?"

"I was just about to wake you t let you know that we have landed."

Chris looked around quickly and saw everyone was grabbing their luggage. He looked back at the attendant. Fifteen minutes passed by and Chris was in the airport, looking around. He let out a smile smile because he realized where he was. He was home.