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On the christmas vacations I read a new book called The Eternal Ones, I was so enchanted with the main plot of the story that I've decided to make my Delena version of the story. I've always loved the idea of a soulmate or twinflame or whatever you want to call it, just the idea of knowing that there's someone out there for you and It's what I'm trying to portrair in this story.

I loved the first book but the second one was pretty much a dissapointmet to me and well that's another reason of why I want to try doing a Delena-Different version of it.

I'm not quite sure if I should continue with this, I guess that's up to you.

I really really hope that you enjoy this chapter and that you let me know what you think about it :)

As always I think to my beta Amy (xxxMrsSalvatorexxx) and to all of you who took the time to read this



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'All my life, my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name'

Andre Breton



Her life had never been easy, never. Since she was a little girl she was considerate and an outsider, the girl who disturbed the quiet place that Mystic Falls was. Because of her episodes people thought she was weird, crazy or even possessed by the devil.

Because of this Elena never really felt like part of that community, it was her home town but she always felt like the intruder there. It was a feeling that she couldn't quite explain with words…it was like being empty; her heart ached with the memory of another place, of another world. She knew that there was a place where she belonged; she just couldn't find it yet.

She never wanted the things that happened to her, but they happened anyway. When she was a little girl she thought of it as something normal, some kids had imaginary friends and well she had Ian. Back then she didn't know it was wrong to see those things so she couldn't shut up about him, it wasn't until she started to see the terrified expression on her parents faces that she realized that she couldn't talk about him anymore.

Elena's parents took her to every doctor their money could afford, people prayed for her all of the time in church and even a priest tried to expel the devil out of her, because it wasn't normal that a little girl talked about a past life, knowing such specific details about a life she never lived and it certainly wasn't normal to have an eight year old talking about a man, a man that was hers.

But it wasn't hers; it was Amelia's, the girl with blonde hair and bright blue eyes. The one who appeared in her dreams, the one that swore eternal love to Ian, the one he loved back. Was she Amelia? Was reincarnation possible? She didn't know but her parents certainly didn't believe in any of those things.

So to be normal she pushed those memories in the deepest parts of her mind, every night before going to bed she prayed for a night void of dreams, even though it hurt her she didn't want to see his eyes anymore or taste his lips, she had to be normal for her family. So with time and the talks she had once a week with the priest of the church, the episodes stopped. Now she was eighteen and it had been almost five years since she'd had one.

But then again her life was never easy.

Elena Gilbert woke up that day in a very positive mood; she was just one week away from prom. Once the school year was over she would go to New York for college and her best friend Caroline would go to Chicago. She would miss her, but she knew that no matter what the distance was her friendship with Caroline would survive, she was like a sister to her.

Elena knew her parents didn't want her to go out of the state; they wanted her to go to the public university in Mystic Falls and stay at home forever, they were afraid that once she was out of the safe place the town was the episodes would start happening again, but she didn't care. Since she was a little girl she'd dreamed of going to NY, something was calling her there. And nothing was stopping her from following her dreams.

That morning her mother prepared pancakes for breakfast and her brother Jeremy had already eaten most of them; she sat down at the table and took a plate for herself while her mother poured some orange juice in a glass for her.

"Thanks mom." She said when her mother put the glass in front of her. She took the first bite of her food and closed her eyes for a moment; her mom did make the best pancakes ever.

"Do you have any plans for today Lena?" her mother asked nonchalantly while washing the dishes.

"Yes, Caroline is coming over so that we can practice for prom." Elena wasn't that excited about prom, everyone thought she was weird so why bother? But Caroline and Stefan insisted that she should go.

"Practice? For what?" Jeremy said with confused eyes.

"Our make-up and hair, you know that Caroline is crazy." Elena said with a smile before taking another bite.

"Of course she's not, she's right about all that, those are things you need to have ready when that day arrives." Miranda said, approaching both of her children. "Prom night is one of the most important nights of your life."

"It's even more important than your wedding." Jeremy said teasing his mother.

Miranda rolled her eyes at her young son and turned around to keep washing the dishes. "I'm just saying it's an important night." She murmured under her breath.

They kept eating in silence for a few more minutes, the only sound in the room was the one of the TV, Miranda was a fan of morning news so that's what they watched it every day during breakfast time.

"What's all the fuss about?" Jeremy said and Elena lifted her eyes to watch the scene on the TV.

"Oh it's about a young heir, Damon Salvatore. His father died last year and now he's the one who manages the company, they said he's one of the richest men in the USA." Jeremy and Elena both stared horrified at their mother. "What? I like watching the news." Both children couldn't help but laugh at their mother's expression. "Anyway, his girlfriend Katherine Pierce disappeared last week and he's the principal suspect."

"As if all his money couldn't get him out of that." Jeremy muttered with his mouth full of food.

"Well there's no actual proof that he did it, so…"

Elena knew that her mother was still speaking but she couldn't understand anything that was she saying, she couldn't hear or see or feel anything around her because her mind was focused on the face on the screen.

Damon Salvatore, an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia washed over her, he looked different but she knew, she knew it was him. The troubled look he portrayed touched the very depths of her soul. She had never seen his face before, but she knew the man.

"Ian…" That was the last word coming out of her mouth before everything turned to black.

"Do you love me?" his black eyes found hers in the mirror while he placed soft butterfly kisses on the exposed skin of her neck.

"You know I do." She answered breathlessly as she threw her head back against his shoulder.

"Then why don't you want to marry me?" the hurt in his voice was palpable and her heart broke at the sound.

"Ian, you know I want to be your wife more than anything." She turned her head so she was now staring directly into his eyes. "But I just want to wait until everything settles down." Her lapis lazuli eyes looked at him adoringly.

"I love you so much Amelia." He murmured before placing a soft kiss onto her lips. "I just want you to finally be mine."

"I am yours already."

Elena woke up with her heart beating at an inhuman speed, her forehead was covered in sweat and her head felt like it was about to explode, five years, almost five years without a blackout and now all of her progress had been thrown in the trash. Her parents would never let her leave town now. That man, the man on the TV, that was what triggered her blackout, but why?

"Oh Jesus, thank God you're okay!" the high pitched voice of Caroline made her turn to the left to watch her entering the room. "You scared the hell out of us."

"Did my parents let you in?" Elena murmured softly. She knew that her parents were ashamed of her, so they were going to try and hide her episode; that included not saying a word about it to Caroline.

"After a while, you know I can be very persuasive." The blonde girl gave her a warm smile and sat next to her on the bed. "Jeremy called." Elena smiled softly, Jeremy never felt ashamed of her, he was the only one in her family that wasn't scared of her or treated her like some freak.

"I have no idea what happened." Elena murmured more to herself than to her friend.

"Oh I think I do." Caroline said excitedly while placing her bag on top of the bed.

"What are you talking about?" Elena asked with confusion in her voice.

"You are not going to believe what I've found." Caroline said before pulling out a fat folder from her bag.

"What? Found about what?" Elena looked at her even more confused than before while propping herself up to sit up on the bed.

"About Damon Salvatore, Jeremy said that you fainted right after watching him on the screen." She opened the folder and scattered different sheets of paper on the bed. "He said you whispered Ian."

"I did?" Elena said softly not really remembering that piece of information. Could it be? Was Damon Salvatore the same man that used to appear in her dreams? No, that was impossible.

"Look, the girlfriend thing I bet you already know so we're going to skip that part, but look here." She handed Elena a picture of Damon entering a house with a red door. "He lives in New York."

"So?" The brunette asked confused.

"So? New York? You've wanted to go there your entire life!" the blue eyes of Caroline bored into her. "It's like a sign or something!"

"Caroline that doesn't mean anything."

"Okay, wait up." She looked through some sheets of paper and pulled out a drawing, she remembered that, she'd made it for her. "Remember when you were like seven and liked to draw everything around you, you gave me a lot of your drawings." Caroline said with a smile. "I still have all of them and look," she handed her a drawing of a house with a red door, a house that looked pretty much like the house Damon Salvatore lives in. "Creepy right?"

"How is this possible?"

"Because, maybe, just maybe you already know him, from another life." Elena could see the excitement on the blonde's face.

"You do know how stupid that sounds right?"

"Gosh, you've been having these memories or whatever since you were five years old, you should be more open minded than your parents." The blonde girl looked at her with an offended expression on her face.

"I'm sorry Care it's just… I can't believe this is happening to me."

"I know honey, but you're not the only one." She handed her a document that had a weird insignia on it. "This is the Luxengrid society." Caroline watched nervously while her friend read the entire document. "It's an institution for people that think they have past lives, if you want to find answers then go there."

"And it's in New York too." Elena muttered under her breath.

"Which leads us to… we need to go to NY."

"Are you insane?! My parents are hardly letting me out of the house now, much less going to NY." Elena said while closing her eyes and throwing herself onto the bed once again.

"Honey, you're eighteen. They can't stop you." Caroline placed a hand on top of her knee for reassurance. "You have saved every dime that you've earned from your jobs over the years, don't you think it's time to use it? And if you need more I can always give it to you."

"Caroline, the institution's probably just a fraud." Elena said shaking her head lightly.

"But maybe it's not." The blonde girl insisted. "Think about it Lena, Damon Salvatore could be your soul mate, the man you've dreamed of since you were five years old, he could be Ian."

"Look, let's say that I've been dreaming of another life, that reincarnation is possible and all that crap. How could Damon Salvatore be Ian?" Elena took different magazines that were scattered on the bed and held them in the air for Caroline to see. "He's a playboy, he has no other concern but to spend his family's money and now he's the principal suspect for his girlfriend's disappearance."

"Oh come on, you know how gossip magazines can be." Caroline said with a roll of her eyes. "When you saw Damon's face on the screen you fainted, you whispered Ian's name, plus he's like super-hot."

"And that's why he's my soul mate?" The brunette girl asked mockingly.

"Tell me that you didn't feel anything when you saw him." The blue eyes of her best friend looked deeply at her and Elena knew that there was nothing that she could hide from Caroline.

"So you want to go to New York?" Elena said to her friend, somehow already considering the blonde's idea.

"Well you need to figure this thing out and I'm not letting you go to a strange city alone." The wide smile that appeared on Caroline's face was contagious and Elena couldn't help but smile back at her.

"Why do you believe me?"

"Because Lena I've known you since preschool and I know that you're not crazy." Elena placed her hand on top of Caroline's and squeezed it softly. "Plus this is really romantic and I want to see the empire state." Both girls looked at each other for a moment before bursting into a fit of laughter that left both of them gasping for air.

"Caroline! Visiting time is over!" they could hear Miranda's voice coming from the stairs so they proceeded to pack away all of the papers that were on the bed while still catching their breath.

"We'll talk about this later Lena." Caroline murmured softly before placing a kiss on top of her friend's head. "This is going to be so much fun." Caroline whispered with a smile on her face before disappearing behind the door.

Elena closed her eyes briefly and flashes of Damon came to her mind, he looked different. Like he was from another time; the same beautiful face but a different time. Could Caroline be right? Was reincarnation possible?

Had Damon and her already met in another lifetime?

Damon was tossing and turning on the bed that night as sleep didn't seem to want to come anytime soon. He didn't know how much longer he could endure this torture, in the other lives he had never taken so long to find her.

On top of that the reporters didn't leave him alone about Katherine, and he had no idea where she was. Everything was going out of control, he was growing impatient with every day that passed, the need to find her was overwhelming plus he knew that there wasn't much time left, he had to find her soon.

He missed her, he missed her so much. He had been looking for her since he was four years old and now 20 years later she was still nowhere to be seen. What would her name be now? Would it be the same that it was the first time? His was after all. The anticipation was killing him! Maybe she was in some place in Africa or Asia and it would take him ages until he could be with her again.

He knew that there was something different this time, he looked exactly like he did in his first incarnation and that didn't happen very often. And that's why he was going crazy; if she looked the same too he was going to find her. Damon had no idea where Klaus was or what he was planning, he felt so helpless.

Over the last few years he had managed to appear on the TV several times, his family was one of the most important in the USA and once his father died the attention turned all on him, she was on his mind every time he accepted going on some TV show or being photographed, because maybe just maybe she was going to watch that show or buy that magazine and that way she'd know, she would recognize him and come looking for him.

He took a deep breath and rubbed his eyes softly, the ache in his heart was growing every minute, in that moment he realized that his gift was the worst of all, while all the others who came back had the chance to forget and start over he couldn't, every time he was reborn he remembered her and had the need to find her, he was hers, she owned him in every way possible.

He shook his head lightly while a twisted smirk appeared on his face, what was he talking about? He would gladly endure all the pain in the world and wait for a hundred years just to hold her in his arms one more time; she was all he'd ever needed.

Damon closed his eyes again, he started remembering the first time they met, two thousand years ago and the amazing years they'd spend together in that life, her long brown hair blowing in the wind and her doe eyes that stared deeply into his soul, the taste of her lips and the touch of her skin, that was the only thing that could lull him into sleep.

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