A/N: It's short, I know, just like all the others. *shrug*

Luke Skywalker turned from the window to face his friends and family who had assembled in his room to hear the details that had been uncovered about the assassination attempt. Luke hesitated however, for there wasn't much to be said.

'The shuttle has been gone over piece by piece,' he started, 'and we are no closer to finding out who sent it then we were when we first brought it here.'

'What about the pilot?' Jacen asked.

Luke shook his head. 'Nothing. The pilot was human, with no distinguishing marks, no record. He could be anyone.' Luke looked to Zekk and Jaina to see how they were taking the news. Zekk looked worried, while Luke had seen more expression on Jaina during her botanical class. He shouldn't be surprised though, he supposed. After all, Jaina and her family had been dodging assassins her whole life.

'So I guess we'll never know who did it, huh,' Anakin said. Luke shook his head, but it was Jaina who answered.

'It doesn't matter,' she said, smiling at Zekk. Zekk grinned and took her hand.

'Nope, I guess not.'