Author Letter: This story came into my mind earlier today, 1/26/13. Please enjoy this story that I have created. All credit goes to Kentaro Yabuki, and those who created the show Black Cat. Thank you.

Chapter 1: Arrival

Always battling for Chronos, and world peace. That's basically my job in the secret organization, that owns one forth of the world. Chronos. It's not unusual for me other the other Numbers here. Battling the enemies keeps my anger under control, but I like to let is lash out when I battle. Name is Baldorias S. Fanghini, but everyone else just calls me Baldor for short, in Chronos I mean. Currently right now I am bored, out of my head.

Today would be like any other day, but it's not. We had a visitor coming to Chronos, and it's rare for us to get visitors. Kranz here said it was his cousin, and that his cousin is visiting for a month or two. I don't find it quite interesting at all. Usually by now I would be wrecking up the training room, but Sephiria, Belze and Maison told me keep my anger in check while she is here. Can't believe to say it, but currently I am really bored.

"So when will your cousin get here, Kranz? Cause if she doesn't get here in the next twenty minutes, I'll be destroying something soon."

Kranz didn't give me an answer at all. It's not unusual for him to not give us an answer. He's just like this a lot of times. Still feel a bit sorry for him losing his eye sight though. Lost it in battle a few years back, but he found another way to battle against his opponents.

"Her car just pulled up."

I watch Kranz get up, and head to the front door area. With that special helmet of his, he can hear things that normal people can't. Still creeps me out a small bit, but as long as it helps Kranz, then it's fine by me. Down the hallway, I could hear a bit of talking from two people coming towards us, Kranz and someone else that we don't know of. Probability that it is his cousin. We saw them walk into the room, and I could feel my eyes grow wide.

Kranz's cousin looks were a bit off, when Kranz told us what she looked like a long time ago. Her hair was a dark brown, with a lock of maroon hair hanging over her green right eye. Dark blue jeans, black long sleeve shirt, and at least one inch and a half heels.

"So that's your cousin, that's staying here for a while?"

"Yes, this is Eliza."

She remained quiet to us, and I could see a small hint of pink in her cheeks. And I realized that she is a bit of the shy type, when meeting new people.

"She's a quiet thing huh?"

"Not all of the time, she's major in the music business and all. Though she is never this quiet. Usually she is just all talk, and creating lyrics to the music. Wonder what's going on in her head."

"Whatever goes on in her head, I don't care about. She's your cousin, you do what you want with her Kranz."

I pop a piece of gum in my mouth, and walked out of the room. Can't do much when she's around now, so boredom will set in quickly for me. Reaching my room, I closed and lock my door behind me. I needed alone time away from everything, that is going on currently. My head was hurting a small bit, so I just lay down and relaxed for a bit till it stop.

My eyes busted open, much later on that day. From what I could tell from the sun angle, it was a bit past three o' clock. Getting up I walked out of my room, and enter the den. Kranz was asleep on the couch, while his cousin Eliza was doing some paper work.

"I can see that you're awake now."

"Yeah so, who cares if I'm awake or not. It's not like I'm not going to wake up ever again."

"I wouldn't joke about that if I was you. Cause who knows one day you're awake, and the next you never wake up to the sun again. And if you don't ever wake up to the sun again, that means your either comatose or dead."

I could feel myself prod up, from her words. She just turned my own words against me, and made it a fact.

"You know you got some nerve to stand up to me like that!"

"Well maybe you should at least be considerate of your words, and how you say them so I won't turn them against you!"

"Maybe you should keep your little sentences in your head, so you won't turn them against me!"

"You should at least keep your anger in check! If you let your again out like this on the battle field, then that fine! But when you're talking to someone like me, that is not fine one bit!"

We remained quiet for the next few minutes, glaring at each other. I hated how she was able to turn things against me. She has guts to argue against me, that for sure. Quickly enough, I grabbed her arm tightly and quickly snapped at her, "Just to let you know, both me and Kranz are maniac's in battle. So if you defy Chronos in anyway at all, I swear I will be the one to handle you."

I saw her eyes grow wide, and took a step back from me while looking away. Kranz told us two days ago, not to tell her about how we battle. Well I snapped it right into her. I looked over at Kranz, and he was still sleeping.

"So your maniac's in battle, huh?"

"Yeah we are, but that's only in the battle field. Everyone in Chronos is use to us wreaking havoc everywhere we battle. For now don't worry about it, alright. It's just part of our daily lives, in Chronos I mean."

"What about those innocent lives out there, where you battle. Like in a city for instant, what happens to them?"

"Hah, they flee the area right when trouble starts. So they get out of our way, and they don't get hurt."

Eliza had a bit of belief in her eyes, after what I had said. We stood there looking at one another for a while, our eyes didn't part from another and I could see a tinge of red in her cheeks.

"Well I'm betting no one showed you around Chronos at all. So come on, I'll give ya a tour around."

Eliza just followed me around, as I gave the tour around Chronos. She remained quiet, as I told her a few things about the area's that we were in. She seemed pretty much quiet, unless I gave her a question about a thing or two of herself.

Nightfall soon reached over Chronos, and I realized that it was late, close to being almost seven o' clock.

"Why don't I show you your room, and you can get settle."

I lead her to her room, and left Eliza there to get settle. Entering my room, I finally let my emotions out. I could hear my heart beating in my ears, and feel myself breathing hard. I felt a bit strange, but I just couldn't describe it at all. It was something new alright, but it's something I never experience before in my life. Whatever it is, it all began when I first saw Eliza.