AN: Hi everyone! Well this is my first story for quite a while now, and I'm quite nervous about it! It's my first femslash story as well as being my first Twilight story and I hope that this new idea is a good one. Hope you enjoy it!

Chapter One


For years now I had been running. I had no idea where my destination was, just that I could feel a pull tugging at my chest every time I stopped to keep on going. I could see a figure in my mind with no face, just a beautiful voice calling me closer towards her. I had no idea how long I would continue searching for this girl but I knew that I didn't have the will power to stop. For all of these years all I could focus on would be the beat of my heart in my chest, the pounding of my paws on the ground, and the swiftness of my pace; all working towards getting myself closer to the beauty in my mind. I had no idea what I would do if I ever found her.

I was travelling somewhere in the state of Washington I believe. The thick lush vegetation was the only thing allowing me to run in my other form without being seen. As you may have noticed by now, I am not completely human, but I can stay in my human form if I were to choose to do so. However, I am not a human, I am a shape shifter. I have never truly examined my form in a reflection of any kind but I know I am a completely white wolf. It is strange to think that in my human form I have chocolate brown hair and yet my wolf form I have snowy white fur.

My name is Isabella Swan and I'm 19 years old. Well that's roughly how old I look anyway; my real age would be closer to 300, but I had forgotten to keep count after all of these years. Back in my younger years, days and time were not recorded in the same way as it is now.

I can remember when I first started changing into a shape shifter. My once snowy white skin became tanned, my skinny arms and legs became toned muscle, and my soft stomach became hard muscles. What really surprised me was the fact that in a few weeks my height shot up from 5'4" to a tall 5'11". In those times, as a woman I was considered abnormal for being so tall. Luckily if I were ever to walk about in my human form today I would just be considered tall, not a freak. I can still recall how I felt during those weeks. I had a raging fever that wouldn't stop; my skin was constantly sweaty and clammy. I would always be angry, and it felt as if I could feel the anger vibrating through my skin and through my whole body. It was on a particularly hot day that my body decided it couldn't take it anymore and I collapsed on my way home from the stream where I was collecting fresh water for my family. I remained motionless on the ground for over a day, my body's energy steadily depleting until I could keep my eyes open no longer.

I woke up; I don't know how many days later but my whole body had changed. My eyesight was sharper, my hearing so much clearer and I was so much physically stronger than I would have ever dreamed. To this day I still don't know what triggered my reaction to phase for the first time into a snowy white wolf that stood almost 8 foot high. I can still recall my mother and father's faces when I tried to come home afterwards. They were convinced that a demon had taken my body and caused abnormal things to happen to it. I was then cast out of my own home, leaving me to survive for myself. I had no one to turn to, and I had no idea what was happening to me. All I remember was that I panicked, and phased for the first time whilst awake. I freaked out in my form and ran and ran. I ran with no destination, just grieving my lost family and grieving my new pathetic life alone.

During the first year or two alone I spent most of my time in my animal form, hunting as a wolf would do. It was only when I couldn't stand the thought of only eating raw meat every day of my life that I forced myself back into the real wold. After many years, I learnt to control my anger and I slowly integrated myself back into society. I worked as a railway worker, I dug trenches, I hunted animals for money, I chopped wood and I did everything I could do at the time to earn money to buy fresh food, to pay for a place to sleep and to pay for clothes that I would keep for years. Years went by and this was my routine. Once I realised that I people could see that I wasn't aging I would move onto the next town and start my routine all over again. I never got close to anyone, never had a relationship, no loving human contact at all. I have lived alone for over 300 years with no change on the horizon.

As I was running through the forest; my white fur almost glowing in the moonlight I caught the hint of the most fragrant smell I have ever encountered. The pull in my chest was increasing from a small tugging to a pull that felt as if my soul was calling to someone or something. When this happened my heart beat increased dramatically and my legs pushed themselves harder. My only thought now was to get towards this heavenly smell and to encounter what would hopefully put an end to this tugging in my chest.

However, in my eagerness to get towards my new destination, I failed to notice a clearly marked land. The smell was bearable but I knew that I would not be able to stick around for long. I could hear other footsteps pounding into the earth. There were more than one and they were all heading in my direction. I carried on moving hoping to outrun whatever was stupid enough to chase me. I had lost the sweet scent that I had been following as this new scent that covered everything was overshadowing it. Every instinct in my body was telling me to turn around and go back the way I came, but the voice in my mind kept on pushing me forward.

I pushed myself forward, faster than I had ever run before, with almost everything around me becoming a blur. I was detecting the sweet smell again. I ran through the trees, jumped over logs and dodged low branches; all to get towards what I hoped was the angel in my mind. I was so focused on my destination that I failed to notice the body colliding with me until it was too late. I was knocked over with such force that I crashed through several trees before finally skidding to a stop in the middle of a clearing. I growled at the threat, standing up tall with my hackles raised and my teeth bared. Slowly, but surely I could see several large figures coming towards me slowly. I tensed, preparing myself for an attack from the wolves making their way towards me.