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Summary: Arthur who has always loved Merlin but kept the secret from the sorcerer finally reveals all when he realises it could be his last chance to reveal all, but has he left it too late?

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"Arthur?" The King turned and saw his sister hurry over to him and hug him. "I can't lose him Morgana." he cried into his sister's arm. "Not now."

"You won't Arthur. I promise. Merlin is a fighter. He will fight this with everything he has."

"I am not going to be leaving his side Morgana."

"I know that. You want me to rule over Camelot while you stay with him?"

"Please Morgana. Once Gaius says so I am moving him to my quarters, he will have more comfort and be warmer there."

"Sire I have a board that is to be used as carrying injured knights. Merlin can be carried on that from here to your chambers and should be fine."


"I will go and get Gwaine, Percival and Leon and the four of you can carry Merlin." she smiled and left the room.

Ten minutes later, Morgana came back with Leon, Gwaine and Percival, together the three of them with the help of Arthur and Gaius, they had Merlin on the board and all four of the mcarried Merlin to Arthur's chambers. Gaius walking slowly in front and Morgana slowly walking behind.

Arthur had a servant light his fire place to warm the room up whilst they got Merlin comfortable in bed. "Now Morgana are you sure about..."

"Yes. I have done it a few times when you have had to visit other kingdoms."

Arthur sat on the edge of the bed and took Merlin's hand in his when the room was empty except him, Morgana and Merlin. Gaius leaving saying he will be back in two hours to check on Merlin. "I won't be leaving this room until he wakes Morgana. Anything you need help or advice on you know where I am."

"I know Arthur. And understand. I will have a servant come and bring you food three times a day."

"Thank you Morgana." Arthur smiled at his sister. When the door closed behind her, Arthur laid on his side, facing Merlin. "I'm here with you Merlin. I know I am always asking for things and you always give me what I ask for. I ask two more things of you but for now I just ask you this one thing and I hope once again you will do it. Live for me Merlin. That's all I ask right now." he whispered.

Gaius came back two hours later and changed Merlin's dressing with the help of Arthur, informing the King he will be back in the morning and to call should anything happen in any way.

Arthur got into bed after covering Merlin up and placed a gentle kiss upon Merlin's lips. "Good night Merlin... I love you."

Arthur, even though he knew Merlin was beside him, didn't sleep, he laid awake watching Merlin, watched as his back slowly rose and fell with his breathing, not being able to keep awake for much longer, Arthur finally fell asleep not long before dawn and was still asleep when Gaius walked in with Morgana who came to see Arthur to see what kind of night Merlin had but seeing her brother asleep and the rings under his eyes told her he had been awake all night and decided to leave him be for a while.

When Arthur woke he noticed the bandage around Merlin had gone and he now had a patch of cloth where his wound was. He sat up and looked at his bedside table and saw a note, he leaned over Merlin and picked it up.

Morning Arthur. Seeing you and Merlin in bed this morning you looked complete, before when I have come to wake you, you have seemed lost, having Merlin beside you it is like you have been found and are now happy. Please Arthur I urge you to express your feelings to Merlin when he awakens for both your sakes. And he will awake. Gaius checked him over this morning and changed his dressing and was pleased that Merlin has got some of his colour back. Talk to him Arthur. You couldn't bring yourself to tell him of your feelings before so I implore you do now. I will be coming to see you later to make sure you are eating brother of mine.

Morgana x

Arthur smiled as he read the letter and placed it back where he found it. He got up and walked over to the table and quickly ate his breakfast so he could get back to Merlin.

"At least you have a bit more colour in you than yesterday Merlin." Arthur said once he got back on the bed. "It shows you are getting better as I knew you would. I didn't want to believe otherwise. Morgana said I am best to tell you how I feel. Yes Morgana knows, just about everyone knows I love you but you. I never told you as I was worried you didn't feel the same and if you didn't then things would get awkward and I would rather have you as a friend and see you every day than it be awkward and avoid each other."

Arthur laid on his side and placed his head on his pillow, getting his face as close to Merlin's as he could. "I guess the beginning is as good a place as any to start. I guess I started to look at you differently than anyone else the second time you argued back to me. The first time you did you didn't know I was the future King of Camelot but you knew by the end of it. The second argument I didn't expect coming. The only person who has argued back at me and told me what they really think was my father and that was because he was allowed to. You on the other hand didn't let me being a Prince stop you from speaking your mind about me."

Arthur reached his hand out and stroked Merlin's cheek. "I realised I loved you when you almost died that time, after drinking that poison to save me. I had never been so scared. My father disobeyed me from getting your antidote but I didn't care what he did to me. Just as long as I got you the antidote and you lived. You wouldn't believe how much it took me to hold back when I saw you alive and well."

Arthur stopped talking when a light tapping sounded at the door and Morgana and a servant walked in. Morgana smiled at the empty plate and told the servant he could take it away. "How is he Arthur?"

"I agree with you. He has got some more colour. I don't want to get my hopes up though. Gaius said twenty four hours and it has only been about sixteen."

"Did you manage to get much sleep?"

"A bit. Woke up about one hour ago. Read your letter and decided to take your advice."

"So you are talking to him about how you feel?"

"Yes I am."

Morgana smiled. "I will leave you to it then."



"How are you?"

"Not too bad. Baby seemed to want to keep me awake all night by kicking me. But it's alright though."

"What do you mean?" Arthur frowned.

"Well every time the baby kicked me and woke me up I kicked Leon and woke him up."

"You didn't? Why?"

"It's his son kicking me. Why should I have to go through it alone."

Arthur laughed and shook his head at his sister who just smiled and left the chambers. When the doors closed behind Morgana she turned to Gaius who was stood waiting. "Arthur said he is talking to Merlin. Are you sure about this Gaius?"

"Yes Morgana. Merlin is in a coma of some sort. Whatever Arthur is saying in there Merlin will hear it all and remember it all. Not straight away but within a couple of days of waking up he will remember it."

"Lovely." the brunette smirked and linked her arm with the court physician and took off down the corridor.

"I remember the first time I met Lancelot, you were laughing and smiling, of course I hated him right away, he was free to do the one thing I wanted more than anything. To make you smile. I thanked the gods he left Camelot, and even though I fought for him I fear he would take you from me. Of course Lancelot was the only knight I hated at first, Gwaine, I hated him so much the way he looked at you, the way you laughed with him and more importantly the flirting. I wanted to run him through and then he met Percival..."

Arthur shook his head. "You're so easy to love Merlin that I feared every day that someone would come along and steal you from me. I know you weren't mine to have but I wanted you all the same and it killed me not to have you. I wanted you with me always, to have you waiting in our chambers at night, to wake up with you in my arms your head resting on my chest. To be able to hold you while we sit by the fire on hunts and laugh and joke around with the knights. I want to be the one making you laugh, making you smile. I want to be the one you say 'I love you' to. And I want more than anything to hear it from your lips."

Arthur sighed. "I waited so long to tell you about my feelings, waited until it was safe, until I knew Uther wouldn't want to kill you. But when the time came, I feared you would turn me down. I had it all planned out, I was going to take you down to the lake you love so much and we were going to have a little picnic and then I was going to tell you I loved you and wanted nothing more than to spend every waking and sleeping moment with you. But I …"

Arthur stood up and started to pace the room. "I had it all planned and I was going to tell you and then... and then you told me about your magic and I started to rethink my feelings. I hated myself for it, I knew you Merlin. I knew how pure you were and I shouldn't have thought you would have done something like that. And then I... I just."

Arthur stopped pacing and sat back down. "I got scared, I know I always tell you that I fear nothing, that I never get scared. But I did and I feared losing you in every way and now..."

Arthur picked up Merlin's hand and held it in his. "And now I am faced with the fact that I might lose you forever and I can't help but think of the last time we spoke. My words hurt you and I never meant for that and I knew I should have said something, said sorry sooner. I once again took my anger out on you and I'm sorry. So sorry."

Tears started to fall. "I'm so sorry but I promise that if you come back to me, I'll never let you go. Let me make sure you know every moment of the day that I love you and how much you mean to me, I'll make sure you will always be with me in this life and in the next. But Merlin please don't leave me."

Arthur rested his head on the side on the bed as his tears fell. "Please don't take him from me. Please let me have this one thing. Please let me keep at least one person I love. Please don't take him from me." Arthur sobbed.


Arthur shot up off the bed when he heard his name. "Merlin?"

Merlin slowly opened his eyes. "Arthur?" he made to move and groaned in pain.

"Merlin don't move. Oh thank god you are awake." Arthur laughed as he rushed to his chamber doors and opened them, calling on a servant, telling him to fetch Gaius and Morgana right away.

Arthur hurried back over to the bed and took Merlin's hand in his. "Stay with me Merlin. That's all I ask right now."

Live for me Merlin. That's all I ask right now. "It...was you."


"Talking to me."

Arthur opened his mouth to respond when the door opened and Gaius came in followed by Morgana. Gaius hurried on over to the bed and started to check Merlin over. Asking Merlin questions on how he was feeling, what he remembers. A few times, Gaius looked over his shoulder at Arthur which made him nervous.

"Well?" Arthur asked.

Gaius straightened himself up and turned to face the King and smiled. "He is out of the danger zone Arthur. He should be fine."

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