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Every Breath

(The first chapter: Written Originally by—DarolineWritingGoddess)

Damon Salvatore was dying from an incurable werewolf bite… Even as this thought ran through Caroline Forbes' mind a thousand times seemed just impossible. She should have been the one who was dying, not him. Why would he put himself at risk to save her from all people? Didn't he hate her? He knew that a werewolf bite was fatal to vampires but he still jumped in front of Tyler and took the bite.

Caroline stared blankly at her bedroom door where Elena had just left from telling her about Damon. She felt guilty…but she had absolutely no reason to feel guilty. This was still the same Damon Salvatore who used her as his own personal blood bank. Caroline hadn't forgiven him for using her the way that he did, she wanted him to apologize to her. But she knew that was impossible, this was Damon…he never apologized…

Caroline sighed running a hand through her blonde hair as she stood up from sitting down on her bed, unable to sit still anymore. She began to pace the room with her hand still in her hair when her mom came into the room not that she noticed her mom or anything.

"Care…what's wrong?" Liz asked worriedly as she watched her daughter pace her room back and forth.

At the sound of her voice, Caroline couldn't help but jump a little. She looked over at her mom and blinked.

"When did you get there?" Caroline asked confused.

Liz held back a laugh, "Just a couple seconds ago Care…"

"Oh…" Caroline muttered, stopping her pacing. She sat back down on her bed and she placed her hands delicately on her lap as she looked down at them, "Did you hear what happened?"

Since she was looking down, she didn't see the confused look on her mom's.

"No…what is it?" Liz questioned as she took a seat next to her daughter.

For some reason tears filled Caroline's eyes but thankfully since she was still looking down at her hands, her mom didn't see the tears.

"Damon's dying," Caroline said in a whisper that was so quiet that her mom couldn't hear her. "He jumped in front of me…and took the bite for me…" She continued in a whisper. "And now…he's dying…all because of me…"

Her hands clenched into fists on her lap.

Liz looked on in confusion and worry. "Care, what are you talking about?" she asked as she placed a hand on her shoulder. She felt Caroline tense at her touch causing her to pull her hand back, "Honey…I can't help you if I don't know what's wrong."

"Damon's dying dammit!" Caroline exclaimed, her head snapping up in one quick motion. More tears filled her eyes making her eyes blurry. "Tyler was about to bite me…but Damon jumped in front of me and took the bite…" The tears slipped down her face and she held back a sob as she covered her face with her hands. "It's all my fault…"

She still had no idea why she was feeling this way. Damon was the one who jumped in front of her and took the bite. She didn't make him do that…but then why did she feel so guilty about it? This made absolutely no sense at all. Caroline removed her hands from her face once she was sure her tears had stopped filling her eyes. She let out a sigh as she rested her head on her mom's shoulder. Caroline didn't look at her mom's face not wanting to see her reaction to what she just told her.

The look of disbelief was clear on Liz's face. Did she hear right? Damon was dying from a werewolf bite that should have killed her daughter… She felt saddened by the news but she couldn't help but feel grateful to Damon for saving her only daughter. Liz looked down at her daughter who still had her head on her shoulder and she wrapped a arm around Caroline's shoulders.

"Why don't you go see him?" Liz asked.

Caroline snorted unladylike, "Yeah he'll just love seeing me…he doesn't like me…never has…and never will." Why did she feel a pain in her hearts as she said those words?

Liz doubted her daughter's words. If he didn't like her then why would he save her? She voiced her question out loud.

"Well…if he doesn't like you then why would he save you from a werewolf bite?"

"I don't know…" Caroline said.

She wasn't lying…she really didn't know why he saved her. It was probably because of Elena. Wasn't it always? He probably saved her because he knew it would get on Elena's good side. Elena was one of her best friends but … why was it that she was the one who got all of the attention?

What was so special about her that they had to drop everything to save the girl? It didn't matter if she betrayed the one that she loves, she was always the one that needed saving. And she was caught in the middle of a love triangle with Stefan and Damon Salvatore, the two hottest guys on the planet. Sure Caroline hated Damon for treating her the way that he did but she couldn't lie and say that Damon wasn't hot…because he was and even he knew it. Caroline realized then and there that she was going to miss him. With that thought in mind, she stood up from her bed startling her mom from the sudden movement.

"I'm going to see Damon," Caroline told her Mom. "I need to say g-goodbye." Her voice choked up at the word 'goodbye and tears filled her eyes as she realized that this was going to be the last time she saw him. It confused her to no end why she even cared that this would be the last time she saw but she did.

Caroline quickly left her room before her mom could say anything to her.

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