Ruby sat in her bed watching the sun set. 'Soon I will have my revenge' she thought to herself evilly. 'Once I take his precious little daughter from him he will finally know what it felt like when he abandoned me.'

A moon ago she had been sitting on the fence outside her twoleg nest talking too her friend, Jingle.

Jingle was the main gossiper of their neighborhood and she knew the dirt on everyone, even those in Twolegplace… and Bloodclan.

Apparently her brother, Scourge's, mate had just a kit, a she-kit.

"The cats that I heard it from said that he hasn't even named her yet." Jingle had said excitedly. "Isn't that strange that he hasn't even given his own a daughter a name yet?"

"Yeah, I guess. But make sure Scourge doesn't catch you saying that or any of his followers. Otherwise there wouldn't be enough of you to even bury." Ruby had warned.

Later that same day she had been thinking about this and then it had hit her. She had wanted revenge for so long and this was the perfect opportunity.

'I will kidnap his daughter and give her the life Scourge deserves. She will suffer for everything her father has done and then some. And then I will get rid of her so that way he will have no legacy left.'

Once the moon was high in the sky she met up with the cats she had formed a temporary alliance with, cats who hated Scourge. The plan was for them to go into the Bloodclan camp and start a riot then while Scourge is busy fight Ruby would grab his daughter and get out right out from under his nose.

She looked out at the assembled cats it was a small number but would get the job done.

"Let's go," she said and lead the way to the Bloodclan camp.

Scourge lead his daughter out in front of the dumpster that served as his den and yowled loud enough for the cats in Cuba to hear, "everyone get out here for an announcement!"

The cats of Bloodclan immediately jumped to their paws and stopped what they were doing and ran to gather in front of the dumpster.

"I would like to now introduce someone." He said once everyone had gathered.

A small kit walked forward with her head held high. She stopped in front of Scourge and sat down, her ice blue eyes narrowed, facing everyone.

Everyone knew who she was even before Scourge introduced her. No one had seen her yet or even knew her name. All that they knew was that she was born a very powerful cat. And it was obvious that she knew of her position and how powerful she was.

"My daughter, Fallen, the heir of Bloodclan." He then walked forward to stand beside his daughter. "Let everyone here know that my blood runs through her veins. She is the daughter of death and ice and will never, ever, be harmed. One day she will be leading this clan so she must be treated like a leader. Understood!"

Mummers went up and then there was a cry from the back. Cats ran in slamming into the Bloodclan cats, attacking.

Scourge snarled in anger then turned to Fallen, "get into the den," then ran into the fight.

Fallen went to run back to the den but was suddenly grabbed by the scruff and hauled to the edge of the camp.

She glimpsed her father fighting off four cats, blood splatters on his fur and called out, "HELP!"

Scourge snapped his head over to her and snarled and lunged at the cat who was carrying her but someone slammed into him, taking him from view.

Fallen gasped in horror and then the sidewalk was flying beneath her as she was carried out of the Bloodclan camp and through Twolegplace to… she didn't know where she was going.

She cried out as her hind leg banged into the top of a fence as whoever was carrying her jumped on top of a fence and into the garden on the other side. She was carried through some kind off flap and into the Twoleg nest over to a kittypet bed and dropped into it next to a fluffy grey tom and a silver tabby she-kit. The cat crawled in after her, and a grey tail curled around her; then a smooth voice said gently, "go to sleep, everything is going to be okay."