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Chapter 52

M was rushed straight into surgery when they arrived at the Hospital. James was in a state of shock at everything that was taking place. He'd held onto her in the back of the ambulance as she screamed her head off as Abbey and one of the paramedics did everything to help her.

"James, they're about to do a c-section on Emma. Do you want to be in there with her."

"Can't she deliver the old fashioned way."

"They need to get the baby out fast and Emma's to exhausted to carry on and we need to stop the bleeding, you ready."

"Will you be in there."

"I told you both at the beginning I'd support you both all the way and I have, I'm not going to leave now. Come on."

Abbey and James got the surgical gowns and masks on and made their way in to the theatre. Abbey assisted the head surgeon and James was given a stool and he sat down with M. He took hold of her hand as she turned to him and he saw the tears in her eyes.

"James, I'm so scared."

"You're gonna be just fine, both of you. You have the best Doc's working on you."

"I didn't want to have her like this." She sniffed.

"Hey, come on. It doesn't matter how she gets here just so long as she's here. We'll be okay."

"I love you so much."

"Just as well because I love you too." He smiled.

Q, Eve and Sammy arrived at the Hospital about 10 minutes after the ambulance and they were escorted into the relatives room until there was news of M and the baby. Q sat reading some stupid women's magazine, while Eve was playing on her phone and Sammy was sleeping.

"How much longer do you think it'll be." Q asked.

"There's no telling how long these things take Q."

"It's been 3 hours." Sammy groaned.

"I thought you were sleeping." Q said.

"Just resting my eyes."

"You two just wait until it's your turn." Eve smiled.

"No way, M's experience has put me right off."

"Don't be daft. Not all women go through this, you have to remember M's older, we all knew there could be complications." Eve said.

"Did you see all that blood though, I've never ever seen the Boss look so bloody terrified like that before."

"She'll be alright, she's got the best Doctors looking after her."

"I'm surprised they made it here in time. An hours drive."

"Well Dr Collins did call from the helicopter and besides, at the rate ambo's drive, they were certain to get here before us. Especially the rate you were driving Q."

"Hey, it was his Aston Martin, can you imagine his face if anything had happened to that car. He'd kill me."

"Fair point." Eve smiled.

Another few hours past when the door opened and Joanna and the kids appeared. Eve looked up and smiled.


"Hi guys." She smiled.

"Hey, you two. How's my two favourite munchkins." Sammy grinned.

"Munchkins." Q asked.

"Shut up Q."

"Joanna, we weren't expecting you to come all the way down." Eve said.

"Initially I wasn't but the more I sat at home, the more worried I got about Mum. How is she."

"We don't know yet. She was taking into the delivery room when she arrived, that was 5 hours ago."

"I don't remember her taking this long when she had me and Paul."

Eve got up and took Joanna to the side so that Mary and Ethan wouldn't hear her.

"The thing is Joanna, your Mother started bleeding back at the cabin, it was pretty bad."

"Oh my god, she must be worried out of her mind. What about James."

"He was pretty freaked out about the whole thing. He was bad enough seeing her in labour."

"Men really can't deal with pain, can they."

"In his job yes, where your Mother's concerned, no."

"Mummy, where's Granny." Mary asked, tugging at her jacket.

"Well I already told you sweetheart, Granny's having her baby."

"That was ages ago."

"It takes time Mary. Why don't you go and sit back down with Sammy, there's a good girl."

Mary ran back over to Sammy as Ethan played with Q's phone.

"Apart from that little scare in her office when we had the baby shower, she's been fine. More or less plain sailing." Joanna said.

"Well she has been good and followed Doctor's orders."

"Yeah and it helps that she has you guys looking out for her aswell. Does Bill know what's happened."

"Yeah I called him to fill him in. He wanted to be here but as he's in charge at the moment, he didn't want to give Mallory the opportunity to sneak into his seat the minute his back was turned."

"Understandable from the things Mum's said about that guy."

"Do you fancy a coffee."

"Oh I'd love one, thanks Eve."

"Juice okay for the kids."

"Yeah that's fine. Thanks."

It was another hour before Abbey arrived to the visitor's room to find them all waiting patiently. Ethan and Mary had fallen asleep on either side of Q.

"Dr Collins."

"Hello Joanna."

"How's Mum."

"You can all relax, she's perfectly fine. She's delivered a healthy baby Girl, 6lb 8oz."

"Oh my god really, that's wonderful." Joanna beamed.

"What about the blood loss she suffered." Sammy asked, still looking worried.

"Don't worry, that's all be taken care off. After the baby was delivered, they put her under some local anesthetic and corrected the problem."

"What was the problem." Joanna asked.

"She suffered a uterine rupture."

"What the hell's that." Sammy spoke up.

"It's basically as it sounds, her uterus ruptured during labour and it caused the severe bleeding and abdominal pain. We had to do a c-section so that we could get the baby out as quickly as possible and get your Mother into surgery."

"So Mum's okay."

"She'll be sore for a few weeks but nothing drastic. She's safe and a lot calmer than she was a few hours ago." Abbey smiled.

"Can we see her."

"Give it about 10 minutes or so. I've just asked one of the Nurses to send James back in, he had to leave because he was getting himself into such a state. I think they could do with a few minutes alone. I'll come and get you, it won't be too much longer."

"Thank you Doctor Collins for looking after Mum."

"It's my job."

"I think we all know you went above and beyond for Mum and James."

"I'll be back soon."

James entered M's room to find her propped up on the bed holding their Daughter. He couldn't help the smile that ran across his face as he made his way over to them. She looked up at him and saw the love in his eyes.

"James, we did it." She smiled.

"No love, you did it."

He sat down on the edge of the bed as one of his arms went around her shoulder pulling her closer and his other hand took hold of his Daughter's hand. She looked so fragile and he couldn't quite believe that she was their's.

"How do you feel." He asked, kissing the top of her head.

"A little sore but Abbey said it'll pass. It was worth it."

"You scared the hell out of me back there, all that blood."

"I scared myself. Do you want to hold her."

"What do you think."

He manoeuvred his arms as M placed the small child in his arms. He started to panic when she began making small gurgling noises but it soon subsided when he held her close to him.

"She's so small." He smiled.

"I know, it's hard to believe something that small could cause me so much pain."

"I'm so proud of you. You know that right."

"I do, oh and by the way. I'm sorry for swearing at you back at the cabin."

"Don't be silly, you had every right."

"We still have one small problem James."

"Oh, what's that."

"We still haven't got a name for her."

"Ah, well actually I've been thinking about that."

"You have, why didn't you tell me."

"Well in all honesty it hasn't long come to me."

"Don't keep me in suspense James, go on."

"Ava, it means miracle and I think we can both agree that she's definitely that."

"Ava, I love it."

"You do."

"Ava Bond, has a nice ring to it, doesn't it."

M took her Daughter back into her arms and held her close to her as James pulled M back into him. She leaned down and placed as small kiss on her Daughter's forehead.

"Welcome to the world Ava." She smiled.


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