I never told you…

I never told you what you mean to me, and now it's to late as I lay in a pool of my own blood. I
told you I was going off for battle…

You begged me not to go…

I said I would be fine, be back before dawn, in bed by your side. That was a lie. The mission had
gone all wrong, the other pilots had been defeated and I was on my own. I fought as long as I
could. There was no other choice. I had to protect the ones I loved, I couldn't let them suffer.

I self destructed…I did it for you my love…

The others are going to tell you, you'll probably cry. Go ahead and cry. It will help ease the pain.
But don't cry forever…

Be happy. Find another lover, he'll treat you the way I treated you…protect you the way I
protected you…

I never told you how beautiful you were…you stole my heart the moment I saw you, your
luminous eyes were that of an angel. Your features were so soft, your hair as soft as silk, I am
going to miss running my fingers through your hair.

You showed me what it was like to live…showed me fun, laughter…you showed me how to
love. I thank you for that.

I am afraid the world is turning black now…I can hear my friends screaming name, and yet I
don't. I close my eyes and I can see your smile. I have one regret…

I never told you I loved you.

* * * * * * *

I can feel light hitting my face. Am I going to heaven? Am I being sent to hell? No…I can see
you, your beautiful bluish eyes glossed over with tears. My angel…

"I must be in heaven"

She speaks with a shaky but playful tone. "Your not dead, silly. Your in the hospital!" You begin
to sob and wrap your arms around my bandaged body. "I thought you were going to die! I was so

After letting her cry on my chest for a few moments I take her hands, holding them softly. I give
her a weak smile and say in a whisper:

"I love you."