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This is my first Draco x Harry story, my first Harry Potter fic and my first fic not based on an anime so this is quite a few firsts but hopefully it will turn out alright. :)

I'm not sure about the title of this story but i've never been good at titles so this is named after a song. The song is in no way related to the story, I just though it might make a good title.

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Broken Like An Angel

Pain. Pain was all I could think of right now. It was all I could process and it was overwhelming. I felt the blows cease and the sound of a door closing but it was only a vague observation. I had dissociated from myself. I knew it was happening but I couldn't feel any of it. I was somewhere else trying to think of anything else and not what was happening to me. I knew that I'd have to return to myself but, based on past experiences, it would be after I had passed out. I always passed out; my body and mind just couldn't deal with all the pain and damage. As I had expected, blackness began to take over my vision and soon everything went black.

3 hours earlier

I walked up the magnificent driveway and stared at the spectacular manor in front me. I had seen it many times before, I lived there after all, but after having been away for a whole term I was flooded with relief at returning to it. Everything about it was grand and, though I could not describe it as cosy or particularly homely, it was my home. My mother had accompanied me from the station but my father was, of course, busy. He would be home later and, honestly, I wished he would somehow be delayed. I strode up the driveway and pushed the large wooden doors open in one confident movement. Everything was as it had been when I left 4 months ago; spotless and magnificent. I navigated around the familiar hallways and entered my bedroom. While not as awe-inspiring as the rest of the building, it was more comfortable and personal. The manor was designed to give the family a high class and intimidating reputation and it was very successful but to do so it sacrificed the cosy feeling that a home would usually have. My bedroom, however, was different. The room itself had not been designed for me specifically but I had decorated the room as I wanted it. This meant that, though it still had to look respectable, it was far more personal than the rest of the manor and I was glad for the change. I flopped down on my four-poster bed and closed my eyes, sighing in relief. I was happy to be home and the fact that my father wasn't here just made the return even better. Although life in the castle was good, it was nice to see my mother again even though I didn't show it much. I had missed the manor while I was away; it's peaceful but powerful atmosphere, the fact that I could do whatever I wanted and the emptiness. I can have as much time to myself as I want here with no one to disturb me.

I must have fallen asleep for a while as I woke up to a house elf in my doorway, nervously delivering a message.

"I'm most s-sorry to interrupt your n-nap Master Draco but dinner is served f-for you in the dining r-room."

Reluctantly I rose from the bed and followed after the house elf to find the meal that he had spoken of. I wasn't particularly hungry but I knew I should eat something and talk to my parents a little. 'Please, PLEASE tell me that father isn't back yet…'

As I reached the grand wooden double doors that led to the dining room, I took a deep breath to prepare myself of what was to come, still mentally praying to a god I didn't believe in that my father wasn't home and that not many questions would be asked. The doors swung away from me and I walked in with confidence that I didn't feel to find my mother and father sitting at the table. 'Of course he's here. Since when do my prayers ever get answered?'

"Hello Draco. It's good to see you again. We missed you." My father greeted politely but with none of the emotion you would expect from a father seeing his son for the first time in 4 months.

"Hello Father, Mother. It's good to see you too. I missed you both as well." I replied in a similar fashion, taking my place at the table, unfortunately, next to my father.

I began my meal which was, as expected, delicious and begged to anyone listening that they wouldn't ask any questions about my time away. Again, my prayers went unnoticed.

"So Draco… how was school? At the top of all your classes I hope?" My father asked.

"It was alright. Well… I'm not quite at the top but I'm definitely s-second…" I mumbled, the usual and expected arrogance gone under my father's gaze.

"Second? Why are you not first? Malfoys are second to none." Lucius spoke with barely contained rage.

"But Father, Granger has read every book for school plus loads more! She must have read half the library already. The damn mud-blood is a genius…" I muttered the last part to myself but he must have heard it.

"You're second… to a muggle-born?!" My father almost yelled.

"Well she's really smart and she has read every book we have for the curriculum and more. She's friends with Harry Potter too and he knows some really advanced magic..." I mumbled knowing that nothing I said would do any good. I'd tried every tactic I could think since the first time but nothing worked.

"You're second to a mud-blood? And one who's friends with Potter no less?! You're a disgrace to the Malfoy name!" My father shouted, making the tableware rattle quietly with its volume.

"I'm sorry! I'll try harder, I swear!" I begged knowing it wouldn't make any difference but still clinging to the last remnants of hope I had.

"Oh, you'll try harder, will you? Why weren't you trying as hard as you could anyway? Why do you even need to try?! You should be able to beat her without any effort at all! You must just be stupid. That's what it is; you can't beat her because you're too stupid!" He continued to yell and I gasped at the feeling when a hand connected hard with the side of my face. I knew that this was just the beginning but it still hurt. It always hurt at the beginning before the numbness settles in. Then it's just the mental pain; the emotional hurt that never heals and never subsides. I'm filled with the knowledge that I'm stupid, pathetic, a disgrace. I'm not good enough for my father and I never will be. I know that yet I still try. I try so damn hard but it's never enough. I'm a disappointment to everyone and that's painful to know and I can never forget since my mind taunts me with it constantly. I'm not good enough for this family and, if they knew the truth, I probably wouldn't even be a part of it and then where would I go? I have nowhere to run to, no one to turn to. It's not like anyone cares after all.

These thoughts filled my mind as the blows continued to rain down on my fragile body. The blows varied; a kick then a punch and so on which brings me to where I began my story; the pain and then the blackness.

Broken Like An Angel

Now, I need you guys' help. Can't believe I need your help already and it's only the first chapter but it's not so much help as your opinions... Should I write the rape graphically or just implied? It's not that I enjoy writing/reading rape but I think it has a stronger impact on the reader if it is actually written. I could make it semi-graphic or something? Kind of graphic but still quite mild? What do you all think? It won't be just that but it will be there in some form.