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Chapter One. ~ Meeting the locals.

*Jack's POV*

Blood, so much blood, everywhere there is blood. And their eyes are staring right at me, but they aren't moving, they aren't breathing. Why is that? Why am I the only one moving? Suddenly a light shines towards me, blinding me for a moment.
"Jack... Jack.." A stranger calls. "Stay calm son. We are going to get you out."
"No them first..." I beg. But I can't understand why I can't talk or breath normally. Something is weighting down on me, making it impossible to move. The pain erupting through my body is excruciating. I have never felt this way before, and yet why where they helping only me? What happened? Why can't I remember? The last thing I remember is a set of bright lights and then the blood, everywhere so much of it. On me, around me, on them. My eyes look to them again. Still they aren't moving, breathing, or crying out... nothing...
"We will get you out first, then we can get to them son. Just remain calm we are almost there." The guy smiles as others pull stuff off me. The pain increases and suddenly its too much. My eyes become heavy...
"No! Jack stay awake, stay with me. Keep talking... OPEN YOUR EYES...-"

****A Living Nightmare****

Hospital?! Why am I here. Where are they? Why am I alone here? No ones beside my bed like they are meant to be. What's going on? The door opens but they don't come in, a stranger wearing a white shirt steps forward. He smiles upon seeing me awake, then he comes to my bed side and takes a seat.
"How do you feel Jack?" He asks
"Where are they? PLEASE tell me!" I beg tears stinging my eyes.
"I'm sorry son, they didn't make it." He says with apoplectic look. I know what that means... "I'm so sorry." He continues.

"NO!" I jump awake. Once I realise it was the nightmare again, I curse myself. Why did I let that memory take over my sleep once again? I glance at my bedside clock. Wow, I managed a total of four hours sleep tonight. Must be a new record. I wipe a few tears away and head to the bathroom. As I'm covered in sweat I decide that taking a shower would be a good idea. I don't want to smell on my first day at a new school. That all happened six years ago now. And yet I still can't shake it all. I never will be able to. Their faces will always remain fixed inside my brain, haunting me as soon as my eyes close...

The warm water soaked my bear flesh and ran down into the drain. Every drop only made me want to cry more. More of the water droplets brushed against my scar, the only truth behind the nightmare. The only thing to remind me that everything did happen, and that I was now alone in this world.

Sure I had my foster mother, but she wasn't my family, she never will be. She knew that there was no way to control me. After everything that happened on that... day. I not only lost my family, I lost my home, my friends and my will to live...

I've moved a lot, but it was always because of me. I had been excluded from at least five schools and kicked out of ten or more foster homes. I just wanted to be left alone. I hated it when people tried to understand what I was going through, when they tried to be my parents... I've been with my newest foster mother for only a month now. She understands at least to keep her distance. She tries to talk to me, to make me do better, but I'm not here to listen to her.

I've even tried a few times to end my life, but every time I failed... I had countless scars along my arms, a few small scars on my face, one of which is across my eye -like scar from lion king- and of course, a huge scar across my chest. They have all faded but still slightly visible, all but the one on my chest. Most of them where from that day, while others where my own doing...

"Jack. Your going to be late." My foster mother called. I sighed and turned the water off. I quickly got ready and headed down the stairs.

"I erm... made you some breakfast.." She stuttered pushing a plate towards me. "Did you get much sleep?"

"I'm not hungry." I stated walking out of the front door. I'm in no mood to talk. I hate talking about it all. I hate being touched most of all. After what I used to get in... I push it from my pounding skull. I need to focus on this new school. I knew I had to try and at least stay here until the end of my school education. I had no interest in my grades, I just didn't want to get in any more trouble with the police. It would suck to be stuck in a jail cell for the rest of my miserable life.

****A Living Nightmare****

I look up at the school and then I glance to its students. At least I didn't need a uniform here, that was nice. A skater goes by and I sigh loudly in frustration. I had some how forgotten my skate board, I never do that. I step towards the front door and someone bashes into my back. I tense to the touch but control my fury as they walk around me.

"Watch where your going punk!" A guy growls stepping in front of me. He's slightly taller than I am, but he doesn't scar me one bit. He has brown fuzzy hair and a blank expression on his face. He's wearing a white, red and black tracksuit, with a black t-shirt underneath. Standing beside him wearing the same uniform are three guys.

"I love the outfits " I chuckle. The one in front of me seems pleased that I do. "Are you guys cheerleaders?" I ask with a smirk. The guys looked pissed at my comment, which only makes my smirk grow bigger. I'm guessing no one back chats these guys.

"You got a problem or something!" The one in front spits. He does some random karate moves, is that mean't to intimidate me? I notice that some of the students have stopped to watch us. I roll my eyes at his comment and walk past him. I hear his attack coming and quickly grab his punch.

"You probably shouldn't of done that!" I growl, flipping him flat onto his back. He stays on the floor stunned while the other three come towards me. I stand waiting for their attacks, but they seem to be waiting for me. I sigh and start to walk away again but that makes them bounce into action. All three of them come at me at once, little unfair but I love those kind of odds. They aren't really much of a match, as two of them are down straight away. While the third isn't as easy, I'll give him credit he sure as hell knows how to throw his weight around, but... I'm just better than them. He too is down and with that I head to my first class. Students who had been watching step out of my path and look terrified towards me. I'm guessing they where the school bullies, well if they are the competition here than I have no worries.

Maybe I'll join a dojo here, but it would mean talking with people... I do miss practising just for fun though. If the only dojo in town is the one the losers are with, then I won't. But hopefully there is another... Guess I'll find out after school, there is a mall nearby. I shall check that out. First though, I have to get through school.

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