Witch Hunt


Ava Brett


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This chapter has been surprisingly hard to write, I've literally tried loads of different things and nothing seem to fit, it was only last night when I was lying in bed watching an episode of Castle that I realised that this was where I wanted to go with it, it was logical and it made sense in the larger scale of things.

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Overall Summary

Sam and Dean Winchester's lives are turned upside down by the arrival of Gabriel and Castiel Novak, hunters whose reputation precede them. They know that the Hunters are after them but when Castiel marks Dean as his own, the brothers realise how truly screwed they actually are. Now it's a race against time to not only hide who they are from the Novaks but to try and obey the rules of the coven which state they must use their powers against them. Now they must make a decision, their coven or the loves of their lives?

Chapter Summary

Gabriel and Castiel talk before Castiel receives a visit from the last person he expected…

Overall Romance

Castiel Novak/Dean Winchester and Gabriel Novak/Sam Winchester

Chapter Romances

Mentions of Castiel Novak / Dean Winchester

Chapter Eleven

It's just a theory Gabriel

Castiel stared blankly at the computer screen in front of him, absently tapping his fingers against the surface of the table in a random beat. He shook his head, breathing out nosily as he realised that he had hit yet another dead end. There was simply nothing being reported in the local newspaper which they could use, no leads, and no suspicious deaths. He hadn't read anything which struck him as out of the ordinary or unusual for a small town. Apart from the incident with the Braden boy there was nothing in Lawrence which screamed out supernatural to him.

It made no sense, there was always something in every town they visited, some spirit in a house which couldn't let go, perhaps a random ghoul or vampire which had made the place their home. Normally the creatures were careful, not wanting to come to the attention of any Hunter but they would always end up slipping up somehow. And yet either the supernatural creatures in Lawrence were being especially careful or something or someone was keeping them under control or out of the town altogether.

Lawrence appeared to be completely free of any supernatural activity. Castiel had never seen or experienced anything like it before.

He leaned back in his chair, his thumb swiping back and forth against his tingling palm as he thought about the Hunt. Ben Braeden appeared to be there only lead in the case, the only hint that there was something going on in this town which wasn't normal and yet they had clearly blown their chances there. Not only had Lisa Braeden been aware of her rights when it came to the law but she had also been strangely suspicious of them from the start. Castiel didn't know whether she was suspicious of everyone who questioned her about her son and his condition or whether there was something else behind it. It had almost felt like she had been protecting someone from them, someone clearly important to her.

What they needed to do was speak to her and Ben again but if the look she had given them when they had left had been anything to go by then hell would freeze over first before that happened. What they needed was someone close to her to speak to her on their behalf, someone who could convince her to speak to them once more and to answer their questions.

Someone just like Dean.

Castiel shifted on the chair, leaning his head against the back of it as he stared up at the cracked motel ceiling. His eyes slowly drifting shut as he thought about the younger man, god he could happily think of him every moment of the day and not be bored of it. His palm heated up, producing a warm pleasant feeling, a feeling that travelled up his arm until he felt surrounded by it. He felt as though he could reach out and touch Dean even though the other man wasn't in the room with him. He found him self forming a perfect image of Dean's face in his mind, the image producing a sharp sense of longing in him as his mind whispered for Dean to come to him to ease the emptiness growing in him.

What had Dean been doing in Lisa's house? Had he known that Castiel was going to be there or was it all just dumb luck that he walked through the door? Was Lawrence the sort of town where everyone knew everyone else or was there a particular connection between Dean and the Braeden family? Both of them had certainly seemed comfortable with him. Castiel frowned a spike of jealous rage shooting through him. Were Dean and Lisa involved with each other in some way? Were they a couple?

God Castiel wanted to see him again. He wanted to lean across the bar counter and touch his bare skin, he wanted to pull him across it and kiss him and never have to stop. The whole thing made no sense to him. Castiel had never felt so strongly for someone before, especially someone who he had just met the day before and barely even spoken to but it didn't seem to matter to him, all that really mattered was Dean.

He had spent the whole night being disturbed by vivid dreams of the younger man, dreams which he hadn't want to wake up from. He had felt off balance all day, dazed with a sense of longing which had only eased when Dean had walked through the door at the Braeden's place.

He blinked when he heard the bathroom door open behind him, distracting him away from his thoughts. He glanced back over his shoulder to see his brother walk out of the small room accompanied by a cloud of steam, dressed casually in a pair of comfortable looking jeans and a blue t-shirt while he rubbed the motel towel over his wet hair. His gaze met Castiel's, raising an eyebrow at whatever he saw in Castiel's face before he looked away from him.

"I'm going to head out to the diner across the street and get us something to eat. It's five now so if we eat early then it will give us more time later to move around the bar and start questioning people. It probably is best if we split up so we can cover more ground in there. Of course, as sod law would have it the people who we really need to speak to the most are Sam and Dean. I tend to find that barmen are the people who happen to know all the secrets and coming and goings in any town because everyone confides in them but bearing in mind what happened yesterday I'm thinking option one of everyone else is probably a better place to start at the moment don't you Cassie?"

"Sounds like an idea" Castiel remarked with a shrug, watching as Gabriel made his way across the room to the bed he had chosen the night before, he bent down and grabbed a pair of clean socks from his duffle bag before he sank on the bed and pulled them on.

"Find anything else in the newspapers which we can use?" Gabriel asked curiously. "If we have a bigger range of topics then it will be easier to ask questions and to build up a picture of what we're actually dealing with here."

"You'd think I would have found something but there's nothing in any newspaper article pointing to anything which might have been considered supernatural. I'm telling you Gabe it's literally like the supernatural don't exist in Lawrence, either something is keeping them away or there is something here big enough and powerful enough to keep them all under control and off the radar. Like an Alpha sort of big."

"You think its' the witch we're hunting?" Gabriel questioned, pushing him self to his feet with a frown as he slipped his trainers on.

"When have you heard of a witch powerful enough to do that?" Castiel asked glancing up when Gabriel joined him at the desk, moving the laptop around so it was facing him.

"You know just because the papers aren't reporting it happening it doesn't necessarily mean it isn't" Gabriel said thoughtfully, standing up and chewing on his lower lip. "Look lets think about what we know ok. We're both agreed on the fact that what happened to the Braeden kid isn't some kind of miracle. It was some form of magic, maybe not the dark magic we're used to dealing with but magic none the less so we know that there's a witch hiding somewhere in this town. A witch we need to deal with. I still think the Braeden kid is our best bet to find out what is going on here."

"The mother isn't going to talk to us again Gabe" Castiel pointed out reaching up and rubbing his hands down his face before he looked back at Gabriel. "She's pretty suspicious of us already if the death glare she gave us at the end was anything to go by."

"Huh and here I was thinking that you didn't even noticed that, I thought you were too involved in your little staring competition with Dean to pay attention to anything else," Gabriel commented lightly, his eyes searching Castiel's face before he shrugged and carried on speaking "Besides Lisa Braeden isn't the only person in this town we can talk to Cassie" Gabriel replied firmly. "A small town like this? Everyone is gonna know everyone else's business. Just because Lisa won't talk to us it doesn't mean that her friends or neighbours will be quite as difficult. They might be willing to talk."

Castiel nodded his head, moving the laptop back to him.

"You know" he began thoughtfully biting down on his lower lip for a moment. "Maybe we're going about this whole thing completely the wrong way" he commented glancing up at Gabriel.

"What do you mean?" Gabriel asked with a questioning look.

"Well, let's say just for the sake of it that there was a witch out there who was powerful enough to subdue and control other supernatural creatures in this area. It would make sense that if they had that amount of power then they could hide any magical traces from any Hunters, even Hunters who specialise in reading the signs. For other supernatural creatures to respect them then they've gotta be pretty damn impressive because we both know that Supernatural creatures hate each other normally, the only people they hate more are Hunters. Maybe if we find nothing else, we can take that route and see whether there is a witch in legend who can do that."

Gabriel looked at him his eyes widening.

"No freaking way Cassie, you might actually be on to something there" he hissed. He pulled the laptop to him and typed something into the search engine, clicking on a link before pushing it back toward Castiel. "There's only one legend I can think of which even slightly touches on to what you're thinking and if it is then we might be in serious trouble Cassie." Gabriel said seriously "But at the same time if it is and we got one of them then-"he stopped, running a hand through his hair with a sudden excited look on his face.

Castiel frowned and leaned forward and looked at the article his eyes widening.

"They are just legends Gabe" Castiel said firmly. "No Hunter has ever found any trace that the three great witches even exist. You would have thought by now that some Hunter would have seen the Crone or the mother or even the Maiden. I mean they are the big deal right? Someone would have known about them, someone would have talked. Think how many witches we've interrogated, they were willing to give up just about anything for the torture to stop."

"We never asked them about the three though" Gabriel pointed out, leaning down so his face was on level with Castiel's. "I'm not saying they are real but just think about it for a moment. What if they were and what if one of them was here? Would it not make sense? The three was a pretty massive deal, what supernatural creature would be stupid enough to enter one of their turfs without being invited? No one knows anything about the three, only that you don't want to fuck around with them, but what if its here Cassie and we find them."

"You've gone mad Gabe" Castiel said with a shake of his head. "When I said about a powerful witch I meant like a powerful normal witch I didn't mean three complete and utter legend who probably don't actually exist outside the pages of a book, the same way that Dracula didn't actually exist in that form in real life."

"Every legend is based on truth Castiel, you're the one who is always going on about that" Gabriel pointed out, prodding his finger at Castiel's chest. "Why couldn't they be in a small town, who the hell would ever think to look for any of them in a place like this? It would be the perfect place for them to hide out away from anyone who might try and hunt them."

"Ok let's say for a moment your crazy theory is right" Castiel said slowly. "And one of them for whatever reason is actually here in Lawrence. How the hell are we going to take them down? We're just two Hunters."

"We find out if it is one of the three and then we call in every Hunter available and we take them out. If it is one of them here and we took it out, then just imagine what that would do to the other witches, they would be weakened, they'd separate, they'd-"

"Yeah or perhaps they would be stronger and would unite and crush us all. Jesus do you honestly believe that all the witches are just gonna sit back and let us take out one of their great ones? Gabe you've taken a random theory and gone off on one here. I'm telling you that the witch here is just a normal, regular witch and you know how I know?" he stated, waiting until Gabriel turned to look at him. "Because the three do not exist in real life, they never have and I doubt they ever will because we would know something more about them other then their titles and the fact they're scarily powerful because that's all there is to find when you try to research them. Three great witches, the crone, the mother and the maiden, Rulers of all the witches in the world and you really think we'd have a chance to get close enough to one to kill one? We've got enough shit to deal with trying to find this witch without turning it into something it isn't. Beside from the small amount I have managed to read we should be thanking our lucky stars that the three don't exist. The stuff they could do if they were real and pissed off enough doesn't exactly inspire me with good feelings."

"Fine" Gabriel said, throwing his hands up in the air as he pushed him self to his feet. "You're such a kill joy Cassie" he commented with a huff as he grabbed his light coat from the back of Castiel's chair and slipped it on. "Just for that I'm getting you a burger and chips from the diner. You gonna come and get some fresh air with me or are you gonna stay here?"

"I'm gonna stay here" Castiel remarked absently. "I might as well grab a shower before we leave tonight for the bar. I'm assuming you'll want to get there for about seven or eight" he asked glancing towards his brother.

"Seven" Gabriel replied "It give me more time to perve over Sam" he said with a wink, his grin widening when Castiel rolled his eyes at him. "I'll be back in about ten minutes or so with our food, don't do anything crazy until I get back, you know how pissed off I get when you have all the fun without me. I still haven't forgotten about that time in Seattle." He teased, grabbing his wallet and heading out the door with a wave.

Castiel sighed, turning to stare at the computer screen, his eyes lingering on the article about the Maiden. There was just no way in hell they existed and even if they did they wouldn't have been holed up in a small American town like this one, they would have been in Europe or somewhere else, a place which was large and busy and powerful and full of their followers.

Castiel glanced down at his warm prickling palm before he sighed and leaned forward resting his face in his hands.

What were they even doing in this town?

Gabriel was positive that what happened to Ben Braeden was a lead and yet what if it wasn't? What if Dean had been right and Ben really was just a lucky young boy who got a second chance to live? It wasn't unheard of for a medical miracle to occur which baffled Doctors, Castiel had read more then his fair share of them before while he had been researching other things.

They couldn't leave yet though, not until Castiel had figured out the mystery of Dean and the hold he appeared to have over him now. He had to at least kiss him once.

A sudden knock on the door attracted his attention away from his thoughts. He frowned standing up; he took his favourite gun from the surface of the table and slipped it into the waistband of his jeans within easy reach if he needed it. He moved his papers out of the way grabbing his knife, keeping it in his free hand as he approached the door cautiously. There was no way that Gabriel should have made it back from the diner already. He rolled his eyes, making a sound of annoyance when he realised that there wasn't a keyhole in the door.

Taking a deep breath, his hand tightened on the knife he held, he opened the door.

He opened his mouth to speak stopping, his eyes widening when he realised that it was Dean on the other side of the door.

"Hello Castiel" the younger man stated pleasantly with a half smile on his face. "Can I come in? I think we need to talk".

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