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Excerpts from Isis' stalker-book included. Format:

Full name: nickname/code name that's totally a reference: Character analysis according to Isis - how code name totally fits them- hair color/eye color

As always, kudos to those who get my references. They're pretty blatant here, but...

"You're late."

"Funny. You say that every time I show up." Isis Perra turned a page in her book, nudging the door open with one booted foot. "Are the rest of them here already?"

"Yes." Kushana Viserys followed her fellow Gamemaker in, frowning. "I do not understand why you are always late."

"That's okay." Isis sat in her usual spot, to the right of the chair reserved for the Head Gamemaker.

"Isis! My primary arena designer!" Daenerys Targeryen grinned, green cat eyes glittering with excitement. "Are the arena designs ready yet?"

Daenerys Atreides: Atar: I've never really been able to figure out why she's our Head Gamemaker. At times, it seems like all she does is drink tea, eat cake, and tease us. But... then there was the time she ordered Alyza to be executed for defying her... and the weird pleasure she takes in watching children die... (not that I should call it weird as I seem to enjoy that as well). There's something scary hidden under that playful, childish exterior.
Labeling her as the leader here for obvious reasons. Not only is she our boss, I do get the feeling that the seven of us would follow her into death if she wanted. And if we swore an Oath of some sort. But whatever.
Hair color: black. Eye color: green.

"I have them right here." Without looking up from her book, she tossed a pile of papers onto the smooth wooden surface of the table. The stalker-book (er, notebook) containing her character analysis of each of her fellow Gamemakers slid from her bag and she stuffed it back in. No need for them to see that.

"And how much will this cost?" Azuki sighed, flipping a pencil-drawn schematic over. "It looks a good deal more complicated than last year's."

Azuki Madarame: Maitimo: The responsible one. And the oldest of us. She's kind of got that older-sibling feel to her. And she's always having to clean up our messes. Not only is she the smartest of us all, but... she's also the most mature, no doubt. And in a way the sanest. She tends to hang out more with Merete, the other semi-sane person here.
Oldest sibling label fits perfectly. Note to self: figure out a way to get her right hand cut off...
Hair color: red. Eye color: dark brown.

"Shouldn't cost that much," Dany mused. "I mean, the basic concept is one that's been used before."

"I don't get how that part works," Merete mumbled, pointing to another diagram. "Are you saying that specific time, or is it more of a readiness thing?"

Merete Amaranth: Kano: She tends to sit around staring off into space, singing to herself. She doesn't really seem like the Gamemaker-type, but Dany picked her so I suppose there's some sort of bloodthirst there. She's pretty clumsy and tends to trip over her own feet whenever she walks. But she's awfully good-natured about it and I don't think I've ever seen her get angry. As I said. She's one of the sane ones. Though she does tend to be a bit dramatic. And it seems like she'd give up more easily than the others.
I don't think I've ever seen her play the harp. But she's the only one here with any kind of musical talent.
Hair color: black. Eye color: brown

"Specific time, peasant. Read the notes." Sansa brushed back her long blonde hair, not even deigning to look at the papers before her. "I still think I could have designed a better arena. Why'd you pick the bookworm, Dany?"

"Don't question my judgement~" Dany took a sip of her tea. She always seemed to have a cup handy.

Sansa Arryn: Tyelkormo: Such a princess. As she reminds us every single day, she is royalty (at least in her own mind) and we are all peasants. While it can be very annoying (VERY annoying), she does have a good sense for manipulating others into supporting our cause. And since out arenas seem to cost inordinate amounts of money, her skill can be pretty useful even in this Hunger-Games-obsessed Capitol.
Very good at convincing us to do stupid things. One day she'll get us all killed, I'm sure.
Hair color: blonde. Eye color: blue.

"Unless, of course, you want to die." That blunt voice could only belong to one person.

"You're so scary, Kushana~" Rowena teased. "Lighten up!"

Kushana Viserys: Morifinwë: Insane might be one word to describe this one. Her dark, twisted, sadistic imagination is what fueled a great deal of the craziness in last year's arena. She seems to take special delight in other people's pain (not a bad thing, I like that too) and is easily angered.
Yes. I think she's the insane one.
Hair color: black. Eye color: dark gold.

"I get the feeling you just wanted to make references here." Azuki frowned at Isis. "Put that book away."

"References are what makes this fun." Isis ignored her senior's order, flipping a page not so subtly. "And it's just more amusing if you actually follow the plot, right?"

Isis Perra: Atarinkë: Oh, it's weird to write a character description for yourself. But that's okay. Every good book needs a socially awkward bookworm, so I suppose that's me. But obviously there's more than that, or I wouldn't be here. I'm the quietly sadistic one that likes creating things like arenas that mess with your mind. And I'm the primary arena designer for the 102nd Hunger Games. Reading books is great because it gives you all sorts of crazy ideas for killing children in the arena.
Dany has pretty much flat-out said that I'm her favorite because I'm like her. Funny how we so perfectly fit these roles. I'm sure the author didn't do that on purpose at all.
Hair color: black. Eye color: green.

"What plot?" Rowena asked, confused.


"Kay, then." The strawberry blonde turned to her sister and poked her. "Wake up, Regina."

Rowena Targeryen: Ambarussa: And what group of random people would be complete without a set of twins? Rowena's the bubbly, bouncy, cheerful one that seems to delight in annoying others with her childish actions. She puts up with her sister. Somehow. And we put up with her, somehow.
Hair color: strawberry blonde. Eye color: hazel.


"Wake up?"


"I'd have thought that you'd have given up by now, Rowena," Merete noted. "She's never awake."

Regina Targeryen: Ambarussa: Unlike her twin sister, Regina tends to sit in a corner and sleep though most of our meetings. But when she is awake, she's got a very violent tendency. in fact, when awake she's the scariest of us all. Good thing she rarely stops napping.
Hair color: strawberry blonde. Eye color: hazel.

"Looks like we're ready to go~" Dany forked a piece of cake and stuck it in her mouth. "This'll be fun. Nice job with the design, Isis."

"The hard part is only just starting," Azuki warned. "We still have to gather the tributes. Seeing how they interact may influence the arena design as it is right now."

"Oh, I rigged the Reaping. At least partially. We'll get the ones we need." Sansa grinned. "You're welcome, Isis. But your arena has to be awesome or it won't have been worth it."

Isis nodded. "What is it they always say? 'May the odds be ever in your favor'?"

"Yes. This year, may the odds be ever in our favor."

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