Witch Hunt


Ava Brett


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Overall Summary

Sam and Dean Winchester's lives are turned upside down by the arrival of Gabriel and Castiel Novak, hunters whose reputation precede them. They know that the Hunters are after them but when Castiel marks Dean as his own, the brothers realise how truly screwed they actually are. Now it's a race against time to not only hide who they are from the Novaks but to try and obey the rules of the coven which state they must use their powers against them for the greater good of their kind. Now Sam and Dean must make a decision, their coven or the loves of their lives?

Chapter Summary

Gabriel has a talk with Sam and comes to a decision about where he and Castiel have to go to next.

Overall Romance

Castiel Novak/Dean Winchester and Gabriel Novak/Sam Winchester

Chapter Romances

Gabriel Novak / Sam Winchester, hints of Castiel Novak/ Dean Winchester

Chapter Eighteen

I know what we need to do

Gabriel raised his eyebrow as he turned on the spot to watch his brother's progress through the crowded room towards the exit with Dean in toll. He wondered whether Castiel was aware of all the eyes currently watching him, gazes which Gabriel could see from here were full of distrust, surprise, desire and envy all mingled into one as every one of those eyes preceded to drop from Castiel's face to stare down at the hand which he still had wrapped around Dean's wrist, A hand which they clearly all wanted to rip off Dean.

He liked to think that it would be a given that Castiel would not only be aware of all the eyes but also he would know exactly who each individual was in the first place. God knew that Castiel was the observant one of the pair of them, always picking up on the small things which everyone else tended to miss, either because they were that small or because they didn't, at first, spot the significance of it.

Somehow though he doubted that Castiel's attention was on anything other then the man walking behind him.

After all, why would Castiel pay attention to people he would have already scoped out when he first entered the bar that evening, when he was finally getting Dean exactly where he wanted him, not only that but he had someone convinced Dean to follow him outside where they would be alone with each other, without any watching eyes on them.

Gabriel was almost impressed by it.

He sighed and shook his head. It wasn't as though he could blame his younger brother for being distracted for the first time while they were on a job, normally Castiel was able to place his own desires and thoughts to one side during a hunt, picking them back up once they had completed the job but that clearly wasn't the case this time around. There was clearly something about Sam's older brother which was proving to be irresistible to Castiel, for the first time his brother appeared to be unable to put the job first and it was something which worried Gabriel more then he was willing to admit.

Then again if it had been the other way round and it had been Gabriel dragging Sam out into the cool air then he knew that he would have acted the same way as Castiel, safe in the knowledge that not only could he deal with any threat which might have occurred but also that his brother was there in the crowd, watching his back and making sure that he had the back up he might need.

A slight smirk came to his mouth as he watched Castiel push open the door and leave the room with an expressionless Dean. There was no way in hell that Gabriel was going to miss this opportunity to lecture Castiel about keeping his mind on the job. His brother rarely let his guard down enough to make mistakes; in fact Gabriel was pretty positive that he could count all the occasions it had occurred in the past on one hand. His smirk grew, he on the other hand had probably hit the double digits by now, a fact that Castiel never failed to remind him of during one of their rare fights.

Gabriel turned away from the door, twisting back to the front and focusing his attention on Sam who was looking past him towards the closed doorway his attention clearly still on his brother. Gabriel remained silent for a moment watching the array of emotions which moved across Sam's eyes like lightening, it was impressive to watch considering the fact that Sam's facial expression was unreadable, looking just like the one which he had glimpsed on Dean's face moments before. Gabriel wondered absently whether they had been taught the expression by someone or whether it was merely something natural which came from their shared gene pool.

It was fascinating to watch but then Gabriel was beginning to find everything which Sam did fascinating.

"You know Sam, since we're both here doing nothing we might as well have our talk. Our brothers are… well…" his voice trailed off and he shrugged, glancing behind him once more with a thoughtful expression, he could just imagine what his brother was doing to Sam's older brother.

"They are talking" Sam answered confidently, Gabriel looked back towards him, raising his eyebrow when Sam took a step back, leaning his body against the back counter as he crossed his arms over his chest. Gabriel's eyes dropped down quickly, taking in the well fitting jeans, the tanned boots and pale blue shirt which Sam was wearing that evening and allowed him self to briefly imagine what Sam would look like without the clothing.

"Maybe they are talking" Gabriel countered, pulling his eyes away from Sam with difficultly as he looked around the room again, his eyes scanning for anything which might have appeared unusual. There was nothing, wherever the witch was they certainly were doing a good job at blending into the crowd.

"Did you actually want to talk to me or did you just want to discuss our brothers because some of us do have a job which needs to be doing" Sam pointed out, waving his hand at the crowds surrounding them, drinking and laughing and clearly having a good time.

"What's the rush Sam?" Gabriel asked as he leaned against the counter one hand absently stroking the rim of his beer bottle, he watched with a slight smirk as Sam's eyes dropped to the movement, watching for a split second before he looked back up with an unimpressed look which made a part of Gabriel squirm inside though his smirk remained fixed on his face. Gabriel had faced bigger challenges then Sam in the past and he had always gotten his man in the end, it wouldn't be any different in this case, he would make sure of it.

"Look around you" Sam stated bluntly. "What do you actually see because I see a packed place full of people who need serving, so either start talking Gabriel or stop wasting my time and let me get on with my job."

"What about the blond boy" Gabriel remarked quietly. "What did you call him earlier? Adam? Why not call him down, maybe he could serve me if you're too busy to?" Gabriel's eyes narrowed slightly as he caught the flash of emotions which came to Sam's eyes at the mere mention of Adam, the most recognisable one being protectiveness. Clearly the kid was important to Sam which meant there was a good chance that he was also important to Dean.

Gabriel stored the knowledge away to use on a different date; somehow he had the feeling that it would be a useful thing for him and Castiel to know for future reference, perhaps a way for them to get Sam and Dean to talk to them.

"Adam's busy upstairs, I'm not going to disturb him because you fancy a chat" Sam answered attracting Gabriel's attention away from his thoughts and back to the tall man in front of him.

"Well we wouldn't want to disturb him now would we" Gabriel agreed with a shrug, his eyes flickered up, meeting Sam's thoughtfully. "So tell me about you and your brother Sam, how long have the pair of you owned this place or does it actually belong to someone else and you merely both work here for fun?"

He watched the small frown come to Sam's face, he looked almost confused as though this was the last thing he expected Gabriel to ask him, he couldn't blame him but Gabriel always liked keeping those he was interested in off balanced, it helped keep things amusing for him.

"The place is ours" Sam answered after a pause. "It's been passed down through the family for as long as I can remember."

"A family business hey?" Gabriel said, dropping his hand from his bottle to the counter surface, tapping his fingers against the smooth wood absently in a random beat. "They can be a right bitch can't they? Always stopping you from doing what you want to do because you feel as though you have to join the business. Everyone else in your family has so why should you escape the same fate; if you try then you'll merely have to endure the disappointed looks from letting them all down yet again." Gabriel stopped abruptly, blinking as he realised what he had been saying.

Damn Sam was easy to talk to; he would have to be careful about what he actually revealed to the younger man and not allow pair of big hazel eyes distract him from his two goals.

Finding information about the witch and destroying her and also getting Sam into bed, at that moment in time, staring at Sam's closed off expression he wasn't sure which one would be more difficult to accomplish.

"It sounds like you have some experience in family business as well Gabriel, is that what you and Castiel do for a living? Something which your family has done before you perhaps?" Sam asked casually, looking away from Gabriel to study his fingernails thoughtfully.

"Maybe I do and maybe I don't Sam, maybe I just don't like family businesses on principle. Besides if I'm giving you information about myself then I feel that it's only fair that you give me something back. Maybe a date so we can carry on discussing this when you're not so busy?" Sam's eyes shot up and he frowned slightly as he searched Gabriel's eyes. For an instant Gabriel was positive that Sam was reading his mind but he pushed the thought away, the other man simply had an extremely intense gaze at times, just like Dean did.

"You're the one who wanted to talk for twenty minutes right now Gabe" Sam pointed out "If you wanted it to be a game where we each revealed something out ourselves or you wanted a date then you probably should have laid that out in the terms and conditions you gave me before I agreed to this." He flashed Gabriel a bright smile, glancing to the side when a red head of medium height appeared suddenly next to Sam, placing a slim hand on his side and shoving against him, making a sound of annoyance when Sam remained on the spot. His smile turned natural as he looked down at the girl.

"Sam" she whined giving up pushing him with a sigh.

"Can I help you with something Charlie?" Sam asked with a raised eyebrow. The girl Charlie breathed out nosily, taking a step back away from him and placing her hands on her hips, tilting her head back so she could glare into Sam's amused face.

"You could move, that would be a big help" she pointed out. "I need to get into the fridge that your stupidly big frame is blocking." Sam grinned, moving slightly to the side so she could open the fridge in question and pull out two chilled bottles of lager. She pushed the door shut, her eyes lingering on Sam for a moment before they moved onto Gabriel staring at him unblinkingly as though he was a puzzle she had just discovered and wanted to solve. Gabriel made him self keep her gaze, raising a questioning eyebrow at her.

She was pale he noticed with large dark brown eyes set in a fairly pretty face. There was a look of intelligence in her eyes which he noted as something to look out for in the future. Gabriel frowned slightly when Sam placed a protective hand on her slim shoulder and gave her a slight push down the bar, his hand keeping her from stumbling.

"I'll be a few minutes Charlie and then I'll help you out with the usual suspects" he remarked, nodding his head towards the growing crowd.

"Okay, where has Adam gone by the way, he was here a short time ago" she asked curiously, glancing back at him over her shoulder. Sam shrugged.

"He went upstairs to speak to Dean and then didn't come down when Dean did so I'm guessing he got the unpleasant job of covering Dean" Charlie's face brightened as she looked around her.

"Dean is down here?" she asked "Where is he?"

Before Sam could answer a sharp cold breeze penetrated the room, Gabriel shivered in it, automatically turning to look at the source. His eyes widened when he saw Dean stroll back into the room minus Castiel. Gabriel sucked in a breathe, pushing him self away from the packed bar area and through the thick crowd. He was aware of Sam's eyes on the back of his head but he ignored it, his gaze intent on the door as one thought floated through his head.

Where the hell was his brother?

He twisted his head to look at Dean as they passed each other but the other man ignored him, looking deep in thought. Gabriel thought about grabbing his arm and twisting it hard around his back, demanding he tell him where Castiel was. H ignored the instinct warning him to stay away from Sam's brother but he ignored it, reaching out towards Dean's arm when another blast of cold air attracted his attention. He glanced at the door, his shoulder slumping down as Castiel walked in, his eyes automatically fixing on Dean's back.

Gabriel dropped his arm and hurried over to his brother who looked towards him curiously. Gabriel gritted his teeth, gripping Castiel's arm as he pulled him over to the corner of the room.

"Are you okay?" he demanded quietly, his eyes looking Castiel up and down as he searched for any sign of injury. Castiel blinked at him tone, looking at him in confusion.

"Of course I am" he replied slowly. "Why wouldn't I be?" he demanded, tilting his head to the side. "What's gotten into you?" Gabriel threw his arms into the air, lifting his eyes to the roof and casually prayed for strength.

"Because you went outside with Dean alone and then you didn't come in with him. I-" his voice trailed off as he shrugged. "It just made me think of Raphael that's all" he said quietly

"Oh" Castiel said, a flicker of pain coming to his face as he glanced to the side of the room, nervously licking his lips. "Well as you can see I'm fine"

"What happened out there?" Gabriel asked "Did you solve your unfinished business?"

"No" Castiel answered looking awkward as he reached up and ran his hand through his hair. "We… we just talked"

Gabriel stared at his brother, his mouth falling open slightly in surprise.

"You just talked" he repeated in disbelief. "Let me get this straight Cassie, you took the guy you've been lusting over from the minute you laid eyes on him, outside away from prying eyes and you merely talked? I thought you'd be all over him like a rash or something" For an instant Castiel looked embarrassed before he shrugged.

"Well you guess wrong Gabe, not all of us are like you remember, there are some of us who actually like to take our time over things like this." He looked around him. "Did you manage to find out anything which might be useful to us when it comes to the witch?" Castiel asked, swiftly changing the subject.

Gabriel nodded, his eyes flickering away from his brother to focus on Sam and Dean thoughtfully. They were both speaking to each other about something. His eyes narrowed slightly watching as they both glanced to the side of them when the blond boy from earlier appeared from out back with a displeased expression on his face as he headed towards the pair of them.

"Yeah Cassie" he said with a slight smile. "I think the key to it is walking right towards Sam and Dean. We need to have a word with Adam because I'm pretty positive that it's through Adam that we can get Sam and Dean to open up" he stated.

Castiel remained silent for a moment watching the same scene as Gabriel before he shrugged and spoke.

"Adam it is then."

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