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After winning Super Ultra Hyper Deluxe Anime Knowledge Examination #1, Wendy returned to her team and received high fives from each of them.

"You did good, Wendy," Jellal said.

"'Good'?" Wendy repeated. "I made Hibiki-san my bitch; I did awesome!"

"Yes, you did… awesome," Meredy said.

"What're they gonna do about the other guys, though?" Gajeel asked.

"No clue," Natsu said. "...Oh, look. The mascot's brought some ball thing over."

"Since a full ranking order has to be established, we're going to be doing a backup game, pumpkin," Mato said. "This is the Magic Point Finder, or 'MPF', for short. Just attack it in any way you want, and it'll produce a number that equates to the strength of your attack; the person with the highest score, wins, pumpkin! And since he was the only one to actually participate in the quiz, Hibiki will start, pumpkin! ...Hibiki?"

"He's still unconscious," Rena said. The girl slammed her foot against his balls, causing him to wake up while screaming in a very girly manner. "Now he's not."

"What the hell?!" Hibiki shouted.

"You've gotta blast that ball with magic, with magic!" Rena said, pointing to the MPF.


"Just hurry it up, Hibiki-san," Erika said. "Try not to look like an even bigger loser while your doing it, too."


"Everyone keeps making fun of us!" Jenny whined.

"Can you blame them? We are in last place," Ren pointed out. "Not that I care, or anything."

"This isn't going to help us, either," Eve said. "Hibiki's not a fighter, so something that measures strength…"

"Have faith in your friend!" Ichiya said.

Hibiki's score was 95, making him collapse to the ground in tears.

"What did I tell you, Loserki-san?" Erika asked.

"Aren't you being a bit harsh?" Chapati asked.

"She is NOT!" Anizawa shouted. "A measly score of 95 has no soul, whatsoever!"

"R… Right. ...Anyway! Next is Quatro Cerberus' Nobarly!" Nobarly's score was 124.


"Equally pathetic," Erika said.

"Anyway!" Chapati interjected. "Next is Wally Buchanan of Imperial Crowns!"

"Polygon Attack!" Wally shouted. His torso broke apart into cubes that simultaneously struck the MPF, making it put out the number 365.

"Looks like Wally's in the lead, now," Simon said.

"Nyaice!" Millianna said.

"A score like that would make you a squad captain in the Rune Knights, so I guess it's adequate," Erika said as she watched Wally dance in celebration of his score. "It's nice to see that Wally-san's able to look so happy, regardless of his brother's death." Wally's dancing stopped, abruptly. Two seconds later, he fell to the ground, crying.

"He's crying?!" Chapati exclaimed.

"What the hell?" HaōBaō suddenly appeared next to Erika and whispered something into her ear. "Wally-san didn't know that his brother was 'Hoteye' of the Oracion Seis?" HaōBaō whispered something else. "He also didn't know that he was killed almost a year ago?" HaōBaō whispered a third thing. "And I'm just making it worse by repeating everything you say into the microphone?"

This was a failed attempt at damage control, HaōBaō thought as he teleported back to his guild's section.

"Um… next is Sabertooth's Minerva Orland, pumpkin..." Mato said with a sweat drop, not knowing what to do with two crying men.

I wanted to saveeth this for the final day, but with that blue-haired imbecile taking first, this is necessary to save face, Minerva thought as white light enveloped her hands. "Niel Wielg Mion Derse Elcantaeus. Yagdo Rigora!" A giant, bearded, hulking giant made of pure energy appeared and punched the MPF, enveloping the orb in a giant pillar of light. When both the pillar and the giant vanished, the MPF gave out the number 2666.

"AWESOME!" Anizawa shouted, his eyes catching on fire.

"That's the power of one who possesses Territory, the strongest of all sentinoidian magic," Erika said. Minerva flashed a smug look towards Wendy, causing her to say many things a girl her age shouldn't say.

"Next up is Steel Balls' Johnny Joestar," Chapati said.

"Slow Dancer," Johnny said, his wheelchair turning into a horse. "Tusk…" Slow Dancer carried Johnny forward, "Act 4!" He fired a fingernail at the MPF, making it give off a score of 3825.

"Amazing!" Chapati exclaimed as Johnny struck a pose and shouted "Fabulous!" "Johnny passed Minerva's score by a mile!"

"What'd you expect when he has the same voice as Eren Jeager, the coolest man ever?" Erika asked with an oddly sincere smile, confusing Chapati, greatly.

Minerva's attack looked really strong, and Johnny made it look like nothing… Meredy thought to herself.

Makes your loss seem even more embarrassing, doesn't it~?

! Meredy looked around to try and find the person who spoke, but there was no one.

"What's wrong, Meredy-chan?" Wendy asked as she finished sticking her tongue out at Minerva.

"N-Nothing… Nothing…"

"Is it alright if I do this seriously?" Jura asked Mato, as it was now his turn.

"Of course, pumpkin," Mato said.

"In that case…" Jura pressed his palms together, "Meidō Fugaku!" Magic exploded from beneath the stadium, encompassing… half the sphere and giving Jura a score of 4272. "?"

"Cool spell," Erika said. "Would've been cooler if he attacked the entire MPF with it, though…" Ooba Babasaama could be heard shouting that Jura was gonna get spun, later.

How did that happen? Jura asked himself. My Meidō Fugaku should have encompassed the entire MPF, so how did it only… ? Jura caught sight of the ground in front of him and noticed something odd: his own footprints were there. Why are my footprints there? It's as if I stepped back right before casting my spell, causing it to go a bit off course. But I never stepped back… right?

"Now it's time for our last combatant, Rena Ryugu, pumpkin!" Mato exclaimed.

"Gotta be tough for her to have to follow up those last three," Chapati said. "Let's just hope she tries her best."

"Listen to that guy, treating Rena like she's Loserki," Mion said. "These people have no idea who they're dealing with."

Focus, Rena, Rena thought to herself. Don't look at it like it's a big ball; look at it like it's Gray-kun. Gray-kun… Gray-kun… Gray-kun… "Hauuuuuuuu! So cute!" Rena extended her right arm and Requipped a billhook, surprising many people. "I wanna take him home with me!" Rena ran right up to the the MPF and swung her weapon down hard on it, resulting in a score of 4273.

"Incredible!" Chapati shouted. "Rena Ryugu surpassed Wizard Saint Jura's score!" The audience erupted with applause.

"This girl is on FIRE!" Anizawa shouted as he, himself, was lit on fire.

"Kind of a dick move to win by one point, though," Erika said.

With that, the game portion of Day 3 was over, and the rankings were as follows:

1st. Fairy Tail 40pts.(+10)

1st. Cicada's Tears 40pts.(+8)

3rd. Steel Balls 33pts.(+4)

4th. Imperial Crowns 20pts.(+2)

4th. Sabertooth 20pts.(+3)

6th. Lamia Scale 16pts.(+6)

7th. Quatro Cerberus 8pts.(+1)

8th. Blue Pegasus 5pts.(+0)

"Look!" Lucy exclaimed. "We're finally back in the lead! ...Well, it's a tie, but we're not in 2nd., anymore!"

"It's about time!" Makarov shouted as the guild cheered on the Fairy Tail team.

After the competitors left the field, Erza and Jellal went to Imperial Crowns' section to check up on how Wally was doing after learning what happened to his brother.

"Are you going to be alright, Wally?" Erza asked, not noticing the death glare Kagura was giving Jellal.

"...Alright…?" Wally repeated. "...No… I'm not going to be alright…"


"I'm going to be… DANDY!"


"Richard wouldn't have wanted me feeling down in the dumps like this, Erza! Sure, this is sad news, but my life's still going on, and I'm going to milk it for all it's got! That's the dandy way!"

"Well… so long as you're not overly depressed…" Jellal said, taking a few steps away from Kagura and her hateful eyes. How does no one else see this?

Because the universe is out to get you? Siegrain's apparition replied.

...Makes sense.

"There shall be nary a repercussion?!" Minerva exclaimed. "What beeth the meaning of this, Father?!"

"It was to be expected that you wouldn't come out on top with a giant like Jura there," Jiemma said. "There's no need for me to get overly upset with you."

"...So be it!" Minerva stormed off away from her father. Just a year prior, Father would strikeeth me for even the lightest of errors! That man doth becomeeth weak, and the fault doth layeth with Fairy Tail! That waterhole of fools shall receive comeuppance for this transgression! This I sweareth! Zounds!

"How come Rena's not getting a punishment game?!" Keiichi exclaimed.

"Well, that hammy announcer made it impossible with that stupid trivia contest," Mion said. "Plus, there was a Wizard Saint competing! There was no way Rena could've taken first!"

"If it was me who only got second, I'd still have to do something!"

"It's also because of me, sir," Hanyuu said. "I was the one who interfered with Jura's performance, ensuring that Rena would earn us 8 points, sir. So if you wish to inflict a punishment game on someone, it should be me, the one who cheated, sir."

"Uh… well, when you say that it was for our benefit, as a whole, I probably shouldn't."

"Auauau. Now how about you say that without Rika around, sir?"


"Yes, Keiichi," Rika said in her deep voice. "Pretend I'm not here and try and do something perverted to my mother. I promise I won't hurt you too badly."

"I'll… I'll pass…"

"It's now time for the battle portion of the day," Chapati said. "Our first fight will be between Quatro Cerberus' Semmes and Sabertooth's Rogue Cheney."

The fight ended very quickly, Rogue claiming victory.

"Wi… Wild…" A beat-up Semmes said.

"He had no idea who he was fucking with," Rogue said.

"Yay, Rogue!" Frosch cheered.

The second fight was Blue Pegasus' Eve Tearm against Imperial Crowns' Millianna. Neither mage was all that powerful, so it seemed like Blue Pegasus could finally win, for a change.

"I surrender!" At least, until Eve said that. "I'm sorry, but I cannot bring myself to harm a lady such as this one."

"Well, then… the winner is Imperial Crowns' Millianna, pumpkin…" Mato said. Jenny facepalmed to this.

Nyaice! Millianna thought to herself.

The third fight was Lamia Scale's Yuka Suzuki against Cicada's Tears Mion Sonozaki. This battle showed everyone that Mion was a hand-to-hand style fighter, but since Yuka could easily surround himself in barriers, that wasn't really all that useful.

"You fight well, Mion Sonozaki, but not well, enough!" Yuka shouted as he fired a blast of energy at Mion, the girl barely dodging. "You're utterly powerless against my techniques, so you might as well give up, now!"

"..." Silently, Mion ran towards Yuka. In response to this, he fired off a blast at her, this one actually connecting, but Mion kept running forward as if it barely hurt her. This shocked Yuka so much that he forgot to put up a barrier around himself as Mion got in front of him and literally sent him flying out of the stadium with an uppercut.

"Jeez~! I just wanted to see how tough your magic was, man! No need to get all haughty when it's not even that good!"

"Ah… Ah… Th-The winner is Cicada's Tears' Mion Sonozaki, pumpkin!" Mato declared.

"Now that's what I call an uppercut!" Anizawa exclaimed.

"That girl's a monster…" Lucy said. "No, scratch that; that entire guild is monstrous…"

"Aye…" Happy added.

"It's now time for our final match-up!" Chapati said. "It'll be Fairy Tail's Jellal Fernandes," Jellal flashed a confident smirk, "versus Steel Balls' Diego Brando!" Diego, in contrast, flashed a toothy, devilish smirk, showing off his teeth which, for some reason, were all canines.

In the middle of town

"For the last time, Shields, I don't need you to escort me!" San Da shouted to his second-in-command, Leaf Shields.

"I disagree, sir," Leaf said, her hair in a ponytail and glasses on her face. "You have terrible sense of direction. If I let you come here on your own, you'd be on the other side of the continent, by now."

"That is not how you talk to a superior officer!"

"! Uwaaah~!" Leaf's hair was back in pigtails as she started crying. "You're too mean! Uwaaaah~!" The crazy woman then started running off.

"Dammit, Shields, get back here!" San Da immediately took off after her. Unbeknownst to either of them, a man wearing a trenchcoat, fedora, and sunglasses was watching this from a nearby restaurant. Other people saw this scene, as well, but it was only this man who saw it with fear.

San Da… Zeref, the man in the trenchcoat thought to himself. The leader of Sen'ya Ichiya's Judal Division, and an easy contender for strongest mage in the government… they brought him here to try and take me down?! That… that's not good!


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