half life. whole life

gordan freecmans swa in a labratord. he was busee making a new invent that wa arsome. dr clinres came an sed " hot is that yoo madee". "i hav mad a neo radioactiv nooklear wepon to bom combines. wit thsi we destriy combins and all human will be freederd" sad godran. but then sa comline went in room an stoled the wepon. " mahahahahahmahaghaha. with this nukler wepon we wil kill yoo humen and comblings will rool" sed the comline. the komnline went faster ot gordens was labratoy." the wepon has been stoled." sed gordans. "we mest get it befror combine cil hummens" sed dr cliner.

chraptur 2

the find the danjorus.

gordans and cleiner wer at the comline lar. it was hevy rane so they got owt ther umbrumblers. the umbrylars were alsoo guns so they shooterd comlings. gordren then saw a giy in hed, iswa the g man. "godren frrechmants yoo need to got to top of the colmines laer, thats were the hid the wepon" sed g man.
"wat hapned" sed cliener, " the gman sad the nookler wepnom was upstair" sed gorded.

chaptrer 3

the wepon as kill humas.

gordon an cliner werd at the top of toer. then they sar dr breen with radioactiv wepon." mwa hahahahahagagahahafahafhahth ahja. i has take yo wepon as i will killall human and comblinjs will rool earth." sed dr breen." noo yo wont" sed dr breen went larf. "if yoo try stop me i will kill alix." dr breen had alex hostad ans she was tarped in can." sav me " sed alx. " i wilt sav yoo" sed gordans. then he stot the can wit a gun and the can explod and alex wsa freed. " i will kile yoo drbree" sed she shot dre breem and ha was becom ded. "we most tak the wapon back to groden labratord" sed dr cliener.

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