Pre Skyfall. The Medusa Emerald is property of London's Natural History Museum, so just borrowing the name xx

Avec l'amour de paris


She was becoming more and more anxious as she heard the gunshots from her headset. Tanner could see the panic rising in her. However much she tried to deny it, Bond wasn't just another field agent. This one meant something to her and she was afraid for his life. The sound of another gunshot rang in her ears.

"BOND, for god sake just leave it and get the hell out of there."

"No way in hell Ma'am. You sent me here to do a job so I'm finishing it."

M had sent him to Paris to reclaim the Medusa Emerald worth over £10 million which had been stolen from London's Natural History Museum. They had been instructed to retrieve it by whatever means necessary. The thief went by the name Kristin Velour, an expert in expensive Gems. She's had her eye on this particular one for a long time and MI6 were aware of her interest in it. She had been planning to sell it on to a known drugs baron, Hector Delahunty. Bond had managed to track both Kristin and Hector to a remote Townhouse in Gerverny just a few miles outside of Paris. When he's arrived, Delahunty's bodyguards had been waiting for him and as soon as he had been spotted, all hell had broken loose. Guns had started firing, punches had broken out. Bond had managed to make it to the vault where the emerald was being stored. He tried a few numbers to unlock the vault but to no avail. He got patched through to M and Tanner and got Tanner to try and help him unlock it.

"Tanner, I've tried his birthday, his kids, his anniversary. I can't get into the bloody things. I only have one more chance to get this right. They'll be here any minute."

"For christ sake Tanner do something." M pleaded.

"Yes Ma'am."

Tanner started scanning his laptop and came up with an idea.

"Okay Bond, try 2008."

"Are sure." He asked, reluctantly.

"I very much hope so, It's the only thing I can think off, Just do it."

Bond did as he was instructed and typed in 2008. The vault immediately opened and Medusa came into view. Bond had never seen anything like it before. The most gorgeous blue emerald he'd ever seen.

"Bond, do you have it." M demanded.

"I have it Ma'am."

"Right, good. Now for god sake, get the hell out of there."

He was just about to respond when another gunshot was heard and all M heard was Bond yell out. Her heart dropped the moment she heard him.

"Bond. Bond, can you hear me." M asked in a worrying tone.

There was no response from him and she started to pray he wasn't dead.

"Tanner, get the response team in there, NOW."

Tanner did as he was told and sent out an immediate red alert to get to the aid of 007.

The next hour passed in a bit of a haze for M as she awaited news of Bond. She was pacing back and forth in her office getting more and more concerned with each passing second. The knock at her door brought her back to reality.


"Tanner, any news."

"The response team got to him in time."

"How badly hurt is he."

"He has a severe gunshot wound, it just missed his heart by a few inches. He's very lucky to be alive. They've taken him into surgery at the Bicetre Hospital in Paris. When they've removed the bullet, they'll transfer him back here to London."

"How long will that take."

"He should hopefully be on a plane tonight and back here tomorrow morning."

"Oh, thank god for that."

"What about Medusa."

"No idea. It wasn't at the vault when they found him."

"Bugger it. Okay Tanner that will be all."

"What do we do about Medusa."

"Until I find out from Bond exactly what happened. We do nothing. Keep the fact that it's still missing to yourself, alright."

"Yes Ma'am."

"Go home and get some rest Tanner. Come back fresh tomorrow."

"Very well Ma'am, will you be alright."

"Don't worry about me, I'll be alright. Go home."

M watched as Tanner left and closed the door behind him before she left a single tear escape.

To Be Continued…