Wow: Play. This word has really got my creative juices flowing. I can't imagine why, but I'm in the mood for dressed up boys. The brothers take on a case at a local theatre; but of course, nothing's ever straightforward.

Disclaimer: I don't own them, which is a tragedy and a farce.


Refusing to put Sam at risk; Dean had insisted on offering himself as bait for the malevolent spirit of the Elsinore Playhouse; the shade of a 19th century actor who had been ganking actors taking the role of Hamlet to prevent anyone's performance eclipsing his own.

Taking the stage, Dean's leather hose squeaked as he crept nervously into the spotlight looking more 'terrified rabbit in headlights' than 'Shakespeare's eponymous hero'.

"To be," he croaked, licking dry lips; "or n-not, uh, to be ... what was the question?"

Sam sighed.

The Playhouse was safe tonight; Dean's tragic prince was far more Ham than Hamlet.