Prologue, August 29, 2552 (Military calender)/ Remnants of ONI Sword base, Reach.

"Jun Make sure nothing falls into enemy hands." The phrase from Carter kept repeating in Jun's head. Jun was standing at the back of the pelican dropship, looking out of the pelicans open bay doors. He wondered where his team was now. Carter, Emile, Noble six. Jun felt like he was taking the easy way out going with Dr. Halsey, but Orders where orders and He had a mission to complete. Carter's voice appeared in Jun's head once again. "Jun make sure nothing falls into enemy hands." "….I won't fail you sir." Jun thought.

In the cockpit of the pelican Dr. Catharine Halsey drove the dropship. "Kalmiya, estimated time till we reach CASTLE base?" Dr. Halsey said. A holographic avatar of an orange female appeared on the small holopad in front of Dr. Halsey. The Female answered. "About 2 hours ma'am. I would suggest you get comfy." "I doubt that's possible while the Covenant are destroying Reach. Still, put the pelican into autopilot and drive us to our destination for now, I need to have a chat with the Spartan." "Very well ma'am. Pelican is now in autopilot." "Very good Kalmiya. Also shut the pelican bay doors." Dr. Halsey got up from the driver seat and headed to the back of the pelican. Jun was standing in the pelican's bay looking out of the pelicans bay door. Dr. Halsey noticed Juns Sniper rifle leaning against the passenger seats. "Spartan, we need to have a talk…." Jun turned around and looked at Dr. Halsey as the pelican bay doors shut behind him. "About what Ma'am?" Dr. Halsey sat in a nearby seat. "Jun, you are a Spartan. There is no doubt about it. The way you move confirms it. But I must know, where did you come from?" Jun tilted his head slightly. "Ma'am?" "As you know I am the creator of the Spartan IIs. I know each one of my Spartans by heart. You are not one of my Spartans, so whose are you? Who has been stealing my research?"

Jun shrugged. "I wouldn't know ma'am. I'm just a solider." Dr. Halsey sighed. "Very well. Who trained you then?" "That's classified ma'am." "Don't give me that Spartan. I am the very definition of classified!" Jun thought Dr. Halsey sounded like a mother talking back to her children. No wonder Jorge kept referring to her as mom. "I'm sorry ma'am but that's classified." Jun looked away as if he didn't want anything to do with her. Halsey talked. "Was it Mendez?" Jun snapped his head towards Dr. Halsey. "So it was Mendez…" Dr. Halsey said. "Where is he?" Dr. Halsey was determined to get to the bottom of this, no matter what it took. "Ma'am, you're digging too deep." Jun said. "Spartan, I need to know. It's very important I do." Jun didn't say anything. "At least tell me he's okay, not where he is. I understand your obligation and I respect that. I just want to know if he's alive." Jun didn't say anything for a couple of seconds then responded. "Yes ma'am" Dr. Halsey took a breath of relief. "That's all I want to know."

Suddenly Kalmiya's voice appeared. "Doctor it appears we have a problem. Covenant Banshees are closing in on us. Most likely they followed us from Sword base." Dr. Halsey responded back. "Kalmiya we cannot allow to lead the covenant to CASTLE base. Turn the pelican away from CASTLE so they think our destination is in another direction then prepare to turn autopilot off. I will take control of the Pelican from here. Noble three, there is a M247 General Purpose Machine gun attached to the back of the troop bay. Use it to take out those Banshees." The pelican bay doors opened and Jun turned around to spot about seven Banshees on their tail. "Understood ma'am." Jun pulled down the M247 from the ceiling and aimed it out at the Banshees. "Engaging targets!"

Jun fired the M247 at the incoming Banshees. The bullets ripping through the Banshees armor. A Banshee went down, then another. The Banshees fired plasma at the pelican. Jun's energy shields flared as plasma fire hit him. One of the Banshees fired a fuel rod at the pelican. The green blob of light was streaming towards them. "Doctor incoming!" Yelled Jun. Dr. Halsey made the pelican evade the fuel rod, but just barely." Nice flying doc." Jun commented. " Keep focus on those banshees, Spartan." Halsey said. Jun fired back at the banshees with a hailstorm of bullets. One of the banshees lost a wing and lost control. It slammed into another banshee destroying them both. Only three banshees remained but the plasma fire was intense. Jun shot back with all his might. His energy shield disappeared and the bar in Jun's helmet was blinking red. He took out another banshee. "Two remaining…" Jun thought. He pulled out a grenade and activated it. "Got to time this right…." He waited a second then threw the grenade out of the pelican. The grenade flew in between the banshees before it detonated. Both banshees turned into a blaze of blue and purple explosions.

"Banshees neutralized." "Excellent work Spartan" Dr. Halsey said. "But don't breath just yet, we have a Spirit dropship closing on our tail." "Shit." Jun had about enough of the covenant at that point. He picked up his sniper rifle and took out the clip inside it. He replaced it with an armor piercing clip and aimed at the spirit dropship. Not so long ago He and Noble team had to hijack a spirit to escape a very intense firefight, Kat of course flew the thing but he was able to see the cockpit and where the driver seat was. Assuming that the spirit had an elite pilot, he aimed at where the head would be. He took the shot. The bullet pierced through the spirits hull and within a couple of seconds the spirit descended down to the ground below where it would meet its end. He killed the pilot. "Hostiles neutralized." Jun announced. "Very well. Close the bay doors and strap in. We will be arriving at CASTLE base very shortly." Jun closed the bay doors and sat down in a seat. He took off his helmet and looked down at it. He thought of where his team might be. Where they okay? Did they finish their mission? If they did he would find out soon enough once they reach CASTLE base. Jun closed his eyes and drifted to sleep."