When Fallen and Thorn got back to the Bloodclan camp the sun was beginning to creep up over the horizon. Exhausted, Fallen told Thorn to get something to eat then take the morning off. Thorn had given her a grateful look then licked her cheek and padded off to do what he was told.

Fallen sighed and trudged over to her den, collapsing onto her nest. She looked out at the camp, mind reeling. The events of the night before began to resurface, including the weird experience in the abandoned building with Scourge. She thought about the expressions and conversations she had with the cats who had been closest to Scourge's daughter and Fallen found herself looking up at the dawn sky.

"I wish you were here Fallen Angel," Fallen murmured. "Then I wouldn't be so confused."

Resting her head on her paws, she passed out.

She had the dream. The dream she had always had as a kit. Except this time, the tom who was trying to save her now had a face. It was Scourge, racing to save her, his eyes full of desperation. The whole thing was in much clearer focus, now not just a dream but a memory. The cats she now recognized in the battle. Bone, fighting off three intruders. Brick, guarding Scarlett and Thorn who had only been as old as she was at the time. Even Slash and Luna. And many others she had grown to know were fighting, claws unsheathed and teeth bared, their pelts splattered with blood.

And the cat who grabbed her. They carried her through Twolegplace to a Twoleg nest. Fallen had smashed her leg on the top of a fence, making her cry out, as they landed in the garden. The cat took her into the nest where she was placed on a kittypet bed beside two other kits her age.

The cat laid down next to her and finally, Fallen saw who it was. It was Ruby. Her mother.


Fallen jerked awake, eyes wide. She couldn't believe it. How? But no. There had to be some mistake. Lunging out of her den, Fallen sprinted out of the camp and down the street heart pounding. Her breathing was ragged as she ran, entering a small alley. She stopped, gasping for air, and looked around for what she was looking for.

A mirror, the one she had seen a while ago while on patrol, was leaning against the building's wall exactly where she had seen it. Heart still pounding, Fallen moved over and stopped in front of the mirror and looked at her reflection. And finally took a good look at herself.

She had short, thick black fur with one paw white. Just like Scourge. Her eyes were blue. Ice blue. Just like Scourge. She was the same size as well, and her color hung off her neck in the same way it did on him. The trophies filled her blood red color entirely, only making her look more like Scourge. Her claws were unsheathed, reinforced with dog teeth. She stared at herself.

Fallen Angel, daughter of Scourge and true heir of Bloodclan. She was Scourge's lost daughter, taken away as a kit and raised by someone else. Anger surfaced and her eyes narrowed, claws digging into the concrete. Here she was, daughter of the leader of Bloodclan, and she hadn't even known it. Instead of living in luxury and being looked up to, she had been looked down on. Bullied and abused and raised like a piece of garbage.

And she knew exactly who was responsible.

Sorry it's so short, I wanted to leave it like that and, spoiler alert, Ruby vs. Fallen in the next chapter!