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We're all traveling through time together
Every day of our lives.
All we can do is do our best
To relish this remarkable ride.


How long will I love you -Ellie Goulding-


The light coming out from Elijah's hands knocked Klaus onto the ground. And then everything went silent, even the trees ceased their rustling; nothing could be heard

'The calm before the storm' Damon thought to himself. He felt his body getting cold and a sense of dread settled in his stomach.

Elijah walked two steps to the front before a hysterical laugh started to come out from Klaus's body "You really think you have the power to stop me, brother" He said and then slowly rose to his feet, an evil smirk present on his face "You are a fool" He spat as he started to walk closer to them "There's nothing you can do that'll stop me"

"You might be wrong about that, brother" Elijah responded calmly. Damon wondered how in the world that man could still be as collected as he was with everything happening around them.

"Really? What's your big surprise?" Klaus said with glee in his eyes "The little witch here?" He stared at Bonnie "She's nothing against me" He snickered "By the way, how's your grandmother doing, darling?" He taunted her

Bonnie's eyes flared with anger and before she could move towards him Alaric's arms were holding her back "Don't let him get to you" The young girl was still shaking from the force of her anger but nodded in response

Klaus laughed again, the sound of it being disturbing to the ears of the people around him "This is your great team brother?" He asked looking at Elijah "An alcoholic history teacher, a teenager and a freaking gardener" He shook his head "You really must be desperate"

"You have no idea" Elijah answered, now standing inches apart from Klaus

"Didn't Hayley's death teach you anything, Elijah? You can't beat me" Klaus spat and Elijah's body grew tense at the mention of the girl's name "But don't worry I'll let you leave, it's not you who I want tonight" His gaze shifted to Damon "Tonight I'm just killing him"

"I want to see you try" Damon answered

Klaus snarled and then threw his hands in the air, his blow sending Elijah, Bonnie and Alaric away. Their backs hit a tree and branches surrounded themselves around their bodies forcing them to stay still.

"This is between you and me, boy" Klaus walked closer to Damon, a fire was burning in his eyes and Damon felt his blood run cold at the sight. He knew there was a great chance that he couldn't return to Elena tonight but if Klaus could be destroyed then it would be worth it. Everything was worth it if it meant keeping her safe.

"I'm not scared of you" Damon spat at him

"You should be" Klaus gritted

Then surprising them both Damon threw a punch at Klaus's jaw, knocking him off balance momentarily. "You've ruined me over and over again Klaus, I won't let you do that again" Before Klaus could regain his composure Damon threw another punch, knocking him onto the ground. "I won't ever let you get to her"

Klaus started laughing while he spat blood onto the floor "Do you really think you'll be able to stop me?" He lifted his head to stare at the blue eyed man "You are nothing, Damon! You have no power against me, you never did" He slowly stood up "I will have Elena and this time it will be for forever"

Damon's eyes blazed with fury but before he could throw another blow Klaus hit him right in the nose "There's nothing you can do to stop me" Before Damon could respond an invisible force started to choke him. Just like it had happened with Rebekah, he could see Klaus's hands twisting in the air. His eyes shifted to the tree and he noticed that Elijah and Bonnie were liberating themselves and Klaus seemed oblivious to it. He was too focused on killing him.

"You'll never succeed" Damon spat in a chocked up voice as a smirk formed on his face. And even though the force around his throat was cutting almost all of his oxygen, he still managed to get words out, "You'll never make her love you"

"Shut up!" He yelled and Damon felt the force around his throat loosening up "She will love me"

"Keep fooling yourself" Damon said "You disgust her; she hates you for everything you've done! She will never love you!" Damon spat at him

Klaus's body started shaking from the force of his anger and next thing Damon was being thrown over the air, his body hit the back of a tree and fell unconscious to the floor. Klaus started walking towards him, to finish the job he had started hundreds of years ago when suddenly something stopped him.

His knees started to go weak and a heat started to expand in his chest, he turned around and saw Bonnie standing next to Elijah. The girl was chanting in some foreign language and he could feel the power emanating from her, he cursed under his breath, he had been a fool in not anticipating this before. She was stronger than what he had thought.

"The end has come, Niklaus" Elijah stated softly while walking towards him "You brought this upon yourself"

"Killing your own brother? Mother would be so ashamed of you" Klaus said while doubling himself in the floor, the pain was starting to paralyze him

"You don't even have the right to talk about her" Elijah leaned down, his face inches away from his brother's "The balance needs to be restored, Niklaus, it's the job we were sent to do" He took a deep breath before plunging his hand deep into his brother's chest

Klaus gasped and his eyes shifted to Damon, he was slowly rising from the ground next to the tree where he had sent him "You can never beat me, brother" Klaus rasped out "All you did was for nothing" Klaus spat while twisting his hand into the air right before Elijah ripped his heart out of his chest.

"DAMON!" Elijah could hear Bonnie and Alaric's voice from the distance but the only thing he could focus on was his bloodied hand and the organ resting in it. His brother's heart.

A single tear rolled down his cheek, both his siblings were now dead and he was the one responsible for it. He shook his head and cursed softly. They brought it upon themselves, he had only done what was right for the world.

"Elijah!" He heard his name being called and turned around to see Bonnie and Alaric standing next to Damon who was lying on the floor. He dropped Klaus's heart on top of his body and walked towards them.

"What happened?" He asked in his still calm voice

"He's dead, he's dead" Bonnie said in an almost hysterical tone

"What are you saying?" Elijah said before kneeling next to his body on the ground

"His heart isn't beating" Ric said in an absent mode. His eyes were completely fixated on his best friend's body lying on the ground.

Elijah remembered Klaus's final words 'All you did was for nothing' He killed him, his brother had killed Damon and now everything was messed up again. "He stopped his heart" He whispered "This can't be happening" He murmured "IT CAN'T!"

"How are we going to tell Elena?" Bonnie said between tears "God, it's not fair"

Alaric shook his head and got up; tears were starting to fall from his eyes. He cursed loudly and kicked the tree next to them.

"Damon can't die!" Elijah shouted

"I think it's a little late for that" Ric said in a bitter tone "In case you hadn't noticed, he already is"

"The balance needs to be restored" The elder man stated as he walked around the place like a mad man

"And Klaus is now dead" Bonnie pointed out

"And Damon too! Damon and Elena need to be together…they need to complete their destiny or the balance won't ever be restored" Elijah gripped his head with his hands "There must be something we can do…"

"There's nothing we can do!" Alaric shouted "Damon's dead and nothing can change that" His voice quivered "…we need to take his body back to Elena"

"We need to burn Klaus's body" Elijah said in a soft tone, ignoring Alaric's words

"What do you mean?" Bonnie asked in a trembling voice

"To make sure he never returns, his body need to be burned and his ashes must be placed on holy ground" Elijah explained

"Like a church?" Bonnie asked

"Something like that" Elijah answered absently. "Let's deal with his body and then we'll take Damon back to Elena" He whispered before staring at Damon's lifeless body.

He failed, he had failed again. Klaus beat them, just like he always did.

When they finally finished with Klaus's body the sun was starting to rise. The sky had an orange almost red tone in it and it appeared to be a cold morning. In spite of being summer in New York there was a chill rising in the air and none of them could protect themselves from it.

When they walked into the house they found everything to be completely quiet. They figured that everyone was still sleeping since it was still pretty early in the morning. Alaric and Elijah placed Damon in the couch and they started a fire, hoping to calm the coldness they were feeling inside.

Noises started to come from the hallway and seconds later Katherine walked in wearing some pink pajamas that belonged to Caroline. Her expression was full of happiness when she saw them standing there but then her eyes traveled to Damon and the smile fell from her face.

"Is he okay?" She asked in a trembling voice

Elijah looked at her with apologetic eyes but it was Alaric who decided to speak "He's dead" He said softly

"No" The model gasped and covered her mouth with her hand "It can't be" She murmured as the tears started to pool in her eyes "He won, Klaus won again" She looked at Damon's body and then closed her eyes

"Are they back?" Caroline's voice shouted from the hallway but no one could answer her. It was like the words were stuck in their throats.

"Kat, why aren't you answering us?" It was Elena's voice now. Katherine closed her eyes tightly and then heard the gasp that escaped the young girl's mouth. "What happened to him?" Elena rushed to Damon's side and touched his face. He was cold. "What happened to him?!" She shouted loudly and stared deeply into the handsome face of the man she loved.

"He-he…Klaus killed him" Bonnie answered in a trembling voice

"No, no it can't be" Elena cried "Damon, please" She pressed her forehead against his cheek "Please wake up, you promised me…you promised me you'd come back" She said between sobs.

She stared at his face, the lips she had kissed so many times, his closed eyes…she would never see those beautiful blue eyes again. She sobbed even harder as she thought of her life without Damon. He had always been a part of her, ever since she was a little girl, she dreamed of him and now… she couldn't phantom the idea of living in a world where he didn't exist. She couldn't. "Damon" She cried as she kissed his cold lips "Damon come back, please. Don't leave me here" This couldn't be happening, not after everything they had gone through.

Caroline started walking closer to her "Elena, darling, maybe you should-"

"NO!" She cried and gripped his shirt in her hands "I won't leave him, I won't ever leave him again" She buried her face in Damon's chest as she sobbed uncontrollably. "We're supposed to be together, he'll come back…he has to"

Caroline closed her eyes and felt tears falling down her cheeks, she hated seeing her friend like this. Katherine was crying silently near the fire place while watching Elena hold onto Damon's body. She couldn't believe the unfairness of the situation, Klaus had screwed them until the very end.

And Elijah paced like a mad man around the parlor. He had failed; his brother had ruined him in the last moment and got away with his plan. Damon couldn't be dead, it was not suppose to happen like this, he was suppose to complete his destiny. Only that way his task could be complete and he would experience some kind of peace, the peace his brother had stolen from him so many years ago.

He needed to fix things, there had to be a way. He just couldn't think right now with everything falling apart around him. He looked at the poor girl again crying over her dead boyfriend's body. She was so young and his brother had forced her to endure so much pain. Over and over again.

The eternal ones; always doomed to repeat life over and over again because of his brother's fault, he always thought of it as a curse, never being able to rest. But now he realized that for them that was a better fate than spending eternity alone. Like him. He could understand exactly what the girl was feeling because he had felt the same when Hayley died, like she took a part of him with her.

A part of him. Like two pieces broken in half.

Damon and Elena were one.

That was the solution.

He knew what he had to do now.

His brother didn't beat him. Not this time.

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