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We open with a beautiful morning on Tenrou Island, Fairy Tail's private island. The birds are singing, the animals are frolicking, the dead bodies of Fairy Tail's core members were littered everywhere; it was heaven. ...Perhaps an explanation is in order here.

You see, after defeating Grimoire Heart, the Black Mage Zeref appeared in front of Natsu and challenged him to a fight in an attempt to be killed by him. Natsu, however, wasn't strong enough to do this, so in an attempt to push him past his limits, Zeref used his Death Magic to kill off Natsu's friends one by one until none were left alive; this is a rather rare example of that not working.

The current scene has us looking at Zeref looking at a facedown Natsu with a near deadpan expression.

"...Natsu..." Zeref started, "I doubt that you're alive, but if you are, listen to this: the only one to blame for this is you. A long time ago, you told me that you would kill me... that you would prove to me that this world still deserves the right to exist. Ever since then, I've lived in silence, awaiting the day when the two of us would see how much merit your promise held.
"When you defeated Grimoire Heart and came out of what seemed like a hopeless situation, I foolishly believed you had gained the strength of 'heart' to finish me... if I am to have any blame for this, it would be that. You weren't ready yet, and now... you don't even have the chance to be," he then turned his back to Natsu. "With this, Earth Land has no more reason to exist. Soon, it shall be completely destroyed by my hands..." This last sentence was said with incredible sorrow for an unknown reason. The Black Mage then started to walk away, but before he could take two steps, a hand grabbed at his leg.

"...So I didn't kill you..." Zeref said, slowly turning his head, "...Natsu..." On the ground, Natsu was holding onto Zeref's leg as if his life depended on it and was giving him a face of complete rage.

"You bastard!" Natsu thought to himself. "You think that you can kill my friends, my family, say you're gonna destroy the world, and just walk away from me?!" what I wanna say, but I don't even have the strength to say all that...

"Those eyes... even though all is clearly lost, you can still have eyes like those. Eyes that shun the idea of 'hate' and can only believe in 'light' and 'love.' It's just like that day all over again, around the end of the civil war," a mass of black energy then appeared around Zeref's right hand, and, at the same time, he started crying. "It's so sad..." He pointed his hand directly at Natsu.

I guess this is it... Natsu's expression lost all of its anger. See you guys soon, then... The black energy was then fired as a beam, but instead of killing Natsu like he thought it would, it completely enveloped him.

"It's so sad... and yet, it's something I can't ignore."

"W-what...?" was all Natsu managed to say.

"This is your third chance to uphold your promise... to prove to me that you've been right this whole time." At this point, Natsu's vision began to decrease tremendously. "Use it wisely, for I won't give you a fourth." Now everything for Natsu was completely black.

"Gah!" Natsu yelled.

"Do you have to yell so early in the morning?" A familiar voice said. Natsu immediately turned to the voice's direction to see none other than his pal, Happy.

"Happy? Is... is that you?"

"Am I supposed to be someone else?"

Happy's alive? But I thought... Natsu then surveyed his surroundings and found that not only was he not on the island, he was in bed at his house. It was just a dream...? Natsu exhaled. "Thank God."

"It's not Sunday."

"Whatever," Natsu jumped out of bed with extreme glee thanks to his realisation. "Let's head to the guild and see if Lucy's there yet."

"Aye! Wait... who's Lucy?" Happy's question sent a chill through Natsu's entire body.

"You're... you're kidding, right? Lucy's our friend, remember?"

"Sorry Natsu," Happy said, shaking his head, "but I'm pretty sure there's no one in the guild named 'Lucy.'"

"But that's impo- ...wait..." Natsu ran towards the nearest window and looked outside. "What's with all this grass and stuff?! Wasn't the town covered in snow just the other day?!"

"Snow? In July?"

"July?!" Natsu exclaimed, now facing the blue cat. "It's supposed to be December!"

"Are you feeling alright, Natsu, 'cause you're really freaking me out."

This isn't right! Natsu thought to himself with a sweat drop. Happy doesn't know Lucy, it's not December... and now that I think about it, Happy looks a little smaller than before, and from my reflection in the window, I look a bit shorter. How can any of this be?! Unless... "Happy, you said that the name 'Lucy' doesn't mean anything to you, right? What about 'Jellal' or the word 'Exceed?' Do they mean anything"

"No," Happy responded with a confused look.

"We're getting ready for the S-Class Mage Promotion Trial next week, right?"

"'Next week?' That's not for another five months," Happy responded with an even more confused look.

"And Lisanna... she's still in the guild, right?" At that question, Happy hung his head down.

"Natsu..." Happy started, "Lisanna... she died months ago, remember?" Natsu fell to the ground when he heard this.

So it's true, Natsu thought to himself. I didn't wanna believe it, but it's true. I've... I've been sent back in time by Zeref... That was the last thing Natsu thought before fainting.