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Summary: Arthur who has always loved Merlin but kept the secret from the sorcerer finally reveals all when he realises it could be his last chance to reveal all, but has he left it too late?

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Arthur sighed with relief and dropped down onto the bed, sitting on the edge. Morgana placed a comforting hand on her brother's shoulder and smiled at Merlin when he looked at her questionably.

"Can I talk...to Morgana?"

"Of course." Arthur said and stood up, waiting for Gaius before leaving the room.

"How are you feeling?" Morgana asked.

"Like I have been shot in the back."

Morgana laughed. "Everyone will be glad you have woken up. Not as much as Arthur but..."


"Yes. When he and the others brought you back to Camelot I have never seen him in such a state. You know I had to cast a spell to put him to sleep so that Gaius could see to you."


"He wouldn't let go of you. In a right state he was."

"I can remember... was Arthur near me at all?"

"Near you? Merlin you are in Arthur's bed, when Gaius said you needed comfort to heal he offered his bed, has asked me to rule over Camelot as he won't be doing anything until you woke up and deemed better."


"Yes. Merlin he knows he upset you with his words, before you saved him. You still need looking after and how he has been he won't let anyone but him do that."

"Really?" Merlin asked again.

"Really. Let him help you Merlin, please?"

"I will."

Morgana smiled and kissed Merlin's forehead and left the room as Gaius came walking back in with Arthur. "I have told Arthur what potions you need to take and when and he said he will see to you."

"Okay. Thank you Gaius, Arthur."

When it was just the King and court sorcerer, they both stared at each other for long moments before Arthur cleared his throat and walked over to the side of the bed. "Gaius said you need to drink this red one here, try to have some food and then drink this purple one. I will help you sit up and take the red one, no need to rush of course, just take your time and then I will get a servant to bring you some food, not much as I know you probably won't be all that hun -"

"Arthur take a breath."

Arthur paused and smiled. "Um... as you got hit on the upper right shoulder of your back, as slowly as you can, try to lay onto your left side. I am here should you need help."

Merlin nodded and very slowly started to shuffle on his front towards the edge of the bed, he slowly started to roll back onto his left side and gasped at the pain.

Without thinking, Arthur got on his knees on the bed behind him and placed his hand on Merlin's stomach, "easy Merlin." Arthur moved his left hand forwards and took Merlin's hand in his. "Squeeze when it hurts Merlin."

"I can't do that."

"You can. And you will. Come on. As steady as you can."

With Arthur having one hand on his stomach and the other wrapped tightly in his, Merlin bit through the pain, squeezing Arthur's hand, apologising if he squeezed too tightly. He finally managed to get onto his left side and Arthur then sat up on his knees, leaning forwards and wrapping his arms around him. "Hold on tight Merlin, as I lift up, bring your legs to the front. On three?"

"On three." Merlin agreed.

"One. Two. Three." Arthur counted as he pulled Merlin up, Merlin swinging his legs forwards, hissing in pain and gripping Arthur tightly.

When Merlin was sat up right he turned his head to the right and found Arthur's face inches away from his own, those strong arms still wrapped around him, those blue eyes going from his own to his lips.

"Merlin..." Arthur whispered.

"Shh." Merlin responded and slowly moved his head closer to Arthur's pausing when his lips were centimetres away from the Kings lips.

Arthur's eyes dropped to Merlin's lips and closed the gap, a hand coming up to gently caress the brunets cheek, deepening the kiss. Arthur stuck out his tongue, swiping it along Merlin's dry lips and moaned when he was gained access, his tongue seeking Merlin's, dragging it back into his own mouth, sucking gently on it before pulling back for some very much needed air.

"Why did you never tell me how you felt Arthur?" Merlin panted.

"Tell you what?"

"Arthur I heard you talking to me, breaking your heart, scared that you will lose me...telling me that you love me?"

"I meant every word."

"Why did you never tell me Arthur? Why hurt me with those words?" Merlin asked, not being able to stop the single tear running down his cheek.

"I was scared, I feared you would turn me down and thought that if I was more you would see me better but I … I always ruined it when I opened my mouth."

"You always did speak before thinking."

"I tried to be sweet on you, remember that time I gave you the day off and then, well, had to take it away?"

"When have you ever given me a day off?"

"That's my point. I try and fail to make you see how I feel."

"Giving me a day off isn't showing me how you feel. Telling me is letting me know... mind you I can't really have a go at you about that." Merlin finished quietly.

"Merlin I tried all I … wait. What?"

"Umm... I have kind of loved you since before you became King." Merlin whispered, looking guiltily at Arthur.

"What? But I was … when?"

"When what? You was what?"

"When did you fall in love with me? Why did you fall in love me?"

"When did I fall in love with you? I realised I loved you when you got bitten by the questing beast and I was willing to trade my life for yours. I loved you that much I didn't care if I died, just as long as you lived. Why did I fall in love with you? How could I not. Arthur I have seen sides to you that you let no one else see, which I am thankful for as then I would not be the only one in love with you."

Arthur leaned forwards and kissed Merlin passionately. "I've loved you for so long it feels like forever."

"I never told you as I feared you didn't feel the same Arthur and I would rather keep you as a friend and see you every day than risk that by telling you that I love you."

Arthur laughed. "That is the same reason I didn't tell you Merlin."

"Which one is the bigger fool?"

"I am Merlin. But I am also the luckiest fool going as I now have you." Arthur declared, earning himself a smile and kiss from the sorcerer.

"Now come on. Red potion first and then purple one after food."

After Merlin had eaten and drank his potion, Arthur had called for a servant to get a bath ready for Merlin in his chambers. If the servant thought it strange Merlin having a bath with Arthur being present he never said so.

When the bath was ready Arthur walked over to Merlin and started to strip him, Merlin not having the energy just let Arthur get on with it until he started to undo his breeches.

"Are you alright?"

"Just nervous."

Arthur smiled and sat next to Merlin, kissing him lightly on the lips. "Would it make you feel better if I told you I have seen you naked before."

"Yes it would but when would you have seen me naked?"

Arthur ducked his head. "I may have let my eye wander when you went to bathe whilst we were out on patrol."


"I'm sorry Merlin."

"Don't be, I was just the same."

Arthur laughed and moved his hands to the laces on Merlin's breeches. "Can I finish stripping you now?"


Arthur smiled and stripped Merlin of all his clothing and smiled. "Beautiful Merlin. Arthur whispered and picked Merlin up and walked him over to the bath where he carefully laid him in the hot water before picking up a cloth and started to wash his back, being careful of his wound.

"You know I can get a servant to wash my back."

"I know you can Merlin but you are mine now. I am afraid I am very possessive of what is mine. No one but me can see you like this." Arthur admitted, making Merlin laugh.

"That feels nice." Merlin moaned as Arthur gently rinsed his back, his hand slowly moving round to the front to wash his chest. "I can reach my own chest Arthur."

"I know, but why should you do it when I am offering and want to." Arthur smiled, placing a kiss on Merlin's bare shoulder as his hand got lower, now washing his stomach and thighs.



"Touch me already."

Arthur smiled and dropped the cloth in the water before letting his fingers curl around Merlin's hardened cock.

It was a couple of weeks later and Gaius had deemed Merlin fit once more, his wound had cleared up nicely and was now a small scar there. Arthur and announced to the court of his and Merlin's relationship, both of them happy that everyone else was for them.

Merlin had moved out of his chambers and all of his belongings were now in Arthur's. Merlin out of habit still called them Arthur's chambers until Arthur had words and told him that they weren't his, but theirs.

On the night Merlin had officially moved into Arthur's chambers, now making it theirs, Arthur locked their chambers and quickly divested himself of his clothing before he slowly stripped Merlin. "Gaius said no strenuous activity whilst recovering, he has deemed you healthy now."

"So what are you suggesting?" Merlin asked as he continued to let Arthur strip him.

"I am suggesting that I finally get to make love to you after waiting so patiently for three weeks, and I have been good. You have to admit that I have. You know how much patience I have."

"Yeah... none at all."

Once naked Arthur led Merlin over to the bed and laid him down, he coated his fingers in the oil he had and slowly pushed the first finger into Merlin, right to the knuckle.

As Merlin arched and fisted the sheets, begging for more, Arthur inserted a second finger, hitting the bundle of nerves inside him that had the sorcerer screaming. "Hello prostate." Arthur smirked.

"Arthur please, stop teasing. I have waited too long for you I can't wait any longer."

Arthur smiled as he moved down and captured Merlin's lips in a passionate kiss, his fingers getting faster and faster. All too soon Merlin was cumming, ropes of cum covering his stomach.

Arthur took advantage of Merlin's weakened state and pulled his fingers out and lined his cock up before pushing in, sheathing himself in that tight heat. "Oh fuck Arthur...finally."

"Oh yes Merlin." Arthur panted as he started to thrust in and out of Merlin, taking the once again hardened and leaking cock in hand, pumping it slowly, getting quicker as he sped up with his thrusts.

Merlin reached up and moved his arms around Arthur's neck, his fingers burying themselves in those golden locks as the King buried his head in his sorcerers neck. Merlin moved his head to the side and licked the shell of Arthur's ear before kissing the lobe. "Cum for me Arthur." he panted.

And Arthur did, cumming with a cry of Merlin's name as he came deep inside the brunet under him. Filling him up, Merlin following straight after crying out Arthur's name.

"I remember when you was talking to me, you told me you will only ask me two questions. One of them was to live for you which I did. What was the other question?"

Arthur looked into Merlin's eyes and smiled. "Will you marry me Merlin?"

Merlin smiled and kissed Arthur. "Yes."

It was two months later and Merlin and Arthur were now married and happy, they were halfway through a meeting when Morgana cried in pain as her waters broke. Merlin was in the room with her, using his magic for her to feel as little pain as possible, Leon was also there keeping his distance as Morgana had threatened to castrate him with a spoon if he so much as touched her again and Gaius was there delivering the baby.

Two hours after very much pacing, Arthur looked up when the doors open to reveal a tired looking Merlin. "Are you alright?" he asked as he took his husband into his arms.

"I will be. It just took a lot out of me using my magic like that."

"How is Morgana and Leon?"

"Proud parents of a gorgeous baby boy. Morgana said to say she told you so."

Arthur laughed. "I always said it would be a girl. Do they have a name?"

"They have decided to call him Nathan. Morgana said you can go on in."

Arthur smiled and kissed Merlin walking into the chambers, smiling when Morgana handed her son to his Uncle.

Gwen smiled and came to stand by Merlin. "You know Arthur is going to dote on his nephew."

"I know he is." Merlin answered, looking at his husband with such love in his eyes.

"It's such a shame." Gwen sighed.

"What is?" Merlin asked as he turned away and looked at Gwen.

"Arthur loves children, has always wanted to have children, he will be wishing they have more so he can dote on them."

"Arthur can also dote on his own children Gwen."

"How can he? You are a man."

Merlin laughed. "I know I am Gwen, but you seem to forget I am a powerful sorcerer."

"Are you saying with magic you can carry children?"

"Yes." Merlin smiled before turning to smile at his husband once more, watching as he cooed over his nephew, seeing how Arthur was with Nathan, Merlin couldn't wait until he saw Arthur like that with their own children one day.

The end.

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