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"Would you like to grande size that?"

"Yes please!" I answer without hesitation. It's almost a reflex. Well, when I have the money for it. I fish in my pockets for my change and hand it to the lady behind the counter.

My food arrives quickly, and I take the tray and go to sit down at the table where Kim is waiting. As soon as I'm seated, Rufus jumps from my pocket, eyeing the food excitedly. I grin.

"Go ahead, buddy. But leave some for me!" Rufus rubs his hands together before proceeding to dig in to the serving of nachos.

"I'll never understand the appeal..." Kim says from across the table, looking somewhat displeased at Rufus's chomping.

"Maybe one day, KP," I reply, taking some nachos for myself. "Anyway! What are we doing after this?" I ask.

"I dunno, a movie? You could come back to my place, I think the tweebs are at a friend's house." The 'tweebs' are Kim's twin brothers, Jim and Tim. They're a source of constant irritation for her.

"They're out again? Since when have they been so popular?" I wonder aloud. Kim laughs, and I can't help but smile.

"They're not. For all we know, they could be off working on some dangerous project. I think they just know that Friday nights are my Ron nights, so they give us space," she explains. I feel the smile on my face grow at the mention of her 'Ron nights'. I love it when she says that.

Suddenly, Kim's phone beeps, and she picks it up to see who texted her.

"It's Josh," she says, looking at the screen. My smile falters.

"Oh. Are you guys...?" I leave the rest of the question hanging.

"Yeah, we are," Kim answers. Inevitably, my heart sinks. Josh Mankey has been Kim's on/off boyfriend for ages now, and I've lost track of how many times they've 'broken up' or 'grown apart'. I try not to get my hopes up, but each time it happens anyway. Kim's never seemed to notice. I just stay quiet and put up with it. After all, that's what friends are for.

She replies to the text and returns her phone to her pocket.

"He was just wondering if I was free tonight, so I reminded him that it's Friday..." Kim says. I wonder if that makes him jealous, and I feel a bit smug.

Rufus nudges the hand I'm resting on the table and looks up at me, gesturing to the empty tray beside him. I'd completely forgotten about the food.

"That is not what leaving me some looks like!" I exclaim. He grins and jumps down from the table into my pocket. I sigh and look back up at Kim.

"So, your place?" I ask.

"My place," she agrees.