Ch.1: Mayday Mayday Mayday

Kowalski's hand was slipping away from Ray's.

Her and teammates were finishing a mission that involved complicated espionage tactics. They were bent on learning the ideas of new weapon that Doctor Doctor was harnessing.

"Kowalski, whatever you do don't look down!" the helicopter was flying upwards to the sky. Kowalski could barely grasp Ray's shaking hands. He was too afraid that something might happen to her. Despite the fact the fact they were both airborne.

"I can't hold on any longer." Kowalski cried then suddenly breathed in sharp breathes. Her mind could not focus as hordes of THEM agents were still chasing after them.

The expendables cueballed helmets exposed sharp helicopter propellers. It was lifting them up as they grinned menacingly. They needed to get the secret microfilm back as soon as possible. U.Z.Z. would not have the upper hand in battle when they realized Doctor Doctor's empty threats were promises.

"Get rid of them," Doctor Doctor shrieked, ordering all of her army towards the small helicopter. The UZZ agents in the helicopter were now outnumbered five to maybe fifty expendables.

Professor Professor was calling to the agent that obtained the microfilm first.

"Victor, give me the microfilm," he always assumed he had it despite Victor frowning.

Palm open hoping Victor would hand it over Professor Professor asked again.

"Victor, give me the film, I need the film, don't you understand the danger we're in!" he was frantically yelling as Victor plugged his ears.

With a finger in each one Victor suddenly returned the gesture. "I don't have the film, does it look like I have the film?"

"Will you two stop arguing, just give him the film, Victor!" Anita turned away from shooting THEM agents scowling directly at Victor.

"But I don't have it," he whined dropping both arms to his sides.

With the exception of Ray and Kowalski only Anita, Victor, and Professor Professor hung their mouths open thinking of who might have it. There was only one explanation left that all of them agreed upon.

"That would mean..." Victor's eyes widened anticipating the answer to the small scientist's question.

"If I don't have it and you don't have it..." pointing a finger to himself and then to Victor.

Anita gasped remembering. "it's either Kowalski or Ray," turning her attention to her friends.

The helicopter was now beginning to swing from side to side throwing the occupants in a rocky motion, Anita managed to reach Ray's position.

"Kowalski," Anita shrieked trying to help Ray.

The expendables were now shooting their ray guns near Kowalski and Ray. She was terrified, but determined to save her other partner. Anita proceeded with trying to pull the subordinate inside the cabin to safety.

"Please help me," Kowalski still couldn't pull herself up. The rays that the expendables were shooting were winging the craft and the targets they were aspiring to destroy.

"Hold on Kowalski, just hold on," Anita took her other hand before she noticed Ray's condition. The hand that was trying to pull Kowalski up was the only hand he could use. It was his left arm that Anita saw that was damaged. The blue jacket he was wearing, near the shoulder was scorched, she could only imagine the pain he was in.

Doctor Doctor was nearby while Anita and Ray were in bitter turmoil. Kowalski had collapsed after a shot in her back rendered her unconscious. She was virtually helpless as Ray kept trying to pull her into the helicopter.

Doctor Doctor was hovering nearby sitting on a THEM sky bike. "they must always make a fuss." she said observing the UZZ agents.

They were all too distracted and tired to keep holding onto the woman that lay limp. Ray was slipping away as Anita tried harnessing all of her energy into her dashing rescue.

"Am I good or what," Doctor Doctor howled laughing. This too good to be true and the subordinate's life was about to be wasted.

Doctor Doctor snapped her fingers together calling on them. "All right expendables, codename: coup de grace, effective immediately."

The expendables did as they were told and upon the order. The UZZ agents occupying the helicopter were not prepared as THEM agents from both sides. They inevitably began riddling the UZZ transport with holes.

Nothing could be done to stop it.

The helicopter began spinning in circles before Anita let go. Falling right into the back of the vehicle. Anita slid back to where Victor, Professor Professor, and Ray had fallen. All the while before the helicopter began to drop out of the atmosphere. Victor was comforting a crying agent. Sobbing uncontrollably she hugged Victor before they made a safe landing to the ground.

"I...I..." Anita could not bring herself to think Kowalski suffered before she fell to her demise. She could not imagine that she had died due her carelessness. Victor was hugging her tightly as they lay in the back of the hovercraft. He could hear her soft gasps. It sounded like Anita was choking back the tears. His hands were pressed against her back feeling what felt like hiccups.

But this wasn't hiccups Anita was shocked from witnessing something terrible. "it's all right, Anita you did your best." he cooed. Victor was maintaining a cool head while comprehending Kowalski's death.

It seemed too unreal even as he knew Anita was crying out of pain.

"I'm..."I'm so sorry," she coughed still crying from grief.

"Don't worry, Anita I'm right here, don't worry..." Victor kept repeating the same phrase before they landed.