Chapter 3

A few weeks passed and M had phoned the Hospital to double check that James was still being released that day. The Doctor confirmed that he was, so she informed him that she would be by to collect him in an hour or so. She placed the phone back on the reciever just as Bill Tanner entered her office.


"Hello Tanner, what can I do for you."

"I just need you to sign off these requsistion forms for Q Branch."

"Certainly. Tanner would you do me a favour."

"Ofcourse Ma'am, what do you need."

"Bond's being released from Hospital today and I've offered to look after him."

"I see." Tanner said, in surprise.

"It could be a week, perhaps longer."

"Right and what exactly is it that you need me to do."

"Take charge for a few weeks. It's either that or you may end up with Gareth Mallory."

"I'd be happy to Ma'am."

"Thank you Tanner." She smiled.

"Give Bond my regards."

"I will, thank you Tanner."

Tanner left her office as she collected her bag and jacket from the chair beside the window. She went outside and waited a few minutes before her driver appeared and drove her to the Hospital. When she arrived she made her presence known at reception and was greeted by the same snobby receptionist as before. The woman just gave M a scowl as M walked away in the direction of James room. She got to the room and saw him sitting waiting ever so patiently for her arrival. She gave a small smile to herself as she walked over to his bed.

"Hello James."

"Hey, thought you'd gotten lost."

"I had a little something to take care off back at the office."

"Is everything okay."

"Yes, fine. Tanner's agreed to take charge while I'm away."

"I don't want to cause any hassle for you."

"It's not a hassle James and Tanner's happy to do it. He said to send you his regards by the way."

"He's a good guy, Tanner."

"Yes, he is. So, are you ready to go."

"Try and stop me."

He stood up a little too quickly and clutched his chest. M was at his side in seconds.

"James, are you okay, come on just lean on me."

"Lean on you, I'd squash you. I'm alright really, just stood up too quickly."

"James, I've been thinking."

"Oh and what might that be then?"

"I was thinking that it might be a better idea if you stayed at my flat instead of yours."


"Well, you don't exactly have a lot in your place, do you. It's very sparce and if I'm not mistaken, only one bedroom and I have no intention of sleeping on a couch at my age."

"I was gonna take the couch."

"Like hell you are. You're in a delicate condition right now and what you need is a proper bed. Stay at my flat, it has everything you need and two bedrooms."

James looked into M's eyes and could see that she wouldn't take no for an answer, so he gave into her.

"Alright M, I guess I'm staying with you then." He smiled.

She helped him to walk to the car and then her driver got out to help her toget him into the back seat. She slid in beside him as her driver got back in and started the car.

"Are you okay." She asked.

"Yeah, I'm good. Thanks M." He said, as he took hold of her her hand in his.

She looked down as his hand grasped hers and she felt butterflies in her stomache. She knew she shouldn't be feeling this way for her Agent, especially her young Agent but she couldn't help it. He was the most loyal man she had ever known, a man who would do anything and everyhthing for her, die for her if need be and she couldn't stop the feelings she was having for him after his injury. James looked at her and could see a worried look on her face.

"Hey, what's wrong." He asked.

"Oh nothing."

"You look worried."

"Not at all. Just happy that you're okay."

"You're sure."

"I'm sure."

To Be Continued…