Chapter 2, August 30, 2552 (Military calendar)/ Menachite Mountain, home to CASTLE base, Reach

The Elevator reached the bottom floor and the doors opened. Dr. Halsey walked out first then Jun. The room was huge. The walls where mostly rock , lights on the ceiling shined down apon them. At the front of the room was a large metal door and in front of it about 20 feet away was a large C shaped computer console, most likely to open the large door. In the back of the room where smaller man sized metal doors. "Where are we?" Jun asked. Dr. Halsey walked to the C shaped computer and started to tinker with it. "We are currently under CASTLE. This place was a large bunker, but I've turned it into my personal work station." Dr. Halsey inserted Kalmyia into the computer console. Kalmyia's avatar appeared in front of Halsey. "Ah, it feels good to be home." Kalmyia said. "Kalmyia I want access to all of CASTLE bases outer security cameras." "Very Well Doctor…Done." Dr. Halsey nodded to Kalmyia "Good. I want constant updates on any covenant activity in the area." "I will inform you what happens doctor." Kalmyia said.

Jun was looking up at the large metal door. "Hey Doc, where does this lead to?" Dr. Halsey looked at Jun." It leads to an old mine shaft. They started digging under the mountain but never finished. Outside is a tunnel the size of this room." Jun let out an amazed whistle. "Does it go to the surface?" "At the end of the tunnel is a large area with a hole at the top where the surface is." "This place would be perfect to train Spartans in." Jun said. Halsey looked up at Jun then back to her computer. "Indeed we did that."Dr. Halsey walked away from the computer and looked at Jun. "Have you been Injured at all Jun?" "Just a couple of plasma burns." "How about your MJOLNIR? Any breaches to the suit?" Asked Dr. Halsey. "A few, yes…" Replied Jun. "..But nothing to Serious." "Let's patch those breaches up then shall we?" Halsey replied. Jun tilted his head. "You know how to fix it?" Dr. Halsey put her hands on her hips." I did build the thing didn't I?" Jun looked at the Doctor confused. He was never told that she was the one that made the MJOLNIR. Spartan IIIs where used to wearing SPI armor, Not MJOLNIR. When Noble team was handed them they were only told that it was the armor the Spartan IIs wore. Perhaps they weren't told who made it because the information was classified, and it probably was. But the way Halsey said it was as if everyone was supposed to know she made it, like it was common knowledge.

Jun followed her into a room where what looked like a repair station built specifically for the Mark V was. "Kalmyia activate the repair station." Dr. Halsey ordered. "Repair station activated Dr. Halsey." Kalmyia's voice said. Dr. Halsey looked to Jun. "Walk inside Spartan. Kalmyia will repair you." Jun sighed then walked in. The door shut behind him and Dr. Halsey walked back to her computer. "Begin the repair procedures to Noble three's MJOLNIR suit. Then I want you to check the current status of the UNSC Pillar of Autumn's departure. I wish to see if the rest of Noble team has completed their mission." "Yes Doctor…." Kalmyia went silent for a few seconds then spoke." UNSC vessel Pillar of Autumn has successfully received the package from Noble team. The vessel broke orbit and entered slipspace 15 minutes ago." "Good." Dr. Halsey said, letting out a deep breath that she was holding in."I knew they could do it. Did they successfully board the ship?" "Wait a moment doctor, scanning Pillar of Autumns crew database."

Dr. Halsey waited a couple of seconds then Kalmyia continued to talk. "Negative Doctor. There is no record of Spartan-A259, Spartan-A239, or Spartan-B312 on the crew's list. It is possible that the database hasn't been re-updated yet." Dr. Halsey shook her head. "Not likely. Jacob isn't the kind of Captain who would take off before having a complete and current list of data on his crew aboard. No, Noble team didn't make it on…" She wondered if they stayed behind to hold off the covenant. If so then she would have to send a search and rescue team to retrieve them and bring them back to CASTLE. Kalmyia suddenly interrupted Halsey's train of thought. "Ma'am it appears that in the casualty reports that Spartan-A239 is listed KIA. Changing status to MIA ma'am." That's right, Spartans where never listed as KIA, they were always Missing In Action.

This was set up by ONI as a moral boost for the UNSC to make people think that Spartans couldn't be killed. Kalmyia's avatar appeared. "The casualty report was filed by Captain Jacob Keyes himself only because he witnessed it. As for Spartan-A259, he was not seen at the Shipyard. The last transmission from the AI dot before she was taken offline showed Noble one being pursued by banshees. Most likely he was shot down. Listing Spartan-A259 as MIA." "And What about Noble six?" "Still active ma'am." Dr. Halsey sighed. "That's all Kalmyia." Dr. Halsey said. Kalmyia's avatar nodded. "Very well doctor. I'll leave you be." Kalmyias avatar disappeared. Dr. Halsey rubbed the top of her forehead.

The door's to the repair station opened and Jun walked out. "What's up doc?" Dr. Halsey turned her head to Jun. "Well, while Kalmyia was fixing your suit I decided to look up your team's current status." "And?" Jun asked. "AND, they were able to successfully deliver the package." "So they are okay then?" Dr. Halsey paused for a few seconds then answered." The successfully delivered the package but at a price. I'm sorry Jun, but Emile was killed in action…" Emile? Killed? That seemed impossible. Out of all his team Emile seemed like the last one who be killed by the covenant. Emile seemed invincible and at times Jun wondered if the Spartan was even human. At that, Emile was still his teammate and a good friend, well "good" wouldn't be the word he would use, but Emile was still his friend, and this new information hit Jun hard.

"What about the Boss and Six?" Jun asked, worry in his voice. "Carter is MIA, but Six is still alive out there….which brings me to our next discussion. Jun I'm sending you on a search and rescue mission to retrieve Spartan-B312." Jun interrupted her. "Ma'am my orders are to not let anything fall into enemy hands that means I need to protect you at all cost." "I am protected Jun. We are in a underground bunker in the most top secret ONI base on the planet. I think it's safe to assume I'm safe, but we won't be for much longer and that's why I need you to retrieve Noble six. We need every last Spartan we can get, and I believe with Noble six's help we'll have a better than average chance in surviving. Do you understand Jun? "Jun nodded. "I understand ma'am."

"Exellent. Also I will be pairing you with Sergeant Michelle's team of ODSTs for this mission." Jun stared at Dr. Halsey. "I don't need any help ma'am." "Yes you do, I am not sending you in the middle of a Covenant invasion by yourself." Yes, definitely the Spartan's mom. "And besides Jun I haven't given you "Him" yet. Kalmyia eject AI capsule 104. Password: Pack leader." "Password accepted." Kalmyias voice spoke. A capsule, similar to the one Dr. Halsey gave to Noble six to deliver to the Pillar of Autumn ejected from the computer console. She picked it up then took out the AI chip inside. She then pulled out some sort of hand sized holopad and inserted the AI chip inside it. Dr. Halsey handed the circular hologram devise to Jun.

"It's meant to attach to your right wrist on your armor." Dr. Halsey said. Jun put the device on his right wrist. It fit perfectly. "What is it?" Jun asked. "Jun" Dr. Halsey said. "I would like you to meet Alpha Wolf." An avatar of a wolf appeared on the holopad. The wolf glowed grey and had a scar in the shape of an X across its face."An AI?" Jun tilted his head slightly. "Not just any AI." Dr. Halsey replied. "This one is similar to the AI I had your team deliver. It uses the same software and the same hacking programs." Then the AI started to speak." Greetings." It said. "I am the AI alpha wolf. It's a pleasure to meet you Jun-A266." Jun looked down at it. "A pleasure I'm sure." Jun replied then focusing his attention back on Halsey. "Originally I made this AI for one of my Spartans Fredric-104, But I don't mind lending you Alpha wolf for a bit." Dr. Halsey gave a small grin. "I'll be sure to return him ma'am. Thank you." Jun responded. "Go Spartan, come back safely and be sure that Alpha wolf doesn't fall into the Covenants hands. Good luck." He'll need every ounce of it. Jun walked to the elevator. The doors opened and he stepped in. Once inside the elevator doors shut and he began to rise.