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The story starts in Season 2, the night following the episode "Lost and Found"

There's one small change in the episode: when Lorelai and Jess have left-over Chinese dinner, she gives him a left-over Chinese cookie and takes one herself. But Rory interrupts before they eat them and they both put their cookie in their pocket.

And yes: the fortunes in the cookies are 'borrowed' from the movie Freaky Friday.

Lorelai slumped down at her bed and turned on the small TV. She slowly flipped through the channels and eventually settled for a ridiculous cooking-show starring two over-enthusiastic women with way too much hairspray to be healthy when cooking.

Not being all too intrigued by the show, Lorelai's mind started drifting away to the argument that had taken place earlier that day.

Jess had practically admitted to having stolen Rory's bracelet. She shook her head. She had known all along that he was trouble. That little inconsiderate jerk. He was jealous of Dean and so he stole the bracelet. And he had the guts to try and be a smart-ass when she confronted him!

Why couldn't Rory see through all that? Why was she so blind to all his faults? Only because he read the same books as her, she was determined to see something good in him.

And the way he treated Luke! That little punk!

He thought it was so hard to be seventeen and have the world against you. Well, think again! Try being seventeen and all alone with a baby on your arm – then talk about life being hard!

She scoffed to herself. How hard could it be? Sure, maybe his mother was a whack-job, but now he had Luke to lean on. How hard could life really be then?

With a sigh, she reached for the fortune cookie on the nightstand that she had saved from the interrupted left-over dinner.

"A journey soon begins, its prize reflected in another's eyes" Pretty long to be a fortune, she stopped to think before she continued reading. "When what you see is what you lack, then selfless love will change you back"

She raised her eyebrows at the fortune. Why didn't her fortunes ever tell her that she would become insanely rich and successful? What did this one even mean?

She shrugged and threw the fortune away and dug into the cookie.

Jess crept down under the covers in his bed and turned the lights off. He tried to relax and wait for sleep to wash over him, but it felt impossible. He still had that irritating feeling of being mistreated nagging at him.

He could never explain to Lorelai why he took Rory's bracelet in the first place. It was not like he stole it. He had just picked it up so that he, in capacity of being the lost-bracelet-finder, would have an excuse to talk to her the next day.

That was all. He didn't even know at the time that Dean had given her that bracelet.

As it turned out, he didn't need any excuse and the found bracelet had slipped his mind until two weeks later, when a devastated Rory started looking for it.

But of course, Lorelai Gilmore, who never made any mistakes or misjudged any situations, wouldn't understand that. What did she know about being in love? Not that he was in love with Rory – of course not. But Lorelai couldn't even admit that she had a crush on Luke – something that was obvious to anyone in their vicinity.

Trying to shake his thoughts away, Jess turned the light on and reached for his book on the nightstand. When he did so, the fortune cookie Lorelai had given him during their interrupted dinner fell on the floor.

He picked the cookie up from the floor, cracked it open and read the fortune inside. "A journey soon begins, its prize reflected in another's eyes. When what you see is what you lack, then selfless love will change you back"

He scoffed, one of those 'poetic' fortunes. He threw it away and took a large bite of the cookie and opened his book.

Lorelai slowly opened her eyes and blinked a few times, before she pulled the covers back over her head with a groan. When the realization hit her, her eyes flew wide open and she slowly pulled the covers down and looked around the room.

This wasn't her bedroom. Without moving an inch she looked around, trying to identify where she was. What happened last night? She had gone to sleep in her own bed – she was sure about that. So, why didn't she wake up in her own bed?

Had she been kidnapped during her sleep?

She frowned when her eyes were starting to get used to the dim lighting and she recognized the interior in front of her. She was at Luke's place. She sat up straight.

What was she doing in Luke's place? Had she been sleepwalking?

She looked around the room again; there was no sign of Luke. There was a shred of light seeping out from under the bathroom door. Luke was probably in there getting ready for work.

With frantic movements, Lorelai hurried out of bed and out of the apartment. There had to be a reasonable explanation to what she was doing in Luke's apartment. She must have been sleepwalking.

Yes, that was probably it, she thought as she hurried down the stairs. Oh, great. Now I have to walk across town in my pajamas. People will read all kinds of things into that.

Looking down at her body, expecting to see a pajama-bottom, she stumbled down the last steps when she realized that not only was she not wearing any pajama-bottoms – but her legs, the hairy, naked legs sticking out of a pair of boxers, wasn't hers.

I'm dreaming. She told herself, over and over again as a mantra. It's a dream. Even though it feels like you're awake. It's a dream. You need to go home and go to sleep and then you'll wake up in your own bed.

I hope this isn't a nightmare and I'll end up having hungry zombies chasing me the entire way home, she thought as she stepped out onto the street.

"Don't freak out" Jess heard someone whisper next to him and he pulled the pillow next to him over his head.

"Go away" He muttered.

"You have to wake up" The voice next to him urged. "But please don't freak out"

Jess groaned, flipped onto his back, threw the pillow away and stared back at…himself?

"Who are you?" Jess flew out of bed and stared at someone that could very well have been his twin brother, had he had one.

"I'm you" The person explained and Jess scoffed, yeah right.

"Or, at least I think so" The person in front of him stuttered, looking almost as freaked out as he did as he was trying to find the right words and Jess stared at him, suddenly noticing his surroundings.

"Where am I?" He frowned and glared at the intruder – or was he the intruder?

"This might sound weird…" The guy asked while staring intently at him. "…but who are you? What's your name?"

Jess frowned. "Jess. Jess Mariano"

"Okay" The guy took a deep breath as to calm himself and walked closer, Jess watched him carefully, ready to dart away at any sign of danger.

"Don't freak out…" The strange guy repeated and put his hands on Jess' shoulders and steered him towards a vanity table on the other side of the room. "…but I have to show you something"

Reluctantly Jess let the strange guy lead him across the room. That's how you were supposed to handle crazy persons, right? Let them have their way, so that they don't kill you.

"Take a deep breath" The lunatic instructed and Jess did as he was told.

"Now look in the mirror" The crazy clone pointed towards the mirror and with a great amount of distrust Jess followed instructions and his eyes widened when he met his reflection.

In the mirror, the crazy, lunatic guy that had looked just like him a few seconds ago was looking just like Lorelai – Rory's mother.

How was that possible?

Jess stared at the reflection. Was this guy some kind of con artist? Was he hired to play a prank on him?

Jess turned to look at Lorelai and involuntarily backed a few steps when he saw the same guy that had woke him up staring back at him.

"Who are you?" He asked again, a bit more freaked out this time.

The guy looked dejected. "I honestly don't know"

"What do you mean?" Jess backed a few more steps and kept his posture reserved. This was obviously someone on a mental break.

The look-a-like sighed. "I mean that inside my head – I'm you, I'm Lorelai Gilmore, daughter of Emily Gilmore, mother of Rory Gilmore"

"Whoa!" Jess interrupted. "What do you mean: I'm you? I'm not Lorelai Gilmore"

"No?" The guy's voice was filled with disbelief. "Take a look at yourself"

Jess looked down at his body and when the realization hit him he stumbled backwards and suddenly everything went dark

My plan for this story is to, as much as possible, follow canon. There will be some additional scenes and a lot of changes to the existing scenes. The next chapter will be called: There's the rub - Freaky version

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