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Rose stood awkwardly in the middle of the room, unsure what to do.

"You can sit down, you know," Jack told her with a grin "we don't charge for seats!"

Rose smiled awkwardly and sank down onto the faded, battered sofa.

"So, uh, this is where the magic happens, then?" she asked the two men.

The Doctor beamed, rocking on the balls of his converse, hands in his pockets.

"Yep!" he announced, waggling his eyebrows at her.

"You have a recording studio in your house." Rose continued, willing her brain to actually begin processing the information.

"Yeah," Jack replied, sitting beside her "this is where the Doctor writes his music, and we practice before going down to the recording studio with it. Although, we may actually end up recording here, too."

"Why's that?" Rose frowned.

"Because we could only record at that particular recording studio thanks to negotiations from Rassilon Records," the Doctor explained with a sigh "and when we leave there, they may not let us use that recording studio."

"Well, do we need them?" Rose asked, frowning "I mean, we've got the equipment here, and you wanted a completely clean break from your current record label…"

The Doctor grinned.

"Oh, Rose Tyler, you are brilliant!" he exclaimed.


It took longer than Rose had expected for them to produce a demo track. They did, of course, have to come up with a record label first, and after some strange conversations- a lot of which took place in the small recording studio in the Doctor and Jack's house- they'd decided on Bad Wolf Records.

"I still can't believe you actually agreed to that!" Rose admitted with a giggle as the Doctor showed off the logo for their new record label.

"Well, it's better than any of Jack's suggestions!" the Doctor pointed out with a grin.

Of course, anything was better than Jack's, as a lot of his had included sexual innuendos in the titles.

"Yeah, but I only came up with Bad Wolf Records as a joke!" Rose reminded him, still giggling.

In fact, it had only come about when the Doctor had been accompanying Rose home after a particularly late session in the recording studio, and they'd seen some new graffiti on the walls, depicting a howling wolf.

"But it looks good!" the Doctor protested, gesturing at the logo again "I got an old associate to design it for me!"

"Who? Mickey Smith?" Jack asked in interest.

The Doctor nodded.

"Well, let Mickey Mouse know he did a great job," Jack replied with a grin.


Just like their record label, the Doctor and Rose's first demo track was entitled 'Bad Wolf'. It was admittedly still a little rough around the edges, and the Doctor's editing software wasn't great, but it was good enough for them. Just as promised, the Doctor gave Rose a demo track to show her Mum, as well as drafting up a plan of everything Rose would be within the band and the record label. Jackie, however, was rather taken aback at the plan.

"He's said here that you'll be joint partners!" Jackie told her daughter, waving the paper under Rose's nose as she sat on the sofa "Joint partners, Rose!"

"I know, Mum," Rose told her Mum with a grin, although she was attempting to stay calm "I was there when he drafted up the plan."

"He'd better not try takin' advantage of you, though!" Jackie continued, seemingly ignoring her daughter's comment.

"He won't, Mum," Rose chipped in.

Again, Jackie seemed to ignore her.

"An' I don't exactly trust that drummer of his, either," Jackie added, pacing the room now "too charming for his own good, that one!"

"Mum, neither the Doctor nor Jack are gonna be takin' advantage of me!" Rose told her Mum seriously.

"Well good," Jackie replied sternly. Her face then split into a grin "Now, we gotta talk to that Doctor about how much you're gettin' payed!"


Once the demo track had been sent out to a radio station, they knew they were in business. Almost immediately, they were getting calls from recording studios, offering their services to help the Doctor and Rose Tyler. They politely visited each recording studio before the Doctor politely turned the offer down, deeming them 'too bright', 'too dark', 'too modern', 'too hard to travel to each day'; it soon became clear that he'd much rather record in the box room at their Guildford home, behind the creaky wooden door that Jack had pelted with dark blue paint that time he'd bought a paint gun. The trio was soon working on their debut EP, having decided that an album would be too much of a stretch while they still weren't sure how big their audience was. It took weeks to record and edit everything, during which time Jackie hardly saw her daughter, and they hardly left the studio. It was tough, but the Doctor, Rose and Jack got on so well together that the time seemed to fly by. They'd gotten hold of the Doctor's 'associate' Mickey Smith again, and he'd agreed to design the CD cover. Once the cover was designed and the tracks were recorded, they were finally ready to release the CD. When the day arrived, however, they were not expecting the chaos that would ensue. Jack had 'stuff to do', so the Doctor and Rose had gone out alone to the very same café where they had first met to discuss the possibility of a record label. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until they were heading out, only to be confronted by a swarm of journalists and news cameras.

"Tell me Doctor; were you aware that yours and Miss Tyler's debut CD has already hit the UK Number 1 position?"

"I, uh, I wasn't aware of that," the Doctor admitted as microphones were shoved into his face "but that's us, breaking records!"

"Do you have any plans for more upcoming CDs?"

"Well, we've got a few song ideas that didn't make it onto the Bad Wolf EP, so there is a possibility for a future album," he replied as he and Rose began to try and get through the crowd.

"Miss Tyler, would you say that you're shocked at the response the EP has received? It has, quite literally made the pair of you a national success in a matter of hours!"

"Very shocked," Rose replied, reaching slowly for the Doctor's hand.

And then, before Rose could say any more, the Doctor's hand was in hers, and he was whispering just one word in her ear.