Ch.16: Open or loosed ended

Kent kicked his spider bike in gear. "climb on," he offered Peter.

The day was turning to night. The sun falling quickly behind the trees. Doctor Doctor was still within the cofines of the spider base.

"I couldn't besides," Peter scooted the ex-THEM agent to the passenger's end. "your injury would hamper us. If Doctor Doctor ever decided to come after us." sitting on the cushioned seat said.

"She already is." Kent acted negligent swinging the medallion hypnotically like a pendulum.

Getting ready to take off Peter couldn't help to wonder. "so where did you get that thing from?"

"It was once my collar." Kent explained feeling the cool chain wrap around his hand. Securely holding it from dropping as the bike lifted upwards to the sky.

"I guess we do have some buisness to tend too." Peter concluded with a heavy sigh of relief.

"Yeah, we do I was still never explained the meaning of Doctor Doctor's black operation." Kent replied in a less than friendly manner. Making himself comfortable reclined in the given space the bike offered. Not like the cramped bikes you had to cling to your partner's waist to stay on from U.Z.Z.

Peter diligently flew the bike quietly acknowledging Kent's question. "I'll tell you but for now let's enjoy the ride." Virgil's lust for science made him turn into a monster. Whatever he was looking for in that woman. Was what he would've defended till the end.

Experiments aren't people when scientists decide to use them devious ends. All to accomplish a goal that might never happen.

But in his heart.

The Knight's somehow must have done something that Doctor Doctor found out. Without question when he witnessed his unhappy boss force the Knight's to meet with her demands.

She was always into intimidation techniques.

"You okay up there?" Kent asked watching Peter's back shiver.

"I'm fine," Peter replied trembling from his memories.

"I just wanted to check up on you." Ray's arm was in a sling. Visiting his subordinate in the hospital.

Kowalksi was staring far off into the distance. Beyond Ray was a large sliding window. Perhaps if she saw outside longer. She'd see Kent's sky bike somehow or somewhere.

"Thanks, I appreciate it, sir." Kowalski replied nodding her head. Lost in her thoughts spoke absent mindedly.

"Do you think he's coming back?" she asked tugging on the hospital band around her wrist.

"Kent," Ray shocked to answer her question. Composing himself gently broke the news. "the information we were given by Victor and Anita. They barely know what Doctor Doctor might have done to him."

"It's not his fault. If you find him don't do anything harsh." Kowalski pleaded in a downcast mood.

Kent was the one that saved her.

He couldn't be as bad as he told her.

Ray was confused by her words. Perhaps it was the painkillers taking affect. When Victor and Anita found her. She was babbling on like a pysche ward patient. Describing things that was unknown to them.

"Get better soon." Ray encouraged before exiting the room.

"You too,"

"Professor Professor," Changed Daily had received his two best agents again. All of whom were seated in their respected seats.

"Yes, yes," he replied rubbing his hands together.

"The films developing, right?" he asked perching his arm atop the mantelpiece.

"Indeed," Professor Professor replied having faith in the experienced photographers. That were making it possible to develop said film in the first place.

Anita strectched her limbs. "oh, that feels so good." the day was over and the hostages were safe.

"So Giggle and Jiggle what are you doing with Anita's parents?" Victor curious of what information they might be holding.

"We're keeping them under lock and key for the meantime. Not to say we don't trust them." obviously to from offending Anita's feelings about her parents. "but we're definitely going to need their testimonies in all this. If the project is what we all think it's about."

"So we're just going to have to wait in the meantime." Anita slumped into her cozy chair. This just had to take time to register in her mind. What if the whole thing was a set up? What if she kidnapped them and forced them to do awful experiments towards marine life?

The puzzles did not fit in place.

Anita bowed her head, lacing her fingers together started thinking. No, Dad and mum were great marine biologists. That was their passion that Doctor Doctor must have wanted to twist into an evil plot.

What was Doctor Doctor up to? The day was slowly coming to an end. An with another that was going start tomorrow. Anita was going to brace herself for the truth waiting to be revealed.