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Description: There are many ways to say it.

Disclaimer: If I owned Merlin, it would still be going on (even if I had to hog-tie the writers and actors and force them to keep going!).

Dedication: To all the the people who have said these words to me, whether out loud or with their actions. I love you!

Additional AN: Not specific to any season, but spoilers for all of them.

Three Little Words

There are many ways to say "I love you."


When Gwen cooks her father dinner after a long day.

When she asks Merlin to remember her.

When she stays late at the castle because Morgana can't sleep.

When she mends the tears in her brother's clothing.

When she sits with Arthur for hours and plans their future together.

When she finds the strength to lead even in her own grief.


When Uther lets Arthur prove himself in battle for the first time.

When he murmurs Ygraine's name in his sleep.

When he wears his father's crown instead of having a new one made.

When he asks Gaius for advice before going to any of his counselors.

When he sits up with Morgana after one of her nightmares.

When he gives his all to his kingdom, even though it doesn't leave anything for himself.


When Morgana sees the weariness in Gwen's eyes and sends her home for the day.

When she puts aside the sibling rivalry and tells Arthur he's going to make a great king.

When she applauds after one of Uther's longwinded speeches.

When she refuses to escape from her prison in order to protect Aithusa.

When she continues to call Gorlois her father even after she knows the truth.

When she defies the law to do what she thinks is right.


When Gaius stays behind to cover Alice's tracks.

When he tells Uther that he's making a mistake.

When he goes to Geoffrey to talk about the good old days.

When he shields Arthur from the truth about his birth.

When he steps in to be a father for a lost warlock carrying the weight of the world.

When he offers his life for the hope of Albion.


When Merlin sends his mother half of his wages.

When he sits on the banks of the Lake of Avalon, hoping for a glimpse of Freya.

When he whispers words in Dragon-speech, knowing only his father could understand them.

When he spends what little free time he has helping Gaius make his rounds.

When he stands at Arthur's side no matter the fight.

When he sacrifices his own present for his people's future.


When Arthur picks Gwen flowers, rather than having someone else do it for him.

When he teases Morgana about potential suitors.

When he pays for Gaius's stores to be restocked.

When he rolls his eyes and calls Merlin an idiot.

When he spends the night at his father's grave, silently asking for guidance.

When he takes a circle of strangers and makes them family.


There are many ways to say "I love you."

But the best way is to live it.

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