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Chapter 1: Anticipation

The ice princess walked down the vast hallways of the Ice Palace with a small skip in her step. Her giddy appearance was pretty apparent. In just a few days time she would be betrothed, and could hardly contain her excitement.

'Soon I will have my happily ever' the princess thought with a broad grin as she entered the grand dinner hall.

"Hina!" her younger sister called out to her once Hinata sat down at the dinner table. "You're so lucky!" Hinabi was one for romance. She too wanted to get married very soon.

"Maybe so...but you too will be blessed with the same luck." She told her sweetly, wanting for Hinabi to achieve her desire yet not wanting her to grow up so soon.

Dinner was served shortly. A peasant would have said it was the feast of the gods, but for royalty it was just an everyday thing. There was always plenty of food left behind that servants could throw out to the rustics later.

Halfway through dinner, King Hiashi cleared his throat, getting everyone's attention.

"Hinata you must start packing immediately." He said with a strong voice. "It is a day's travel to the Land of Fire. You will ride by carriage."

"Are Hinabi and you accompanying me?" Hinata asked, not wanting to be alone on this trip.

"Unfortunately we can't come along. We'd love to but there are very crucial matters here that need to be handled first."

The princess's throat grew dry. This is what she had hated for years. He always put everything or anything possible before Hinata. It even seemed that he favored Hinabi more than her. Was this wedding just a task for him to get her off of his hands?

Feeling these familiar sentiments rise within her, Hinata cut another slice of meat and put it into her mouth, the lamb seeming to have lost all of its taste.


Hinata started packing the many clothes she had in her wardrobe. Most of them were frilly dresses, alluring gowns, and sophisticated-looking skirts. While digging through her enormous closet, she spotted a pale pink box tied with a thin, purple ribbon. She didn't recall seeing that before. Placing it in her lap, she carefully untied the delicate string and opened the box. The first thought that came to the princess's mind was that this item must have been part of a prank. It was lace pink lingerie, adorned with straps and all. Hinata knew exactly who had done this. She giggled and closed the box, fully aware of the soft blush that adorned her cheeks. 'If I were to wear that for him…' she couldn't even finish her thought without feeling her stomach turn to mush.

There was a small knock coming from her door. "Come in!" she called and continued stuffing clothes into her many suitcases.

"Princess…" the voice came from her head servant, Deidara. "Do you need any help?"

"I would appreciate it."

They were silent most of the time as they quickly finished packing. All the clothes the princess wanted was kept in 3 big wooden chests. She made sure not to forget the little "gift".

"Thank you Deidara." She bowed politely.

"You are too kind princess." Deidara grinned. "It was a pleasure to help you." He bowed as well.

"What the king didn't mention was that I would be accompanying you on this trip."

"That's wonderful." She smiled. At least she would have someone to socialize with. The blond kissed her hand lightly and smiled at her, a look of pure endearment within his blue hues.

"You should get to sleep Princess."

"Alright Deidara-kun, goodnight!"

"Goodnight." He departed leaving Hinata alone in her bedroom. She put on her gown and slipped into bed.

"I wonder what he's doing right now…" she was thinking of the Fire Prince, Sasuke, the one she would be betrothed to. From his dark onyx eyes, to his courageous attitude, Hinata thought he was perfect for her. She stared at the ceiling, mentally beckoning sleep to come to her. Tonight would pretty much be a sleepless night anyway.


The prince was excited as well. He'll be a married man. The downside was that he could no longer flirt and play with the attractive women he came across. It was time for him to grow up anyway. A couple years from now he would fully be in charge over the Fire Kingdom. It was really because his older brother had been banished from the kingdom.

At the moment, the prince was standing at his balcony that overlooked the rolling wheat plains of the Fire country. 'When the hell are they going to harvest all of that anyway?' this was a trivial thought that appeared in the young man's mind. He didn't bother himself much with the actions of the peasants, so anything on the outside was clearly foreign to him. Thinking back to Hinata, Sasuke was actually pleased that he would marry her. He had been infatuated with her at a very young age. She was truly, 'the perfect girl'.

Figuring that he might as well go to bed, he walked into his bedroom and closed the doors behind him. 'We don't need anyone trying to assassinate me tonight.' That was clearly his mild narcissism speaking to him.

He found his room a solitary, in which he could have his private moments. Even the prince's own living room wasn't private enough since servants would rudely barge in or pass by. Anyone wanting to contact him at this late hour would get his signature death glare and would narrowly escape without being excoriated.

Stripping down to nothing, he slipped into his own bed and sighed. His eyes lingered on the whiskey that sat at his bedside table. He always liked a drink before going to bed. Tonight, he even doubted that liquor would coax him to sleep.

Tomorrow, preparation would be made for their wedding. This would really be an experience for him. He poured himself a glass and drank it all in one gulp. His mother would scold him if she saw him doing this right now. Setting the glass down on the table, Sasuke pulled the sheets of his bed up to his neck. Closing his eyes shut, he thought of Hinata, his approaching wedding and oddly, his brother.


The mysterious long-haired man observed the moon from the small window he had. Tomorrow was the day of the planned attack. They had prepared well, pinpointing the party's exact location around 12 o'clock noon. His spies had helped him greatly. He would take back the woman that had been taken away from him.

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