Witch Hunt


Ava Brett


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Author Note

Welcome to Witch Hunt.

If you're a brand new reader to the story then I really hope you enjoy what you're about to read, if however, you're already a fan of Witch Hunt and you just felt like revisiting it from the beginning so you can remind yourself of what happened then yay! I'm so glad you like it enough to do that!

This story was born one night out of the blue a few months back. If memory serves me correctly I had, had no intention of writing it and yet once I began exploring the idea it grew and grew until I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was going to have a monster of a story on my hands. For a moment I thought about abandoning the story before it had even began because of the sheer level of commitment I knew it was going to need from me but In the end I couldn't do it. I had to follow it through and if it meant ending up with a story with a hundred chapters or so then so be it. The pressure and time would be worth it to bring this story to life.

All the characters from the show will be included, some will have large parts, others might be mere name mentions or small parts (much like in the show). You'll discover who is who once you begin reading the story.

Sam and Dean are of course slightly different in personality but not enough that you won't recognise them instantly, they are merely in a different situation then in the show, the same with Castiel and Gabriel.

Anyway that's enough talking from me.

All that's left to say is that I hope you enjoy the story and thank you for being willing to come on this journey with me :)

Overall Summary

Sam and Dean Winchester's lives are turned upside down by the arrival of Gabriel and Castiel Novak, hunters whose reputation precede them. They know that the Hunters are after them but when Castiel marks Dean as his own, the brothers realise how truly screwed they actually are. Now it's a race against time to not only hide who they are from the Novaks but to try and obey the rules of the coven which state they must use their powers against them for the greater good of their kind. Now Sam and Dean must make a decision, their coven or the loves of their lives?

Chapter Summary

Gabriel and Castiel Novak drive to Lawrence, Kansas for a new case…

Overall Romance

Castiel Novak/Dean Winchester and Gabriel Novak/Sam Winchester

Chapter Romances

One sided Gabriel Novak / Sam Winchester

Hints of one sided Jake Talley / Sam Winchester

Chapter One

Sam = One, Gabriel = Zero

"Pack your bags up little bro we're heading out. I've found us a job which is right up our street." Castiel Novak looked up from the screen of his laptop, raising a dark eyebrow as his brother Gabriel entered the motel room they were sharing, a massive smile plastered on his face which automatically placed Castiel on full alert. That look on his brother's face always meant trouble of some kind for the pair of them. Trouble which he could quite frankly have done without at that one moment in time.

"We just finished the shape shifter job an hour ago Gabe" Castiel pointed out even as he began to save his work on the computer. "You're normally out in the local bar having a few celebratory drinks by now, chatting up the local eligible bachelors so you can pick one to spend the evening with."

"True and normally there's nothing I like more" Gabriel remarked, dragging his duffel bag from under the bed where he had stashed it and throwing it on the mattress, his gaze moving around the room trying to locate his belongings which had been flung about the room during the brothers three day stay. "But the minute I heard about this case, was the minute I wanted to the job. It might as well have our names written all over it Cassie."

"Ok, I'll bite" Castiel said with a sigh. "What exactly is the job you're talking about?"

Gabriel glanced at him, stuffing some wrinkled t-shirts into his bag, his grin firmly back in place.

"Witches Baby Bro!" he stated happily. "Apparently there's been some strange goings on in Lawrence, Kansas recently. Subtle things mind you, things that no one who wasn't an expert like we are would actually notice, but they are happening which can only mean that someone in that town is performing magic and if they are performing magic then it means that there is a witch there and if there is a witch roaming about the place, then it means that we hunt the bitch down and we end her."

Castiel eyes narrowed slightly.

"What sort of small things?" he asked causing Gabriel to sigh loudly.

"Look bro I can answer your twenty million questions on the way, just pack up your shit and let's get the hell out of here. Unless you rather we sit around here, discussing the job and our feelings while other Hunters, like Uriel and Anna for example, head over to Lawrence and kills our prize before we have the chance to. I mean the decision is completely up to you but I'm going regardless of whether you're with me or not, if you don't fancy this one and you want to split up for a while and meet up later then that's cool with me."

"Uriel and Anna" Castiel hissed slamming the lid of his laptop with more force then necessary.

"Thought that would grab your attention" Gabriel said gleefully.

Uriel and Anna were both hunters who tended to pair up together to work jobs, more often then not ending up in the same place as Gabriel and Castiel, something which Castiel was sure they planned in advance since there were more then enough jobs going around America for them never to have met each other. Neither of them had particularly bothered him in past and to be honest he had rarely given much thought to them, other to admit that they were both good Hunters if slightly ruthless, but that had been right up to the point they had actually interfered in one of the brothers hunts. Uriel had appeared from no where in the graveyard they had been working in, distracting Castiel long enough from his task for the spirit to realise that Castiel was about to burn his now salted bones. It had been over to him in a flash throwing him into a nearby gravestone with enough force that the stone had cracked under the impact his body has made against it. By the time Castiel had awoken with a frantic Gabriel leaning over him he realised that not only did he have a severe concussion which could take weeks to completely heal, but also that Uriel could have gotten him killed with his stunt. If he died then Gabriel would be alone in the world with no one there to watch him back and that was something which Castiel would not forget and certainly not forgive.

It had been straight out war after that between the four Hunters and there would be no way in hell that Castiel would allow them to get the upper hand on them now and take their prize from them. This Witch Hunt was theirs and theirs alone. He would be damned if he allowed anyone else to do it.

He stood up, grabbing his light black jacket which he had draped on the back of his chair and pulled it on, turning his gaze to Gabriel when the older man walked out of the bathroom holding his small wash bag and whistling a tune to him self.

"Well hurry up then Gabe" he remarked, picking the laptop off the desk and tucking it under his arm before he reached down and grabbed his already packed duffel bag from the floor space beside his bed. "These witches aren't going to catch themselves."

"So this is Lawrence, Kansas then" Gabriel remarked, pulling over in their car and killing the engine leaving them in silence. He peered through the window screen, pulling a face. "Well it doesn't seem like much does it? What kind of self respecting witch of any kind would be caught dead in a place like this? Why can't they ever hang out somewhere nice like in Vegas instead?" he asked with a sigh.

Castiel shrugged his shoulder, pushing his door open and exiting the car, stretching his cramped muscles with a thankful sigh. They had driven through the night, taking it in turns at the wheel to ensure they made it before Uriel and Anna did, now however he was tired, hungry and not in the mood to listen to his brother chat any more random shit at him. A whole car journey was enough.

"I've think we've established by now Gabe that witches will hang out anywhere, whether its in Vegas or in a small town like this" he pointed out, turning around and closing the door before he leaned forward, resting his arms on top of the car.

"But Vegas-" Gabriel began, his voice taking on the whiny tone which grated on Castiel's nerves more then any other sound he had experienced.

"It's nine in the evening" Castiel stated interrupting Gabriel before he could really get going with his chosen topic of conversation. "I suggest we find the local bar, grab some food and drink and then decide what our plan of action for the morning is going to be. We can find a motel once we've eaten since I doubt it will be fully booked considering the time of year and where we are. I don't know about you but I want to sleep in an actual bed with a mattress and a pillow because this" he slapped his palm against the warm metal "Isn't exactly comfortable to sleep in."

Gabriel rolled his eyes, slamming his own door shut before he locked it.

"God I forget what a grouch you can be when you haven't been fed, fine" he looked around him thoughtfully, his eyes scanning the surrounding buildings before a grin came to his face. He lifted his arm up and jabbed his finger towards a brightly lit bar at the corner of the street. "That looks like a place which serves food and alcohol. We can go there, it's as good a place as any and at least it's close by. I wouldn't want you to die of starvation after all Cassie."

"How many times have I told you Gabriel. Don't call me Cassie!" Castiel remarked in annoyance, walking towards the lit building without waiting for Gabriel.

All he wanted at that moment was some food; he was so hungry that he was willing to eat anything, even potentially bad food from a random bar in a small town in Kansas.

He glanced up at the name of the bar as he entered.

The impala

Castiel frowned, what kind of name was that for a bar? He stopped in the doorway and looked around him in surprise, blinking to make sure he wasn't imagining things. From the outside the pub had look small and cramped but from the inside it looked anything but small and cramped. It was large and spacious and extremely busy, the sound of laughter and chatting merging together with the soft rock music creating a nice atmosphere which had Castiel relaxing despite him self, all his annoyance and tiredness melting away as though it had never existed in the first place. He would have described the place as cosy if he had to choose a word. He could see himself sinking into one of the comfortable looking booths to the side of the room and not moving a muscle for the rest of the night.

"Stop looking at the place with such a dopey look on your face Castiel and move it will ya? Food and lots and lots of drinks and shots are needed tonight. There's no reason after all that we can't celebrate our most recent job success here" Gabriel stated from behind Castiel, placing his hands against the taller man's back and pushing him forward, using him as a shield in the crowded bar.

Gabriel glanced around the bar suspiciously but everything seemed like what he would expect from a normal bar on a Friday night near the beginning of the month when people still had money to spare. Three people were serving behind the bar trying to keep up with the demanding crowds gathered in front of the counter. One was an older man with a greying beard and a stern expression on his face which made it clear that he wasn't going to put up with any shit from anyone that night, the only girl was younger, perhaps in her early twenties with long blond hair tied back in a side plait so it was out of the way, a pretty pale face and dark expressive eyes which shone with a look of cynical amusement while the last one… Gabriel's eyes widened as his thoughts came to a screeching halt in his head.

"Oh please God, just fuck me now and let me die happy." He breathed, thanking the gods above for sending him to this town and to this particular bar.

Castiel glanced at him with a raised eyebrow when he heard the comment and noticed the look which had come across Gabriel's face. He frowned, about to comment when a voice spoke to them. It was young sounding, slightly rough with an accent which sounded Texan, it was distinctly male and distinctly amused. Castiel glanced up, his eyes widening slightly when his gaze landed on the giant of a man standing in front of them. The man couldn't have been more then twenty six in age but he stood well over six foot in height, most likely nearer six foot four or five with an athletically built body to match. He was clearly a man who took care of himself. His face was handsome and he wore a pleasant expression on it. Styled brown hair fell into large hazel eyes while a wide, friendly smile showed off perfect white teeth, producing two dimples in his cheeks.

He even dressed nicely in a plain white shirt which highlighted his sun tanned skin and a pair of fitted dark jeans which looked as though they had been made for him. He had some sort necklace on but the pendant was hidden from sight by his shirt, other then that he simply wore a watch with a black leather strap.

He wasn't the type of man that Castiel went for but he knew that he was the exact type that Gabriel went for on a regular basis. Castiel sighed, shutting his eyes for a moment as he prayed for strength.

This would certainly complicate matters.

"What can I get you both this evening?" the young man asked them.

"Any chance you're still serving food here?" Castiel asked when it was clear that Gabriel was going to remain mute, clearly his brain had been short circuited at the sight of the man in front of them and was still trying to reboot itself. The man looked thoughtful, twisting his head over his shoulder so he could look at the large clock on the wall behind him. Castiel took advantage of the distraction, elbowing Gabriel hard in-between the ribs giving him a pointed look when Gabriel started in surprise, turning to him with a glare on his face.

The young man looked back at them, eye moving between them thoughtfully taking in their expression. For a moment Castiel thought he saw a flare of anger in the man's hazel eyes but it was gone before he could tell for certain, replaced instead with the same friendly expression as before.

"You've just about made it in time for food" he stated. "If you put your order in now then you'll be safe. We normally stop taking orders in twenty minutes" his eyes drifted over their features thoughtfully before he seemed to give him self a mental kick. "Have you managed to find one of our food menus to look at yet?" he asked. Castiel shook his head.

"Nope, we've just got into town about ten minutes ago; this was the first place we saw so we came here. I didn't expect it to be so packed though." Castiel explained, drumming his fingers against the wooden surface of the bar as his eyes flickered around him, taking in the crowds. He wondered whether the barman would notice if Castiel stepped on Gabriel's foot and decided that he probably would. The man appeared observant, his eyes somehow watching everything which was going on around them while still maintaining a conversation with them, or at least with Castiel.

The man laughed at Castiel's comment, the sound rich and warm as his hazel eyes sparkling in the dim bar light. Gabriel made a sound for the first time, a low almost growling noise which had Castiel reaching out and grabbing the back of his brother's shirt in his hand to stop the older man leaping over the bar. It wouldn't be the first time Gabriel had done something similar and Castiel really wanted to eat before they were thrown out and barred from the place due to Gabriel sexually assaulting a member of the bar staff.

"You can tell you aren't from around here" the man stated simply. "If you were then you would know that this is the place to go for a good time. At least according to the local papers it's got the best food, a good selection of drinks and apparently a really good atmosphere though you're gonna have to decide if it is or not yourselves. It's safe to say that I'm more then a little bias when it comes to this place." He straightened up, clearly going back into work mode. "You wait here and I'll grab you a couple of menus. When you've decided what you want just come back to the bar and flag one of us down and we'll take your order as long as it's before nine thirty. Did you want a drink or you here just for food?" he queried.

"We'll start with two bottled beers please, we aren't fussed by the brand as long as they are cold" Castiel remarked, answering the man's next question before he could ask it.

"Easy customers I see, why every one in here can't be like that I don't know, it would make our lives easier that's for sure." He turned his back to them, leaning down and pulling out two bottles of beer from the fridge behind him, he opened them and placed them on the counter in front of them. "That's gonna be five dollars, I'll be back in a second with those menus for ya and to take the money for the drinks" he commented, flashing them his bright smile again before heading down the bar.

The minute Castiel was sure he was out of hearing range he turned to his brother.

"Jesus Gabe, will you snap put of it already!" he hissed, he glanced at Gabriel's face and rolled his eyes. The dopey look and glazed eyes were sure indication that his brother was a goner already. "Stop drooling over the guy before you cause a flood and drown us all in it."

"Have you actually bothered to take a good look at him Cassie?" Gabriel demanded, meeting Castiel's eyes with a dazed look in his amber eyes, "The dude looks like he's a male supermodel or something, I mean what the hell is someone who looks like that doing in a place like this? It's just not right for him to be hidden away from the world."

"Working from the look of it" Castiel pointed out bluntly before he shrugged glancing down the bar towards the man. "I saw him and he's nice enough to look at but he's just not the type I go for Gabe as you well know." Castiel remarked, rolling his eyes when Gabriel grinned at him, rubbing his hand together in a gleeful manner.

"Well that's good; I'd hate to have to beat my own brother ass and embarrass you in front of all these people. This means that there's all the more for me."

"Yeah well not if you remain silent, in case you haven't noticed while you've been in fantasy land there are plenty of other people equally as interested in the guy as you are" he pointed out, nodded his head down the bar to where a good looking young black man was talking to the bar man, attracting his attention. Whatever he said was clearly entertaining causing the young man to laugh, tilting his head back and exposing his neck.

"That neck was born to be bitten and marked" Gabriel commented, a tone to his voice which Castiel had come to know as trouble. He thought about reminding Gabriel that they were here to do a job but he decided against it. Gabriel wasn't going to listen to any form of reason so why should Castiel waste his breathe, it would be better for everyone if Gabriel got it out of his system now rather then it growing.

"Here you go two menus for you" the man said approaching them with an amused smile lingering on his face, he handed the menus over to Gabriel who suddenly seemed to come to life. "Pick what you want and we'll get it for you, I don't think we've run out of anything today."

"Any chance that you come on the menu as well?" Gabriel asked with a wide grin. The man looked at him, his eyes skirting Gabriel's face and upper body slowly before they traveled back up and met his eyes, quirking an eyebrow as he did.

"If I was, do you think you'd be able to afford me?" he asked pleasantly. Castiel choked on his drink, nearly spitting the beer out. A glance to the side of him showed Gabriel with his mouth wide open in surprise. "Thought not, I'm Sam by the way" he said, flashing them both a smile as he took the five dollar note which Castiel was holding out for him, ringing it up on the till before he turned his attention on the two girls standing next to them waiting patiently to be served, the conversation clearly over in his mind.

"Come on Casanova" Castiel remarked, grabbing his drink with one hand and using the other one to grab hold of Gabriel's arm and drag him away from the bar and towards the back of the room, a grin threatening to break his face in half.

Witches or not, Lawrence was going to be interesting.

He could just tell.

Author Note

Thanks for taking the time to read!

I hope you enjoyed it :)