This is a story I'm posting for a friend: Artemis the Moon Maiden

It's Haruka's birthday today! So here's a little something Arty wanted to celebrate it with!

Haruka sighed. She hated her birthday. Well hated celebrating it. Haruka just found it as...over rated in a way. But of course, knowing Michiru she'd go all out and hit her when she least expect it with a whole lot of cake, balloons, a swarm of guest (most of which Haruka wasn't so fond of) and a mountain of presents. Most likely clothes. Probably because Setsuna just loved androgynous fashion.
But not this year. No this year was way different. If Michiru thought she'd get away with it she was way wrong. Haruka wasnt stepping out of her room. Not an inch. At least...that's what she thought.

"Okay fine Haru. If you dont come out Im coming in." Michiru said after an hour of banging on the door. Haruka sighed and unlocked the door cause it'd save Michi time from pick locking.

The wavy haired violinist stepped in wearing a robe.

Haruka raised a brow. 'Tricky girl...'

Michiru rolled her eyes. "Oh Haruka, trust me no one's here. I only came to return your credit card." Haruka scoffed. "Dont you have money?"

Michiru nodded smugly. "Dont try to get mad with me, Ten'o. Besides, I bought you a present."

"What is it? Another surprise party?"

"Nope." Michiru said and threw off her robe. Haruka stared at her wide eyed. 'She bought skimpy underwear?! With my credit card?!' Haruka thought.

Michiru smiled and walked towards Haruka and placed a small kiss on her lips. "Happy birthday." she said.

Haruka smiled. Maybe birthdays weren't so over-rated.