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Jaina Solo leaped nimbly up to the top of the last boulder and turned around, peering down the 100-foot tall mountainside

'Hey Zekk!' she hollered, leaning precariously over the edge, 'Coming up?' Zekk, a hand raised to shade his eyes from the enormous sun as he watched his friend's graceful ascent, shook his head.

'No thanks,' he called back, 'I think you can manage on your own.' Jaina shrugged and dropped down the opposite side of the boulder. As Zekk awaited her reappearance, he kept a casual eye out for any potential danger. Anything that tried to sneak up on them would have a hard time staying unnoticed, considering the fact that there was nothing to hide behind. Not that any thing would try to sneak up on them. Nothing had happened in the three days that they had been roasting on this barren rock of planet. There were no trees, no shrubs, no bugs, and no sentient beings. For that last one, Zekk was grateful. Life usually meant diplomacy. Not one of Zekk's strong points.

'Hey Zekk!' came the call for the second time that morning. 'I found it!' An instant later, Jaina herself appeared, triumphantly waving a large, leafy shrubbery.

'You sure?' Zekk asked, hoping she was right. That plant was the reason they were on this rock in the first place. Named after the fateful disease for which it was the sole cure, Anmica was extremely rare and grew only in hot, rocky, waterless places. When an Anmica epidemic broke out on one of the outer rim territories, Master Skywalker had sent many of his students on missions to find the life-saving vegetation.

Jaina dropped lightly to the ground beside Zekk and handed him the plant for inspection. 'That's it, right?' she asked. Zekk turned the plant over in his hand, examining the plant for its distinguishing purple- spotted roots.

'Yup, this is it.'

'Good,' Jaina said. 'Let's call home.' Zekk nodded and they set off for camp. They had been left here with no ship, one small communicator, and enough supplies to last them five days. Master Skywalker never let an opportunity for training slip through his fingers and all the trainees had been sent out with the expectation that they were to survive without the luxuries of a space shuttle.

Zekk stopped as he felt a tug through the Force. Jaina laid a hand his arm and cocked her head.

'Zekk, what....' Zekk raised a finger to his mouth in warning and Jaina fell silent, though it wasn't really something he heard. Zekk shook his head.

'Something's not ri...' his mouth froze as a foot wide ion blast appeared out of nowhere, heading straight for Jaina.

In an instant, their lightsabers were drawn, but Zekk realized in the same second that there was no way that they would be able to deflect that shot. Without hesitation, Zekk shot his lightsaber in the direction that the blast had materialized in the hopes that he would hit something and hurled himself in front of Jaina just in time to catch the fiery blaze directly in the chest. Zekk dropped to his knees. Staring up into Jaina's shocked face, he smiled. I love you Jaina.

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