Aomine starts walking home from his high school one afternoon. Suddenly, the tan male just stops in the middle of the road. Sad memories from that fateful day flood into his mind: getting a call from the police, arriving at the hospital... car crash.. Kise... Bloody. Dead. Gone.

Dammit Kise! Why did he have to leave me all alone... Dammit! I'm fucking crying.. Again.

Aomine stood thre, for god knows how long, fresh tears streaming down his handsome face.

"Dammit! I miss you, Kise... I miss you so much.. it hurts.." the tan male whispers, silently choking on sobs.

But... he meant everything to me dammit! Everything! Why did he have to be taken away from me.. Why!

Aomine suddenly stops his relentless crying as he sees the ghost of the blonde standing in front of him.

N-n-nani? ...Kise?

Kise's shimmering figure sadly grins at the bluenette. Aomine can't believe his eyes.. yet.. Kise is right there, isn't he?

The bluenette whispers, barely audible, "Kise...? Is that you?"

The blonde just gives Aomine a sad smile and a nod. Aomine feels a breeze carress his face and his hot tears somewhat dry. It feels like Kise is wiping my tears away... the bluenette thought.

Aomine whimpers, "Kise..." too heartbroken to form any other words beside the name of his beloved one.

The blonde gives Aomine a soft smile, mouthing, "I miss you too Aominecchi. I love you~"

Ahh.. that nickname. It's been so long since I've been called that.

Daiki softly whispers, "Thank you for visiting me, Ryouta." as he sadly watches Kise's shimmering figure slowly fade away.