It was a long night, a terrible, long night. Percy heard every noise. Sometimes he was so sure that Fred yelled for him, but Fred was asleep. He did try to sleep, but he always dreamed of Fred dying. The only way to be sure he wasn't dying was to look at him,feel at him and stay focused. It was still early in the morning when Percy saw the Healer.

"Oh, you're awake already?" she said, "The discussions can wait a few more hours, you can sleep a little more," she said.

"No, I can't," said Percy firmly, "I didn't sleep the entire night, and I 'm not planning on doing it now."

"Why not?" she asked.

"He 's not getting better," Percy said.

"No, he isn't," she said, "but he 's not getting worse either, so that's good news."

"Good news?" said Percy, "His life is less active at this moment then the life of devil snare. I wouldn't say it like that but you're right."

"Okay then," said the healer, "I may presume that you and the young man over here are both older then 17?"

"Yes, we are," said Percy, "by the way, I'm Percy Weasley and that 's Fred Weasley, my brother."

"I'm Ms. Einstein, but I prefer to be called Healer."

"Okay," said Percy, "so what do we do now, Ms. Healer?"

"We do nothing. I tell you the 2 options, you chose, and I do the treatment."

"Maybe my parents would be better at choosing the right option," Percy said.

"Maybe," the Healer answered,"but they aren't here, and we have to handle this as soon as possible."

"Okay then," said Percy, "Can we start the other treatment if the current choice is not working out the way we thought it would?"

"No, I'm afraid you cannot. Every choice has it's consequences and from the moment we start the treatment there's no way back."

"Okay," said Percy, his voice shaking by now. He wondered why he didn't bring his parent's with him to St. Mungo's but then he remembered there was still a war going on.

"Listen carefully to me, I will say this only once. Option 1 is we take away his magic, all of it."

"You're going to make Fred a squib?!"

"Yes and no," said the Healer, "Yes, in your eyes he will be a squib, but he will not remember being a wizard, so he won't be a squib in his own eyes. This has of course a lot of consequences since you can never tell him about magic, or use magic in his neighborhood."

"But our house is held up by magic," said Percy.

"Then you must move if you choose Option 1."

"But Fred lives for his magic!"

"The Fred you know did, but the new Fred doesn't if you don't tell him. You have a chance to make a whole new brother;A better one maybe, but without magic."

"But everyone in our family are wizards!"

"Then he might need to break off with your family if you choose Option 1."

"But why would Option 1 be a good choice?" Percy asked.

"If you choose Option 1, we put him in a muggle coma and then he can wake up if his brain is ready to wake up. It's a more relaxed way for his brain to recover."

"Oh," said Percy, "and how much time does his brain need to wake up the muggle way?"

"That's the negative point of Option 1. I can't say how long his brain will need, some need a few months, others need years, and some never."

"So Option 2 is better?"

"No," said the Healer, "it has other positive points but also other negative points. Option 2 is we wake him up and let the magic do it's work."

"That sounds good," said Percy.

"It's not as good as it seems. Fred will have all his magic from the moment we wake him up, but he will have barely any or no control over it. He will do lots of accidental magic in the beginning and he will have a lot of flashbacks to his younger life, which might make him angry,sad, or traumatized. And you know how the bigger his emotions are, the bigger the accidental magic can become . If he hurts himself by doing magic, we might not be able to save him. We can only hope that you will be able to keep him calm, tell him about his past but don't let him get too sad or too happy. You will need to have him and his emotions under control. It will take a very long time to cure, but he will get better with Option 2 if he doesn't kill himself while the treatment is underway.

"So he might kill himself with Option 2?" said Percy.

"Yes," said the healer, "that is the biggest negative factor of Option 2. It's your choice to make now."
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