Chapter 2: Wondering

The morning soon came the next following day. My head was having a major headache, and I already taken two aspirins for it. Wish that is would stop hurting, already by now.

"Curse my stupid head."

I decided to suck up to it, and continue out the rest of the day. Walking out of my room, I walked to the den and notice Eliza, Jenos, Kranz, and Nizer were the only ones in the room. Eliza was the only one to look up at me, and her eyes went wide. She moved quickly enough, and touch the sore area of my head. Her fingers were cold, and they felt good against my head.

"How did you get that wound there, Baldorias? I mean they weren't there yesterday."

"Wait. . . .what do you mean? What wound?"

"The one right above your right eye. I swear don't you even bother with looking in a mirror?"

The area that she was carefully touching with her could fingers stung a small bit. I felt myself flinch a bit, in pain. Everyone in the room was staring at me, and I could see that Eliza had a caring nature just like Sephiria has. They were both mother-like to everyone.

"I have no clue, I guess that's why my head is hurting. Either way I have no clue on how I got it in the first place."

"Well you not knowing how you got it, does us not good. Well lets get your wound taken care of, cause we don't want it to get worse."

Eliza grabbed my by the arm, and dragged me to the infirmary room. The wound over my eye began to hurt more by the seconds. The pain was starting to make me grieve in pain.

"Hey, Eliza. Can you do me a favor?"

"What's the favor, Baldor?"

"Can you keep your hand on my wound? Cause right now it's currently hurting worse, and your hand against it eases the pain."

"Sure, I guess that's alright with you."

She pressed her hand against my wound, and the coldness of her fingers started to ease the pain. Finally we reached the infirmary, and she handed me a pack of ice. I leaned back against one of the beds, and my eyes began to close on me. I heard the sound of running feet, and someone faintly calling my name. Blackness took over me, and it seemed like hours before my eyes finally opened.

"Had us worried there for a moment Baldor. You been only out cold for just four hours. Well at least your not in a coma. You're pretty much luck, but next time who knows."

"Jenos, why don't you just shut up already. Damn it, there is another reason for my head to hurt."

"Dude relax for a bit. The wound is still pretty nasty, but we have it wrapped up. So don't do any battling for a while."

I gave out a little grunt, and Jenos let out a heavy sigh.

"He's your problem, not mine."

Peeking out from under my arm, the infirmary door closed and Jenos was gone. The only person left here was Eliza, and she had a bit of a worried look on her face.


"Oh, just wondering if you need anything, that's all."

She remained quiet for a while, and I kept my eyes on her. She kept looking down at her hands, which were on her lap. Every minute or so she would look up at me, then look away.

"Alright go ahead, and say what's on your mind already. And sorry for making my voice sound angry with you, Jenos gets on my nerves."

"I don't get it and all, put I feel like there is a connection between the both of us. It's been on my mind all day, since we first saw each other."

I stared at Eliza with a bit of wonder in my eyes. I nearly got what she said there, and thought about her words. From the connection part, I could feel it, and it's been on my mind since yesterday night.

"You know the whole connection thing. Well I kind of get it, but not by a long shot."

"It's confusing, huh? But it will all piece together, one day I mean."

"Yeah it will."

We both stared at each other, and I gave her a small grin and she gave me a grin back. Sitting up, I didn't realize how close she was sitting next to me. I faces were only inches apart, once again.

"I better get going, who knows what they might need me for."

"Are you sure about that, Baldor? I mean that wound could affect you majorly in battle."

"You need to stop worrying so much. I'm a Number, plus I had wounds more serious then this from stronger opponent's. So stop worrying about me so much, cause you don't need too."

I ruffled her hair a bit, and walked out of the room. She had a bit of a dazed look, when I left her behind in the room. I managed to get back to my room, on my own without trouble. There was nothing left for me to do now. Just when I lay down on my bed, someone knocked on my door.

"Come in."

The door open just long enough to let someone in, then it closed. I remained quiet, and look at the shadow figure. Standing up, I cracked open the my blinds, letting in the late afternoon sunlight. From across the room, standing by the door I saw Eliza.

"why did you tell me not to worry about you? I mean there is always something to worry about."

"Well, I'm a Number and we are harder to take down. Plus we take care of ourselves, so stop worrying already."

From the way her eye's were looking at me, she was still worrying. I pulled her close into a hug, and held her like this for a few minutes. I could easily smell her scent, on how close I was to her. Eliza smelled just like lilac's with a hint of lavender. She squirmed a bit and managed to wrap her arms around me. Finally enough I let go of her, but she still held onto me.

"Eliza, it would be best if you let me go now, cause we don't want the others to find us like this."

"Oh right. Sorry about that, Baldor. I better go find Kranz."

I watch her leave the room, and fell onto my bed. I felt even more closer to Eliza then what I realized. I'm betting she feels the same, too. I kept my eyes close for a small bit, and my mind began to wander into a dream. . . . .

The area was covered with grass and patches of flowers here and there. Running right through the middle of the area was a streams. Close to the stream, I saw Eliza sitting by it. She turned to face me, and I walked over to her. Gently I picked her p, and carried her in my arms. Staring down at her face she happily grinned at me.

"You can set me down on feet now, Baldor."

Gently I set her down on her feet, and cradle her face with my hands.

"Sorry about that, Eliza."

She wrap her arms around my neck, and I pulled her close to me. I busted up from my sleep, and look around my room. Sweat slid down my face and neck, and I was breathing heavily.

The dream was still lingering in my head, and I couldn't stop thinking of it. It was all so real, and I wonder if it would be real. I look down at my hands in my lap, and shook my head. My breathing was still heavy, and the door to my room open.