Witch Hunt


Ava Brett


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Overall Summary

Sam and Dean Winchester's lives are turned upside down by the arrival of Gabriel and Castiel Novak, hunters whose reputation precede them. They know that the Hunters are after them but when Castiel marks Dean as his own, the brothers realise how truly screwed they actually are. Now it's a race against time to not only hide who they are from the Novaks but to try and obey the rules of the coven which state they must use their powers against them. Now they must make a decision, their coven or the loves of their lives?

Chapter Summary

It's not like anyone is gonna get hurt Cassieā€¦

Overall Romance

Castiel Novak/Dean Winchester and Gabriel Novak/Sam Winchester

Chapter Romances

Mentions of Castiel Novak / Dean Winchester and Gabriel Novak / Sam Winchester

Chapter Thirteen

They won't know what hit has them

Gabriel glanced behind him, wincing when Dean exited the room as though the hounds of hell were after him, slamming the door closed behind him and leaving Gabriel trapped in a motel room with his now enraged brother. He could almost feel Castiel's eyes burning a hole through his jacket and skin as the younger man stared at him, clearly coming up with several ways in his mind to make Gabriel suffer for interrupting Castiel's moment with Dean.

Licking his lips nervously, Gabriel breathed out slowly, turning on the spot and making him self meet Castiel's eyes, he hid another wince at the expression in them. Castiel was definitely going to make his life a living hell for the next few days.

"You know Castiel, you can hardly blame me for what just happened" Gabriel remarked with a shrug. "How the hell was I meant to know that within ten minutes of me leaving the room to get food you would have Dean in here about to lock lips with him. I'm not a mind reader you know and it wasn't as if you had used any of the usual indicators to say you had company with you. I mean when you really think about it, you only have yourself to blame for what happened, it's not my fault" he pointed out, rolling his eyes when Castiel growled at him, eyes narrowing as he tilted his head to the side, clearly still planning Gabriel's demise.

"You're unbelievable Gabriel" Castiel muttered with a sigh, shaking his head as he reached up and dragged his hand through his dark hair making it stand up on end as though he had stuck his hand into a plug socket and proceeded to electrocute himself.

"Yeah tell me something which I don't already know Cassie" Gabriel answered with a cocky smile as he walked away from the door and over to the cluttered table, dumping the plastic bag he had been holding onto it. He shook his head, picking up the books littering the surface and placed them on the floor, hooking his foot around the leg of the chair and pulling it out, lowering his body into it as he reached into the bag and pulled out his food container with a wide grin. He opened it, rubbing his hands together gleefully as the smell of freshly cooked foot hit him, making his stomach rumble in reaction to it.

God he was starving.

He glanced up, frowning slightly when he realised that his brother was still standing in the exact same position as he had been before, staring at the closed door with a far away look on his face, his hand stroking his palm again. Gabriel shook his head and silently sighed, it didn't take a mind reader to figure out exactly where Castiel's thoughts were at that one moment in time and what he was imagining in his mind. Gabriel felt a slightly twinge of guilt blossom in his stomach but he ignored it. It was pretty damn clear that Dean was just as keen on Castiel as his brother was on Dean. They were bound to end up finishing the kiss they had been about to start later on that night if Gabriel knew his brother at all, there was no way Castiel would allow it to end where it did.

Gabriel smiled; with Castiel occupied with Dean it would give Gabriel plenty of time to put operation 'get Sam into bed' into motion. After all why should Castiel be the only one getting lucky that night?

"Cassie, Dean's gone ok and I highly doubt he plans to come back here, you'll see him later on for your make out session. Come and eat your food while its still vaguely warm so you can get into the shower and wash because trust me you're not gonna attract anyone smelling like you do right now" Gabriel remarked cheerfully. He grinned when his brother turned to look at him with a glare, taking a big bite of his burger and chewing loudly with his mouth open, knowing even as he did it how much Castiel hated it.

"You're disgusting at times, you know that Gabe" Castiel remarked, glancing once more at the closed front door before he crossed the room and took the seat opposite Gabriel, grabbing his own food container and opening it. Gabriel watched as Castiel glanced down at it, staring at it for a moment before he looked up and met Gabriel's eyes with a half annoyed, half resigned look on his face.

"Don't look at me like that Castiel" Gabriel said "I warned you before I left what I was getting you and you said nothing so just deal with it. Eating a burger once in a blue moon isn't gonna kill you" he stated, taking another bite of his burger to prove his point. He watched shaking his head fondly as Castiel lifted the burger bun and began methodically removing the gherkins from his burger, placing them on a napkin to the side of him before he pushed them over to Gabriel. Gabriel grabbed one of the gherkins popping it into his mouth and chewing it before he spoke, his voice casual. "So why exactly did Dean decide to bless you with his presence then or was there actually no reason for it?"Castiel glanced up at him, his eyes searching his for a moment before he shrugged.

"He wanted to tell us to keep the hell away from Lisa Braeden; apparently you told Sam last night that we travelled from town to town doing the odd jobs here and there. Sam clearly mentioned it to Dean which means that Dean knows we're not Doctors for the Kansas Medical board. He knows we're up to something but he doesn't know what"

"Ah" Gabriel remarked, breathing out noisily as he picked up a chip and bit into it, chewing on it thoughtfully. "Couldn't you have just told him that we were travelling Doctors for them or something?" he asked.

"Dean isn't stupid Gabe" Castiel answered shortly, picking up his own burger "He kinda figured out that the Kansas Medical Board aren't in the habit of sending their Doctors off to other states when they're needed here."

"So he's pretty and smart" Gabriel commented, rolling his eyes as he spoke. "That's just typical isn't it" Castiel eyes narrowed slightly at his comment but he remained silent, biting into his burger with a thoughtful expression on his face. Gabriel wondered briefly what the other man was thinking but pushed the thought away. If Castiel wanted to tell him then he would. "We'll still head over to the bar for seven tonight" Gabriel stated "Dean might be upstairs in the kitchen until ten but there will still be Sam to talk to as well as the other patrons and bar staff. You never know Cassie, maybe this whole thing with Dean is actually a blessing in disguise for us which we can use" he commented thoughtfully, watching as Castiel glanced up at him with a questioning look.

"How exactly?" he asked "We're screwed, Dean's probably already told Lisa Braeden that we aren't who we said we are which means that there's no way in hell that she's gonna willingly talk to us now. She'll probably call the sheriff on us if we so much set foot on her property or look at Ben. People don't particularly like being lied to Gabriel" Gabriel shrugged his shoulders.

"You don't say Captain Obvious" Gabriel answered "Lisa doesn't matter anymore because we don't need her anymore" he remarked offhandedly, a grin coming to his face when he caught sight of his brother's confused expression.

"Okay I'll bite, why don't we need Lisa anymore?" Castiel asked cautiously.

"Because baby brother, we have Dean now don't we" Gabriel responded. Castiel blinked at him, his mouth parting slightly

"Sorry what now?" Castiel stated in disbelief. "What has Dean got to do with this?" Gabriel smiled, picking up another chip and jabbing it towards Castiel.

"Use that big brain in your head Cassie and think about this for a moment" he said leaning forward and resting his arms against the table. "Dean clearly likes you, I mean the dude was going to let you kiss him, if anything from what I saw he was gagging for it as much as you were, which means that you an get close to him and find out exactly what is going on in this town. Not only is Dean clearly close enough to Lisa that she lets him take her precious son out with him to do whatever it is they do but he also happens to be the barman at the hottest bar in town, which means everyone and I really do mean everyone who steps foot in that bar will confide in him, included a witch." Gabriel raised an eyebrow at the strange expression which passed over Castiel's face at his words but it was gone before he could tell what it was. "All you need to do Castiel is make him trust you and then he'll end up telling you everything we need to know" Gabriel smiled, popping the chip into his mouth.

"So you want me to use Dean to get what we want?" Castiel said flatly, a dark look coming to his eyes as he shifted on his chair, his burger forgotten in his hand.

"Jesus you make it sound bad when you say it like that" Gabriel complained "You won't be using him exactly, you'll merely be asking him questions about the town and the people in it, its not like he has to answer the questions if he doesn't want to. Dean likes you Castiel which means he'll be less on guard with you then he is with me for example. He will tell you things without meaning to, like who visited Ben Braeden before he was miraculously cured of his terminal illness. If we find out who that was then we find out exactly who the witch in this town is and then we can end her. It's not like Dean is going to get hurt in the process Cassie and you get what you want as well which is clearly Dean lying in your bed, naked beneath you" he pointed out. Castiel stared at him for a moment before he frowned.

"And what exactly are you going to be doing when I'm meant to be doing that?" he asked. Gabriel grinned at him.

"I'll be focusing all my attention on Sam trying to get answers out of him" he stated "Sammy boy likes me Cassie, he just doesn't realise it yet. So I'll work on him and you work on Dean and hopefully one of them will crack and we will have the answer which we need to solve this case."

"And if they don't break? Then what?" Castiel asked quietly

"Oh they'll break Castiel; trust me on that, they won't know what has hit them."

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